My Hot Biology Teacher Shivani – Part 1

Hey guys! I hope you all are doing great. I am back with another story with happened years ago with my biology teacher Shivani. So, get comfortable to give yourself some relaxation!

This story goes back to 2013 when I was my first year of college. I first met my biology teacher in my coaching. You know guys at that stage of life we are always interested in only one chapter of biology which was, “Human Reproduction” and the same was the case with me.

Apart from that, I was least interested in biology and hardly used to pass. But I was damn good in physics and chemistry which used to save me from failing.

Shivani was dark and young who just completed her graduation in biology and used to gel well with almost everyone in the batch. Me being weak in her subject got me an opportunity to sit in the front row which seemed to be like punishment initially but later turned into the most memorable moment.

My coaching center was very near to my home and I always used to go on foot. One day I saw Shivani walking few steps ahead of me and I called her from back asking how come she was in my colony? To which she replied she was visiting her uncle’s house which was just a few houses far from my place.

Since that day, I started talking causally with her, and sometimes, I used to call her with fake doubts just to talk with her.

Slowly, my phone calls turned more casual with my biology teacher and we started talking other stuff apart from biology. I could sense she was giving some hints like sharing non-veg jokes or asking about my past relationships, etc. (Oh, sorry guys, I forgot to tell you about her stats. She was 32-28-32, had a perfect hourglass shape with perfect dusky skin tone.)

My parents were both working so I used to be usually all alone in the afternoon. The afternoon was my favorite time when I used to be all alone and jerk off thinking of fucking my hot biology teacher Shivani’s brains out! I don’t know when I got so much into her that at times, I used to daydream of her.

This went for some time and my exams were approaching. Since my bio exam was next week, I had some doubts which I wanted to clear and texted Shivani that I need her help to understand a topic that I missed. She responded that she will be visiting her uncle’s house tomorrow in the afternoon and I can come to clear that.

Instantly, I got the idea of fulfilling my long-waited dream I asked if she can come to my place as I will be coming late from college. My biology teacher was a bit hesitant but when I insisted, she agreed and confirmed she will be at my place sharp at 2 pm the next day.

After reading her reply, I was on 7th sky and was excited she will be coming to my place when no one will be around. I immediately went out of my house saying that I was going to the stationery shop. I went to a medical store to buy some condoms and came back. I couldn’t sleep all night due to the excitement I had inside me.

The next day, I reached home around 1:30 pm and quickly texted my sexy biology teacher Shivani that I was home and was waiting for her. She replied that she will be there after 5 minutes, as she was having lunch at her uncle’s place.

I quickly took a shower and waited for my beautiful biology teacher to come. At exactly 2:10 pm, my doorbell rang and I ran to open the door for her. I was mesmerized by her looks. She was wearing a black shirt with a red top and a little kajal in her eyes. She was looking damn hot and was looking she was going out on a date.

I guided her to the drawing room and offered her some water as it was hot outside. She then asked me to start asking my doubts. I was trying to getting casual with her as I knew this was my only chance with my hot biology teacher. But she was being straight and was getting me back to study.

We were at the dining table and there was no AC there. She was sweating a lot and around 15-20 minutes later, she asked if we could go somewhere with AC. Then I took her to my bedroom and by then, most of my doubts were cleared. But I was trying to take more time and that was when it hit me. I asked her that I had doubts about the reproductive system and was not able to understand the female genital.

My biology teacher started to explain what was all in the vulva, etc. I started to get aroused and got a boner. She noticed it and was taking small glimmers at my crotch. That was when I got a green signal and asked her if she ever shaved her pubic hairs and her own vulva! She was shocked and angry at me and started scolding me.

But I got bolder and held her both hands and kept my lips on her lips and started kissing Shivani teacher passionately! She was like, “What the heck?” inside my mouth and gave up quickly. She let her tongue out and we started French kissing each other after around 5 minutes.

We then broke the kiss and were gasping for some air. At that moment, I could see her eyes filled with lust and turned pinkish-red. Shivani instantly jumped on me and started to unbutton my jeans. She pulled it down in one go and started kissing my hard cock over my underwear.

In a few minutes, my horny biology teacher took my cock out and took it completely in her mouth in one go which gave me goosebumps all over my body. I called her name in a shivering voice. She was sucking like a pro and using her tongue while sucking.

This continued for a couple of minutes. Then I stopped her just before I was going to cum. I quickly removed my biology teacher’s top and jumped on her perfect chocolate brown nipples and started to bite them real hard. Shivani was constantly moaning and was holding up to the bedsheet.

I took my right hand, lifted her skirt in the meantime, and moved aside her panty which was soaking wet! After giving bite marks all over my teacher’s boobs, I started to go down and kept my tongue near her pussy. I licked her inner thighs and would take my tongue near her pussy and again take it back. This was making her go crazy and she tried to hold my face and push it right into her pussy.

The moment my tongue touched my biology teacher’s clitoris, she had an intense orgasm and she got my face stuck between her legs and made me lick all of her lovely juices.

I came up, kissed her, giving her the taste of her own juices. My biology teacher spat on my cock and asked me to fuck her as she couldn’t wait any further. I pulled out the condom from the drawer next to the bed, wore it on my dick, and gave a little push.

Her pussy was so tight that my cock couldn’t get in. I again gave a big push and it was halfway in. I kept my mouth on her so that her screams didn’t get out. I waited for a few seconds and gave another hard push. My cock went completely in and I started to fuck my hot biology teacher slowly.

After some time, she was using her hips to match my rhythm and I increased my pace. We fucked for good 5 minutes and I asked her to get into a cowgirl position where she was riding me like a pro and I kept crushing her perfect boobs while pinching her nipples.

Soon she was reaching her second orgasm and started to grind me faster. We both came simultaneously. She fell on my chest and gave me a kiss and said she had never come so much in her previous relationships.

We rested for a while and then she got up to take a shower and clean up where I followed her and had more fun. I will share it in another part.

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