Seenu, My Sex Starved Maid

My name is Harsh. I am an accountancy professional from the Alappuzha district. I am 26, 6ft 2 inches tall, 85kg, and an average muscular built. I live alone in a one-story house. But I do not stay at home due to my work taking me across India for audits.

The incident with my sex starved maid took place when I was home during the lockdown. I previously didn’t have a maid. But due to the lockdown, all my work was to be done remotely. I knew how to cook and was too lazy when it came to laundry and tidying up.

During the first lockdown, my house was in a dire state. When my parents came to visit after restrictions eased, they suggested I hire a maid. I agreed. They told me they will inform me when one becomes available through their housemaid.

A day or two passed. I was informed that a maid would come every morning to evening on the weekends to tidy up. So the first weekend came. I heard the doorbell. I went to open the door to meet Seenu, my new maid.

She was about 5 ft 5 inches tall, a petite figure, dark-toned skin, and her late 30s. She introduced herself, I showed her to the kitchen and work area. She asked if there was an area to change. I said she could use my bathroom or use the work area by closing the door. She said she’ll use the work area.

The first weekend went off without a hitch. During the second week, my mom called me regarding my cousin getting married. She started lecturing me about my turn. I couldn’t be bothered to be tied down at the moment, so I avoided the conversation. But it got me thinking about having a wife.

I didn’t want a husband’s responsibility at the moment, but I did want to have sex. Being in the house, I was horny most of the time, seeing myself to porn for the moment’s relief. But I wanted more.

The weekend came by, Seenu came as usual. This time I was in my living room watching TV, she came in to clean the floor. She had changed to her nighty for work. She started cleaning the floor. When she bent down, I could see the top of her cleavage, and it gave me a hard-on.

I peeked at them whenever I got the chance. Just imagining how she’d look naked. Then I got up when she came near me to clean. As I left, I brushed the back of my right hand on her ass cheeks subtly.

I went to the room and thought to myself that I need to make out with the maid. But I wasn’t going to force her into anything. So I went back, and she was cleaning the kitchen. I asked her about herself. She said she was divorced and had a 10-year-old son living with her mother in the village.

I said she was doing a good job, and it’s been a massive help having her around. She smiled and carried on with her work. I went to take a bath, but I wanted to test something. So after having a bath, I walked out with a towel around my waist and entered the work area.

Seenu was there. I asked her about the laundry. She said it’s not yet finished. But my intention was not finding the laundry but whether she was looking at the outline of my cock. My cock was pretty hard. So I deliberately went to the nearby shelf and got myself a bottle.

But in doing so, my cock peeked out of the towel, and it was visible to her. I pretended not to notice. But I could see she was looking at it. I told her to tell me when the laundry is done. After that nothing happened and she left.

The next day came, but in the afternoon, it was raining heavily. There was a spike in covid cases, so the police are imposing mandatory curfew after 7 pm. Seenu came that day. But when it was time for her to leave, she couldn’t. My house was near a lake, and it overflowed with water flooding the roads.

When it was time for her to leave, I wasn’t home. By the time I reached home, it was after 7 pm, and I found her at the front door. I asked her why she hasn’t left, and she told me the flood was the reason. She asked if I could drop her in my car. But it was past 7 pm, and roads have been blocked.

I told her she can stay the night at my house as I had a spare mattress. She didn’t want to at first, but there is no option. She called her house and told him she’s stuck and will be staying at her friend’s house nearby. I understood why she said so. It would be inappropriate to stay with an unmarried man.

Night came, and she changed back to her nighty. After dinner, when I went to the kitchen to wash my plate, she said she’d do it. I told her she was not my maid at this point in time, and she can relax. As I was washing, she asked me about my bachelor status.

I told her about my reluctance to be married right now. I asked her about hers, and she said the ex was a drunk. We talked for some time, and my lust came back after staring at her body the whole time. I asked her if she doesn’t feel lonely.

She said yes, and it’s difficult for a divorced single mother to find companionship. I saw this as my chance. I told her that all I wanted at the moment was companionship and moved closer to her. Seenu, the horny maid, looked down. When I put my hands on her shoulder, she said, no, it is inappropriate.

I took my hands off her and apologized. I told her I was feeling lonely and thought since she wanted companionship, she meant it the same way I did. I also told her she could stop coming if she felt uncomfortable. I went back to my room, ashamed and fearing she would tell someone.

But after ten minutes or so, my door opened. Seenu came in wearing her sari. I stood up and apologized again, told her not to go at this time of night. But she gestured me to stop and asked if I liked her wearing her sari or nighty. I paused in wonder.

She asked again, this time moving closer to me, touching my chest and arms. I said she looked pretty in both. Then she removed the sari revealing her blouse, and asked how about now. She then bit her bottom lip, took my right hand, and made it squeeze her left tit over the blouse.

Then she moved my hand to her face and sucked my index and middle finger. I then pulled my fingers out, took her hand guided it down my shorts to my cock. Upon feeling my hard cock she smiled at me lustfully and asked me if she made me horny.

I kissed her on the lips, moving my tongue, licking hers, tasting her. Then I turned her around and unhooked her blouse. She removed it to reveal that she was not wearing a bra. I squeezed both her tits, pinching her nipples from behind. I asked her if she would not wear a bra under the nighty.

She nodded, yes. I asked her whether she noticed my cock hanging out the other day. She nodded yes again and told me that she masturbated thinking about it that day. I turned her around and kissed her again, then we fell on the bed. I stood up, removed my t-shirt and shorts to be naked.

Meanwhile, she removed the rest of her sari, revealing her panties. I removed her panties, revealing a wet hairy pussy. I sniffed the panties in front of her, then I kissed her legs to her pussy, moving up to her tits, and sucked them. Then I told her to show me how she masturbated.

She started playing with herself. She was moaning, and then she took her free hand, gesturing for my cock. I moved it closer to her face. She kissed my cock to then proceed to lick and suck it all the while playing with herself. I couldn’t control myself inside her mouth.

I put my hands on the back of her head and fucked her mouth. Then I proceeded to cum inside it feeling my cum shoot down her throat. I pulled my cock out and then went to her pussy to eat it out. I inserted a finger to fuck it then I sucked and licked it. She pushed my face deep into her vagina.

I backed out, and she couldn’t control herself. She said she wanted me inside her right away. So I stood up, spread her thighs, spat on my hand, rubbed my cock before I inserted it in her. I fucked her then I leaned forward to stick my fingers in her mouth.

After a while, she moaned, and I pulled out to see her pussy quivering from orgasm. After that, we fell asleep. When I woke up the next day, I found that she left the room. But I woke with a hard-on. I found her in the kitchen, washing up in her nighty.

I was naked. I told her that I needed her help with my morning hard-on. She was washing the dishes at this time. But when she saw me hard on, she turned her back towards me and lifted her nighty. She bent over the kitchen counter to reveal her pussy.

I accepted the invitation and proceeded to fuck her doggy style. Then I took her off the counter and fucked her standing up. I took my cock out of her, and she was shaking. I lifted the nighty of her body to see her naked. I knelt down to suck her pussy and enjoy sex with the maidservant.

She began cuming as I had my lips wrapped around her pussy. She was leaking into my mouth. Then I stood up, she knelt down and stroked me till I came on her face. After that, she picked up her nighty, licking the cum near her lips. She turned to me and said she can’t wait to continue working ‘hard’ every weekend for me.

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