School Uniform – Fantasy Sex

Hey guys, this is Srikar from Hyderabad and I am back with another story. After reading one of my stories a lady texted me on hangouts asking me to fuck and satisfy her. Her name is Ananya (name changed). She is a 26-year-old goddess. Her assets were 34:28:36. I love her booty.

She texted me on hangouts after reading one of my stories and she was in her office at that time. We talked about some random stuff for some time and later I initiated a sex chat. She was enjoying the chat and she said she was wet already. I continued further and then she started fingering inside her cubical.

She said she couldn’t resist and ran to the washroom to cum. This act of hers turned me on. I couldn’t wait to meet her. But we hardly knew each other. So we continued to text on hangouts. That night as soon as she reached home she called me on hangouts and we talked for hours together.

We shared similar interests. We almost had similar mindsets. We had the same fantasy to have sex in school uniform. She is an employee in an MNC and I am still an intern in her rival company. I didn’t tell her that I was 21 until the next day. She was 26 years old.

I could see that the way she talked changed. She started treating me like a kid. I didn’t like that. That night we again had a sex chat and later I asked her if we could fuck. She was hesitating. I told her that I fucked other women elder to me before. And it isn’t a problem.

After convincing her she sent me her number and her picture. I sent her my picture. We started following each other on all social media platforms. And we decided to meet after 3 days. The day came. We met at her place. She shared her flat with another girl. She locked herself inside her room giving us full privacy.

I went into the washroom and dressed up in the school uniform. She also dressed up as a schoolgirl. And we sat on her bed. She bought some red wine and we slowly sipped it while talking to each other. It didn’t take long to break the ice between us.

We were very close to each other and the distance kept on decreasing with time. Now we were stuck to each other. I started playing with her hair. And she started rubbing me on my chest over the shirt. I then pulled her close to me and placed a kiss on lips. We then started playing with our tongues.

This game is called tongue fight. I tried to push her tongue down and she also tried to push my tongue down. The person who successfully pushes the other person tongue down gets to remove their shirt button. We were playing with our tongues and exchanging lots of fluids.

Our mouths were dripping and our faces were red. Finally, we didn’t have our shirts on us. She was on her bra and I was on my vest. I couldn’t control it. I popped out her boobs from her bra and started licking them and sucking them like a newborn child who didn’t have milk for a long time.

I liked the color contrast of her boobs. White colors boobs with black colored nipples. They were completely swollen by the end of the day. We again started kissing each other madly. Later I moved down to her skirt. I teased her pussy over the panty and made it wet.

I removed her panty. I slowly put my face into her skirt it was all dark but the smell of her fluids directed my tongue to her pussy. I ate it like an animal. I opened her pussy lips with my tongue and started licking it. And I was biting it in the middle.

Once her pussy was wide open I licked the vaginal walls and insert my fingers. She started cumming heavily and I drink all of it. She was sweating like hell and was completely exhausted. I untied her hair and was playing with her hair while kissing her for some time. Now she woke up and put on her school shirt.

She came towards me and opened my zip and took my dick into her hands. She didn’t even wait for a second. She just swallowed my tool in one shot and almost choked. She then slowly started giving me a blowjob. She blew my dick like a young girl licking a lollipop.

Ah, that was wonderful. My dick needed more. It needed the warmth of a vaigna. I pushed her onto the bed and entered her pussy. We fucked in our school uniform in the missionary style for some time. And we slept while my dick was in her pussy.

I woke up with a hard dick in her pussy and I took her in my arms and we went into the bathroom. I filled the tub with warm water and we both fucked in the tub. That was a wonderful feeling. Water was entering into her pussy when my dick moved out and it was flushing out as my dick moved in.

I looked as if water and I were fighting for a place in her pussy. She placed her nipple in my mouth and started riding on me until she cummed. Hot fluids were rushing out of her and I could sense the temperature in the tub. We continued until I cummed.

We then had a bath under cold water were we licked each other’s bodies completely. We were tired but we wanted more. She bought some whipping cream and applied it on my dick and started stroking it. I took the cream jar and applied some cream on her pussy, we were in 69 position now.

The room had become aromatic. There were fluids everywhere.

We had love bites all over our neck by the end of the day. It was a wonderful experience. She was the person who asked me to write this experience after fucking her.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the story. This will encourage me to write more. Any ladies interested in sex or sex chats chat me on hangouts or mail me at [email protected]

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