A Wife’s Revenge

My life was rocking (not expecting a wife’s revenge). I had a happy family, a wife who satisfied my needs, occasional casual sex with Nisha skipping office. Once a month, a video call masturbation session or sexting with Jasmine. For an average Indian middle-class man, this is no less than heaven.

I was in for a shocker, and I had no clue this was coming. Yes, extramarital affairs never end well. Knowing this, I was always vigilant in covering up any leads or clues about my family involvement.

Covid lockdown pretty much stopped Nisha and me from having any fun, and Jasmine moved to Scotland. The phone was all we had to communicate. Nisha and I started our usual roleplay sexting over WhatsApp. I was so turned on that I asked her to send me pictures of her boobs and fingers in her vagina.

We had a really fun time that evening when she video called me, lying naked on her bed. The evening is when we usually get closer in our acts. Her kids will be away for tuition, and my wife and son are taking their post-lunch nap.

I was super horny that evening. I was beating my dick hard, looking at Nisha squeezing her boobs, pinching her nipples, and then fingering herself. Our moan and me kissing her over the phone took us no time to masturbate and climax. After some more naughty conversations, we ended the call.

But I was tired and slept off in the bed naked and woke up after a good 90 minutes. I woke up with a loud bang on my bedroom door and took a few seconds to come to my senses. I quickly dressed up, got hold of my phone. I went out to check if it was my son or wife.

I was greeted by a red, teary-eyed wife who was lost for words. After pushing her to say what happened is when it hit me. While I was asleep, seeing me naked in my bed, my wife had come to cover me with a blanket.

Nisha messaged asking if I liked her pics. I have a 4 digit pin to unlock my phone. But it was something I had shared with my wife. Curiosity took her to my WhatsApp, and she saw our conversations and Nisha’s nude pics.

What happened next was quite painful, pleading to my wife not to involve our family or Nisha’s family. Things were not the same between my wife and me from then. She was not talking to me, sleeping in a different bedroom. I feared we were nearing the end of our marriage.

After a couple of months, my mother-in-law took my son to the native since it was the school holidays. It was just my wife and me at home. We reconciled and were on talking terms, but we didn’t have a physical relationship for five months.

I had to depend on online stories or porn videos to release myself. I didn’t dare to contact Nisha or Jasmine after I was caught. Lockdown had eased, and I started going to the office twice a week. But my wife continued to work from home.

One evening when I came home, the door was locked. But a black leather shoe was outside. My wife usually goes for a walk in the evening, so I carry a spare key. Once I entered, I could hear some noise coming from the bedroom. And oh boy, I was shocked.

I dropped my keys and laptop bag as is, frozen for a second. My wife was riding a man at the edge of our bed. That view, as much as it was hot, I couldn’t believe it was happening. She was naked facing him. I could see her hair jumping in rhythm while her ass cheeks hit his thighs.

I could see a big cock, maybe 4 inches wide, sliding into her vagina. No condom and white fluid were flowing down, dripping to our bed. It had to be his precum and her juice. Before I reacted and they did not know I was watching.

She leaned forward towards him, bringing her boobs to his face letting him suck her nipples. She increased the speed of her ride on his dick. She has never done such an act with me. All we used to do was ne going on top a quick 10 minutes for me to release.

One of the reasons I am still hooked up with Jasmine and Nisha was due to the same. They are both horny starving ladies who do everything one can imagine.
I regained my senses and yelled, “Shruti.” The man pushed my wife, jumped out of bed, trying to cover his dick.

It was not only thick but long. I only saw such big ones in porn. What added to my shock was, the man was our electrician, Shiva. I didn’t know how to react while my wife stood up naked in front of me and said to my shock.

Shruti: Don’t shout, Anil. I will fuck anyone and everyone I feel like. You will stand and watch.

She was right. I couldn’t do anything but watch. Shiva was shocked as well to hear Shruti like that without knowing what was happening.

Shruti: Anil, look at me.

She went next to Shiva, removed his hands, covering his dick. Looking deep into my eyes, she took Shiva’s maybe 9-inch dick in her hands and started sucking them. I was shivering with shame, knowing this was karma, and I had lost the battle.

With deeper sucking, Shiva had closed his eyes, not sure if it was pleasure or cos he couldn’t look at me. Shiva’s dick was hard again when she pushed him onto the bed. She sat on him, facing me, riding him deeper. She was looking at me all this while.

She was beautiful, with a curvy figure, big boobs, and peachy nipples that were now hard round balls. With no condoms, I knew Shiva would have his cum inside her. Before that thought vanished, Shruti climaxed, clutching on Shiva’s thighs. In no time, Shiva also climaxed.

Shiva’s cum was heavily flowing down through his thighs to the bed. After recovering from her climax, Shruti looked straight into my eye, rubbed a finger on the running cum, and took it in her mouth. What more can go wrong is what I thought!

Shruti stood up on the bed with sperm dripping from her vagina. She went down and took Shiva’s dick in her mouth and started sucking again, looking at me. I knew this was her revenge, and I knew this was not the end. She cleaned his dick, running her tongue all over.

She occasionally took his shaved balls, stroking the dick up and down. I don’t know how but Shiva’s dick was hard again. She continued the blowjob until he came in her mouth. I couldn’t believe she swallowed someone’s cum.

Shiva got up from the bed without looking at me, took his pants, inners, and shirt, and ran out of the bedroom.

Shruti: Shiva, stop.

She went next to him, pulled him to her face, and smooched him for 2 minutes. Shiva dressed and went out. Shruti walked past me and went for a shower. While I was sitting in the hall, she came naked and kept the window curtains open.

I was worried that neighbors or workers in the construction site outside our apartment might see her. All I could do was get out of our house for the time being.

She pretends as if nothing happened. Nowadays, I first check if there is a pair of unknown shoes or chappal before entering my house.

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