Right Or Wrong: Lusty Neighbors

Hi Guys, this is Kavi. I am posting my first story about lusty neighbors. I hope you will enjoy it. This was when I migrated to Mumbai to study management after finishing high school in Baroda.

I rented an apartment in Andheri, which was near my college. The apartment was small (1bhk) and enough for me to live comfortably. I wanted to live alone as I could afford the rent. There were only 2 apartments on my floor.

My neighbors were a Bengali couple in their late 30s working in MNCs and were mostly out. One fine day while leaving for college in the morning, I saw my neighbors trying to start their car. I asked them if I could drop them somewhere.

They agreed. The husband came and sat next to me, and his wife sat in the backseat. We introduced ourselves and left the parking lot. The husband’s name was Akshay working as a Marketing Head in an MNC. His wife was Tanuja working as a software engineer in some other firm.

We kept talking in the car on our way and soon got comfortable knowing each other. Akshay’s office came first, and we dropped him. Tanuja got in the front seat. Her office was near my college. After we dropped, Akshay and Tanuja got in the front seat with me.

I had a good look at her. She was around 5’3, a bit curvy, and had this beautiful girl next door face. She was wearing a green saree which was elegantly draped around her naval. We started having conversations on our way. She started opening up to me and asked me about my subjects, college, and interests.

I asked her about her work and routine. Soon we reached her office, and she left, thanking me for the help. This was our first interaction, and this is where the story begins to unfold.

After that day, we became good friends. I used to call Akshay bhai and Tanuja bhabhi. We use to go out for dinners, movies, and drinks. Sometimes I would even pick them up from their offices on my way back. We guys were having fun.

A few days later, Akshay was informed that the company chose him to handle the Marketing team of the Bangalore branch for a month. He has to leave in 3 days. He asked Tanuja if she wanted to go with him. But she had her work commitments. She decided to stay back.

3 days later, Akshay was ready to leave for Banglore. Tanuja bhabhi and I went to the airport to see him off. On our way back, I asked Tanuja bhabhi if she would like me to drop her at her work every morning. She said yes.

The next morning I texted her ‘Good Morning’ and asked if she is ready? She texted me back, saying she needs five more minutes. I waited for her in the corridor. As soon as she came out of her house, I was mesmerized by her beauty. She was wearing a red saree with a sleeveless blouse.

She was locking her door. I was gazing at her waist from behind and thinking, damn, Akshay is one lucky guy. We started walking towards my car, and I still couldn’t take my eyes off her. There was this fight going on in my mind between what is right and wrong.

Once we got in the car, she asked me what I had to do that day and which lectures I had. I also asked her about her work and when she will leave the office. She said she had some important meetings and she will be free only after 8 in the evening.

I was really happy as I would be at the college till 8 pm since we prepared for the college festival. I told her I would be at the college till 8 pm and pick her up on our way back. I dropped her at her office and left for the college. At around 8:15, she texted me asking if I was still there or left for home.

I replied flirtingly, “How could I go home leaving you?” She texted back, saying, “Looks like someone is in a good mood. I am waiting at the office. Call me once you are here.” I left in excitement from the college didn’t even say bye to my friends.

I reached Tanujas’s office as fast as I could and called her to get down. Tanuja came down and got in the next seat. I took a deep breath of relief after a hard day at work. I looked at her face, and then my eyes slowly moved down towards her neck and then her blouse.

Her pallu had moved a bit. I could see her cleavage as she was taking a sigh of relief. I said, “Hi bhabhi, you look exhausted.” She said it was a stressful day at work. We started talking about our day while heading back home. We reached home, and she told me to come over after an hour for dinner.

I went home and got into the shower. I was thinking about Tanuja bhabhi, and I got an instant erection. I started masturbating in the shower. After I was done, I got dressed and was waiting for bhabhi’s message. After half an hour she called me home.

I knocked at her door, and she came to open the door. She was still in her red saree. Then we both sat down to have dinner. At the table, I asked her if she is on Instagram and Fb and if I can send her a request. She said, of course I can. After finishing dinner, we sat in the living room for a while. I sent her a request on Instagram.

After talking for a while, I told her to message me in the morning when she gets ready for the office. I left for my house, wishing her good night. I got in my bed but couldn’t stop thinking about Tanuja bhabhi. I opened my Instagram and sent her a meme to know if she is still awake.

To my surprise, she was. She replied with a laughing emoji, and then she sent a meme. A few seconds later, I don’t know where I got this courage, but I sent her a naughty meme. My heart was pounding while waiting for her reply. After a few seconds, she replied with a smile.

I was relieved and excited. After that, I sent her few more naughty memes, and we went to sleep. In the morning, I was excited to see Bhabhi. I took a shower, put on a new shirt, sprayed a nice perfume, and started waiting for her to call. After a while, she called me asking if I am ready.

I replied, yes, I am, and waited for her in the corridor. She came out, and today she was wearing a black saree with a sleeveless black blouse. She was looking damn beautiful. We wished each other good morning and started walking towards the car.

I was walking in front of her, so I opened the door for her. She looked me in my eyes and smiled. As I got in the driving seat, she said thank you. We started our journey. We talked about our day, and I asked her if she is okay with the naughty memes I sent her last night.

She smiled and said, “It’s okay. We are friends.” Soon we reached her office, and I left for the college after dropping her. I went to college, but I was still thinking about her. I sent her the naughtiest meme I had and waited for her reply. A few seconds later, she replied with a laughing emoji.

At 5 pm she called me asking me if I can pick her from work. I told her that I am also done with my lectures. I will be at her office in 10 minutes. Ten minutes later, I reached her office and called her. She came down and got in the car but got a bit wet in the rain.

I could see drops of water sliding down from her neck to her cleavage. That was it. I decided that I wanted her. We started towards home. On the way, I asked her, “Bhabhi, there is this horror movie my friends recommended. If you are free, will you come with me? I don’t want to go alone?”

She asked, “Now?” I said yes. She thought for a while, then said, okay, it will be fun. She likes horror movies. She has not been to a horror movie in a while as Akshay hates them. We reached the theatre. I went to book the ticket for the movie and got a couple of seats.

The movie was just about to start, and we entered the hall. There were only a few people there. We went to our seats. I could hear my heart pounding as I was going to leap of faith. I kept the popcorn bucket in the center, and we started watching the movie.

Suddenly when the scene got violent, I grabbed her fingers while taking popcorn, and she laughed at me. After a while, the movie started getting more violent and horror. When there was sudden loud music, I grabbed her hand, but I didn’t let go this time.

I put my fingers in hers and held her hand tightly. The movie started getting scarier. I went closer to her, and slowly, I put my hand around her arm as the movie progressed. Tanuja bhabhi was also scared, and I could feel it. After a while, the movie started getting a bit normal, but I didn’t let her go.

Instead, I slowly moved my hand down to her waist below her blouse and felt her soft skin on my fingers. Bhabhi realized where my hand was. She softly told me in my ears, “Kavi, the horror scene is over. You can let me go.” I replied, “Bhabhi, only half of the movie is over, and I am still scared.”

She didn’t say anything, and I didn’t remove my hand from her waist. I was taking full advantage. I was pressing her waist and pulling her closer as the scenes got scarier. When I would do that, she would let out a soft moan. I had an erection, and I was feeling so good holding her this close to me.

I thought of taking this to the next level. I moved my hand up to feel her boobs. I could feel the bottom of her boobs on my finger. Her boobs were so soft and warm, but I couldn’t gather the courage to grab them. I lightly pulled her pallu while holding her waist to see her cleavage.

She knew I am taking advantage by now, and she was breathing a bit heavily but didn’t say anything. The movie came to an end, and I had to let her go. As we walked out of the theatre, it was almost 8 pm. We sat at the food court and, without asking her anything, got burgers for us.

She was quiet. We went to our car and left the theater. While on our way back, I said to Bhabhi, “I am sorry for what I did, but I was really scared.” She looked at me surprised and just nodded off. There was silence in the car. We reached our building and just wished each other good night.

I couldn’t sleep thinking about what happened in the movie. I grabbed the spare keys we gave each other of our apartment for an emergency. I went to her apartment and slowly opened the door without making any noise. I went inside and heard Tanuja taking a shower.

I sat on the couch in the living room and waited for her to come out. A few moments later, I heard a shower turning off. Tanuja bhabhi came out all wet in her bathrobes. When she saw me in her living room, she was shocked. I ran to her and told her not to shout. “I am here to tell you something.”

She asked angrily, “What?” I told her, “Since the day I saw you, I was attracted to you. Today I couldn’t control myself during the movie, and that I am sorry.” She was furious and told me that she is married and 15 years older than me. She asked me to get out of her house.”

I left her apartment, and she closed the door in anger. I went to my apartment and went straight to my room. I was feeling sad and guilty and kept thinking about what I did.

A few hours later, it was around 1 am, and I heard someone at my door. I went to the living room. I saw Tanuja bhabhi getting into my house with the keys I put in their place. She was wearing a blue saree with a sleeveless blouse. I was shocked to see her like this in my apartment.

She locked the main door as soon as she entered the house. She looked at me and asked, “So this is how you like seeing me? In a saree? This is how you imagine me in your wet dreams?” I couldn’t utter a word. She came close to me, took my hand, and took me to the bedroom.

As soon as we reached the bedroom, I pulled her towards me and started kissing her. I was kissing her madly, putting my tongue in her mouth, and tasting her saliva. After we broke our kiss, I grabbed her pallu and threw it down from her shoulder. Then I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her towards me.

I started kissing her neck and slowly moved down towards her cleavage. I started licking her cleavage when she pushed me on the bed. She came on to me and removed my t-shirt. I pulled her on me and kissed her again. This time she took my tongue and sucked it between her lips.

I pinned her down while kissing and removed the hooks of her blouse. She broke the kiss helped me remove her unhooked blouse. She was wearing a fancy black bra with thin straps. I put my hand on her boobs over her bra and felt those soft, warm boobs I have been longing to play with.

I went down on her naval and started kissing it. I licked her and kiss all over her tummy and marched down towards her legs. I pulled her saree up, exposing her sexy legs and thighs. I went down and kissed her thighs started caressing her legs. She was breathing heavily, and her hands were playing with my hair.

I started kissing her legs, moving from her knees to her thighs. I kept moving up till her black panties stopped me. I pulled her down and asked her to remove my boxers. It had become a tent because of my erection. She obliged and slowly removed my boxer.

As soon as she pulled it down, my dick sprung up to her face. I put my hand behind her head, and she knew what I want her to do. She kissed my dick head first and then grabbed it with her hand and started playing with it. I pulled her face closer to my dick.

She opened her mouth and took my dick in her warm wet mouth. She started giving me a blowjob, and she was damn good at it. Her lips encircled my dick, and she was looking so so damn sexy. While she was giving me a blowjob, I unhooked her bra and removed it so I could play with those boobs.

Her boobs were big, stiff, and curvy. Her nipples were dark and pointy. I grabbed her boobs with both my hands while she continued giving me a blowjob. After few minutes, I pushed her back on the bed and took her nipples in my mouth. I bit her nipples gently, and she moaned.

I licked them, sucked them, and played with her boobs till I was totally satisfied. Then I kissed her again. Now I went close to her ears and told her, “Tanuja, I want to say something dirty to you.” She replied, sure.

I said, “Tanuja, I want to fuck you hard, and I want to fuck you till the sun rises.” She smiled. I went down to remove her petticoat and panty. When I removed the rest of her clothes, I saw her naked for the first time. I couldn’t believe that Tanuja is now all mine.

I opened her legs and saw her pussy. It was already wet from all the foreplay. I put my finger in it gently and started finger fucking her. I kept fucking her with my fingers till she begged me to fuck her. Then I climbed up, kissed her, and started rubbing my dick on her pussy.

She couldn’t take it anymore. She took my dick in her hand and guided it inside her pussy. I was on cloud nine. Her pussy was warm, wet, and a bit tight. It made it even more fun to push my dick inside her. She moaned as I thrust my dick in. I waited for her to get comfortable.

Then slowly, I started the to and fro motion. Tanuja was moaning while I was fucking her. I increased my speed, and the room was filled with our sex sound. I got close to her ear again and said, “Tanuja, you are mine, and you are getting fucked.”

She enjoyed the dirty talks, and she replied, “Yes, baby, I am all yours. Do whatever you want to do.” I started sucking her boobs while fucking her and kept fucking her till I was about to cum. I told her to get in doggy style as I like to cum in that position.

I got behind her, put my dick in her pussy, and started fucking her again. She came thrice, and now it was my turn. I held her boobs from behind and filled her pussy with my thick cum. I cummed so much that it was dripping from her pussy. We fell on the bed.

I took Tanuja in my arms. We were all sweaty and sticky from the sex. After catching our breaths, I said, “Bhabhi, let’s go for a shower.” She smiled and said, “Let’s go.” We went to the bathroom and showered naked for 15 minutes. After cleaning ourselves up, we went to bed naked.

I asked her,” Bhabhi, why did you get angry when I came to you?” She laughed and said, “I was joking. It was fun seeing you all scared and guilty.” I slowly asked, “What about Akshay bhai?”

She said, “I don’t need to feel guilty about anything. Akshay was hiding an affair he has with a coworker in Bangalore for the past 2 years. I came to know about it when she saw his chats but never confronted him.”

I took a deep breath, and she laughed at me. At that moment, I made a sudden plan asked her to take a week-long trip with me to Goa.

I hope you guys enjoyed the story of intimate lovemaking with my neighbor. Please give your feedback in the comment section below.

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