Tinder Match To Girlfriend – Part 1 (Sex In Movie Theater)

Hi guys, My name is Nik and I am from Calcutta. This is the story of me and my girlfriend Sweta. I am 25 and this happened last year. I was single and used Tinder quite often to meet some girl to have quick chat and have fun.

My previous Tinder dates were disasters as I was an introvert. I updated my profile and one fine day after Pujas, I got a match from a cute girl. Her name was Sweta. She was from my city as well. We had a good chat and exchanged our Insta and started talking regularly.

Soon we exchanged numbers and now we started having normal calls and sometimes video calls. I was having fun and wanted to meet my Tinder date in real. So we planned an outing. Our first two or three meets were quiet as we visited restaurants and parks. There were hugs and a few cheek kisses.

One fine day, she called me up for a movie. It was a Hollywood movie and I told her that I don’t watch many Hollywood movies but she said in a slightly naughty tone, “Who is interested in the movie? Just come.”

The next day, we visited the hall and booked a couple of seats. It was a good sofa-type seat with no arm stand in between and quite suitable for us. When we entered the hall, there was only one more couple in the entire hall. The rest of the hall was empty.

We took our seats. She was smelling awesome. I just couldn’t resist myself. I held her hands and came near her neck to get that fragrance. It was turning me on. I was very close to the sexy Tinder girl’s neck. She was wearing a white top and blue skin-fit jeans.

She was a tall girl, around 5′ 10″. She had medium-sized boobs. Her best asset is her ass. It was thick. And the very first time I saw her ass, I just knew one day I will fuck that ass!

Coming back to the story, I was holding her hand tightly and was now shifting my focus on her juicy neck. I started sucking her neck passionately. She was moaning softly. I quickly checked the other couple who were quite away from us whether they were peeping or something. Not surprisingly, they were also engaged in a hot activity like us.

The boy was pressing the girl’s boobs and they were kissing. Slightly more turned on, I came near Sweta to kiss but she turned away. I was a bit taken aback and was cursing myself for my sudden move. She smiled and said that she had chewing-gum in her mouth. Then she took out a tissue from her handbag and spit the gum.

Sweta then reached out to me for the kiss. I was happy. It was our first kiss. She initiated the kiss and she was sucking my lower lips hard. I was in seventh heaven and now my hands wanted to grab her.

I wrapped one of my arms from behind in her milky waist and the second hand was trying to enter her tees. She broke the kiss, gave me a naughty smile, and then adjusted her bra.

My hand reached out to her t-shirt and entered it. Slowly, I grabbed sexy Tinder match’s boob. She closed her eyes and gave a moan.

I slowly started to press her and her breathes were getting heavier. She started kissing again and this time, our tongues were involved. I increased my pressing speed and she started to moan loudly. But my mouth suppressed her voice.

We broke the kiss after a good 15-20 minutes. We both were breathing heavily. I was fully hard by that time and my dick wanted to come out. I was in an extremely horny mood that I took her hand and made her feel my dick. Her eyes widened. She was shocked as she was not expecting this. She smiled again and my dick was vibrating up and down in her hands.

I opened my zip and lowered my underwear. My dick sprung out like a stick. My aroused Tinder match girl felt my dick and closed her eyes and moaned slowly. She started to stroke it slowly. I was loving her touch.

Her hands were soft and cold due to the AC of the hall and I was just loving the way she was giving me the handjob.

Sweta was good at it. I closed my eyes and relaxed in the chair and started to enjoy myself. My dick was having fun.

All of a sudden, she stopped! I was taken aback and opened my eyes. She was tying her hair. I thought the session was over but she had other plans!

Sweta pushed me back into the chair and went down. I couldn’t believe what was happening. She started to kick my dick with her tongue and slowly took my dick in her mouth. Her movements were slow and I was restless.

She was sucking dick deep in and my dick was wet with her saliva. She was blowing me beautifully. But my restlessness grew too much that I grabbed her head with my left hand and started fast movements. She was giving me full support.

Then I got a glimpse of my Tinder date’s tight ass. I couldn’t resist more. I grabbed her ass and pressed it. She was loving my dick and she was blowing beautifully. She didn’t stop for a good 20-25 minutes.

I knew I was close to my climax so I whispered in her ears that I was gonna cum. But she paid no heed to my words and started sucking more vigorously. I also didn’t want her to stop. So I made my movements fast and started pressing her boobs. I came in her mouth and she took it all in and smiled at me.

Our eyes met and we were just looking at each other with our heavy breathes. She came back to her seat, drank some water from her bottle, and then told me that she was going to the restroom. The hall glow up as well as it was the interval. I had no fucking idea what was going on in the movie.

Sweta excused me and went for the washroom. The fully satisfied me was smiling madly and I checked the other couple. They were talking to each other. The girl’s hair was messy, boy’s folds were crushed. They were having some action too.

I turned back and the second half was going to start. So, the lights dimmed again. Suddenly, I got a text. It was from Sweta. I checked my Snapchat. It was a picture of her in the washroom with her panties down and her hand covering her pussy. The caption was, “Itching badly. Need you here, ASAP!”

I was shell-shocked. Yes, we did exchange pics before but it was strictly above waist till then. I knew she too was in a very horny mood. I took my bag and went off.

I reached the washroom. It was obviously for ladies. I checked the surroundings and quickly went in. There she was, standing in front of the mirror and adjusting her lipstick. I almost ran towards her grabbed her hands and entered one of the toilets and locked it.

For a second, we two looked at each other, then boom, we lip-locked again. I was grabbing her ass madly and kissing her with the utmost passion. She was giving that moaning sounds which caused yet another erection down there.

After around 6-7 minutes of kissing, I separated myself. My Tinder match had lust in her eyes and so did I. I turned her back and pushed her against the wall. I opened her t-shirt and was kissing her neck and the back region while humping her beautifully-shaped round ass. It was tight. And humping with both our pants on was fun!

Sweta then pushed me away and unbuttoned her jeans. To my surprise, she was not wearing underwear. It was her clean shaved pinkish bare pussy in front of me.

First thought: Just fuck that damn pussy! But I knew it was not the best idea to fuck her here.

I dropped down the toilet seat and made her sit on it. I bent down to her. Her pussy was smelling awesome.

I inserted my middle finger in the Tinder girl’s pussy and she moaned loudly. I put my hand in her mouth. And slowly, I inserted the finger again. It was tight.

I inserted my finger fully in. It was dripping wet.

Then I used two fingers. She moaned but I suppressed it. Now I was increasing the speed. She started rubbing her clit. She was getting very restless and she stood up.

I went on my knees and started fingering again. Sweta covered her mouth hard to stop the moan. I could see her clit and all of sudden, I took it in my mouth. She moaned badly.

I started sucking her pussy. I used my tongue she was loving every bit of it. But she was moaning so hard that it attracted one of the cleaners! She entered the washroom and knocked, “Is everything alright, ma’am?”

We were shit scared! She answered hurriedly and said that she was vomiting.

The cleaner asked if she needed help for which she said no.

The cleaner said ok and went outside. All this while, my fingers were inside her. As soon as she went out, I started again. We knew it wasn’t safe there.

I increased my speed to max. After about 20 minutes of vigorous fingering and sucking, she finally squirted. She remained in the position for a minute. I helped her come out. My dick was hard. We saw ourselves in the mirror.

I hugged her from the back and made sure my dick touched her ass. She asked me to wait. She said that she will go out first and text her when it is safe to come out.

So she went out and after half a minute or so, I got the text and I too came out.

I asked her whether she wanted to go to a restaurant or something but she had other plans. She asked me to book a room. Her intentions were clear. She wanted to get banged. So did I.

I downloaded Oyo and booked the nearest room. We had pizza and called a cab to reach the hotel. I bought chocolate and strawberry condoms after asking her. And we reached the hotel.

I will tell about how I fucked my Tinder match girl’s pink pussy in there and fulfilled my dream of fucking that ass in my next story. I hope you guys loved the experience.

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