Crazy Dirty Sex With My Neighbor, Deepa Aunty

Hi everyone myself Amith from Bangalore. This is a story regarding dirty sex with my dream queen Deepa aunty, my neighbor.

The story goes like this. I was a virgin. All my life, I was a shy introvert and was not that comfortable around girls. I have a good physique as I work out regularly. So many girls used to invite me for fun. But I didn’t have the guts to respond.

Then came Deepa, my crazy queen. She was a typical south Indian with a short physique and rounded boobs. She was a little dusky with a kid. I had no clue why I was attracted to her. But I used to watch her daily going to work. She is a techie.

She used to look straight into my eyes whenever we came across each other. She always used to wear a saree which made her more likable. One day she had ordered something from Amazon. She could not pick the parcel as she was at work. So she had asked the delivery guy to drop the package at my home.

This was my first chance to interact with her. I got myself ready for the evening. I didn’t wear a shirt and was working out with dumbells when she came home. I opened the door will a full pumped-up physique. She just stood in awe, looking at me.

Soon in shyness, she looked over in the other direction asking for the parcel. I gave the parcel and lightly touched her hands during the process. I couldn’t believe how I lost my shyness that day.

Nothing happened for few days, and all of a sudden, I got a call. It was Deepa from an unknown number. She just said, “Meet me today in the evening,” and hung up the call. I was wondering for what. So I waited near a park away from home where she said to come.

She came, we exchanged greetings, and she was looking madly at my arms. She said she wanted to lose weight and asked me to train her for a few days early morning. She had a duplex home, and her husband used to be away at work in another state.

I agreed, and we went our ways. I knew where this was going but never imagined what could happen next. So the day came. She texted me to come to the home as early as 4.30 in the morning. I woke up early, took a bath, and went to her home. She opened the door.

She had just woken up and was in her saree. I was guided to the top floor, and she asked me to wait. I had taken some 1.5 kg dumbell along with me. So she came back in a saree and asked me if it ok to work out in a saree. I said it was ok and started teaching some basic stretches.

I was constantly horny, and my dick was erect as she was doing stretches. I turned back to avoid her watching my erect dick. All of a sudden, she came near me and hugged me tightly. I acted as if I didn’t like her and resisted. She was older than me by 6 years.

She turned, and all of a sudden, slapped me hard and spat on my face. It was a shocker for me. I bent my head with tears in my eyes and said I didn’t have any feeling of lust on her. She immediately grabbed my dick and squeezed my balls. I shouted and pain.

She again spat on my face and said, “Neenu dod gaandu kano,” in Kannada, which means, “You are a coward.” She grabbed me by my collar and dragged me towards the bed. She kissed me violently, kissing me and spitting inside my mouth.

She hadn’t brushed her teeth, so it was difficult to tolerate bad breath. I pushed her back. Suddenly, she sat on the floor and started crying. On one side, I wanted to fuck her badly. On the other hand, my mind was thinking something was strange. Is she trying to trap me, or has she gone mad?

I tried to console her. But she pulled me to the ground, sat on me, and kissed me again. This time I didn’t resist. She slept on my chest and started crying again. But this time, she started speaking about her life. She explained how her husband was away from her enjoying whores.

She has been sex starved for three years. I said it was ok. She can enjoy me now, and I will satisfy her. She was again speaking all cultural things how this bad and all. I just started kissing her again. She asked me to promise her that I would listen to whatever she said.

I promised her. As soon as I promised her, she, with a wicked smile, pushed me to the ground. I fell hard and was about to scold her. She just pulled up her saree and sat on my face. She wasn’t wearing a panty, and her love juices were already overflowing.

It was salty with a foul odor. It can’t be described in words. It’s disgusting but, at the same time, heavenly. I licked pussy like a dog for some time. She wasn’t moaning at all. After some time, she stood up, walked towards the restroom, and asked me to follow her.

She made me sit on the western commode and opened my boxer. I thought she would give me a blowjob. But she sat on my lap and pissed through her white saree. Her entire saree was wet. She was kissing me. Hence I was lost in this.

Then she lifted her saree and opened her blouse. Her boobs sprung out. We were sweating badly. I was smooching her, biting her nipples, and was lost in pleasure. But all of a sudden, I felt a warm feeling on my lap. She had just shat on me.

I tried to resist her, but she had strongly pushed my head against her boobs. Somehow getting rid of her hold, I stood up and pushed her back. I always wanted sex badly, but not like this dirty. The bathroom was filled with a bad odor. I cleaned myself, scolding her in Kannada.

She was laughing and putting her fingers inside her love hole. I went to the bedroom and asked her to clean herself and her pee-drenched saree. She nodded her head after some time. She returned with the same pee-drenched saree, got hold of my arms, and sat on me again.

This time she purposefully kept her asshole on my mouth. I was taken back as she hadn’t even cleaned asshole. I was forced to lick her ass clean. She again peed my face. Now the entire bed was drenched and wet.

I shouted, “What’s wrong with you? Why are you acting like this?” She didn’t allow me to enter her, neither was she giving a blowjob. My mind wasn’t able to process what was happening.

All of a sudden, she got up asked me to wait. She took a shower and locked herself out. She came out wearing a new black saree with flowers as if she was having her first night. My dick was erect. I went near her. She stopped me and said, the final fantasy she has after that, she is all mine.

She said to take the milk and pour it inside her navel. She asked me to drink milk from there. I started doing the same. This time, she started making all noises. After some time, she had her orgasm just by this act. I asked not to clean herself. I was done by this time.

I licked and kissed her entire body, made her naked, got my dick touching her pussy lips, and shoved it inside her. I wanted to have romantic sex. But after going through all her fantasies, I was at no stage to take that risk. I started pumping her.

She was moaning and kissing me badly, it was my first time, so I ejaculated inside her within 2 minutes. I fell on her she was angrily spitted on my face.

All this time, we had a limited talk among us. She came in 69 position and rested her pussy on my mouth. She started giving me a slow blowjob. I again ejaculated in no time. She again tried to put my dick inside her, but my dick had no strength to stand by that time.

It was 8 by now. She hugged me tightly and slept on me. I thought, what’s wrong with Deepa. Was my lusty neighbor right or wrong?  I will continue in the next part regarding why it happened that day, why Deepa had been drained psychologically.

What happened between us later that weekend. I hope you enjoyed this one. Let me be frank this was my fantasy for my neighbor. I still try to get close to her. Deepa is somewhat like this. I hope she acts the same way when that day comes.

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