Navel Fantasy Fulfilled By Neighbor Aunty

Hello XIS readers. I’m new here but have been following the stories for a long time. After reading a lot I feel like sharing my story. Since it’s my first time feel free to write to me your feedback to [email protected]. I’m from Kerala, aged 27. I’m single, 5’8 and average build, a fair guy.

You can consider this story a piece of fiction or real. I leave it to you on that. The story is about John who had an extreme interest in women’s navel. How he fulfilled his long time fantasy of play with a deep beautiful navel of a woman he adored a lot.

John was an extremely shy guy. He was average during his studies. He was an introvert to a larger extent. He used to open up about his interests and ideas only to those who were close to him. Due to this nature, he never had any girlfriends during college days. He only had two or three friends as well.

Even though he never had any girlfriends he had a great interest in the beautiful navel of women. He loved elder women the most who were married and had a deep and chubby navel. The sole view of women revealing navel while wearing saree was enough for his day to get brighter and filled with joy.

John got into a bank job after completing his studies and moved to one of the cities in Kerala. He found a house for rent which was a 2 BHK house for single occupancy. His introvert nature made him choose this option.

He rented the second floor of a building in which the house was split into two portions. The first floor and ground floor was used as a storeroom of one of the shops nearby. In the second portion, there was a family of three. A woman in her late 20s and her mother.

Let’s name her Teena. She was a housewife. She got married to a guy who is working in the navy. He used to visit home once in 6 months. Coming to her appearance. She was 5’7 and having a bright wheatish color tone. But had a flawless skin tone.

The house was built in such a way that there were two doors in the form of ☓ and Y-axis in a chart. The walls separated the two portions but were not so hard that they can hear each other to a good extent. There was a terrace where they used to dry out washed clothes.

Since John was alone he spent most of his time watching TV, reading books and watching YouTube. John used to get to the office early and come back at 5 pm. Since the bank employees were not of his age he never had a real company to roam around the city.

One of the days he came back home at 4.30 and happened to see Teena who was returning from grocery shop nearby. She was wearing a yellow saree with flowers designed at the sides. She was carrying two bags that were fully loaded. She wore a saree in such a way that she tuck the end of the pallu to the hip.

John was walking back tired and was keeping his face down. He didn’t notice that Teena was walking in the front. She was facing some difficulty with the load and the house was almost 5 minutes of walk. She was cursing herself not to find any auto to take her to the house.

John heard her voice and raised his head. The sight made him pleasant. He saw a woman with a perfect fleshy hip with lovely folds walking in front of him. She was sweating and he could see the sweat in her hips. The sheer sight of seeing a lovely hip made butterflies in his stomach and heartbeat go faster.

He wished to help her but his nature kept him from talking to her. He wished he could play with that lovely navel and taste it someday. Since he was new to the location he feared that he would run into trouble. He wished she was near to his house so that he could see her at least once in a while.

But when the truth struck him, he was overfilled with joy and anxiety. She is climbing the stairs of his house. His eyes were treated with more when her saree went loose on climbing the stairs. The end of the pallu fell off her hip. Not just that but the saree was getting loose and she could hardly do anything about it.

John was enjoying the lovely sight. He got a boner when got a full view of her navel when she turned left to climb the second set of stairs. Her navel was in good shape. Since the saree went lose it was below the bellybutton which was as big as a one rupee coin.

As she turned to climb again she noticed John climbing up the stairs.
Teena: Hey! Can you help me out? I’m really tired and don’t think I will make It to the house in one piece at this rate.

John was shocked that she saw him a stare at her and called him for help. He felt she might not have noticed his view.
John: Yes, chechi (that’s how Keralites call elder women). I will.

He said in a hesitating tone. He went near her and kept his hand on one of the bags. What followed next made his heart rate go high. She adjusted the saree which went loose in such a way that pallu was slightly moved. Her navel was visible and the belly button glimpsed for two seconds.

She tied the end of the pallu once again to the hip. John was awestruck watching all this and Teena was busy adjusting the saree. She took one of the bags and climbed the stairs to reach the door. John followed her like a dog who follows his beloved owner.

Upon reaching the door front she said, “Keep it here. Thanks. By the way. What your name?”
“John,” he said in a low voice.

“I have seen you a couple of times. Even though we are neighbors you seem to be occupied all by yourself all the time. Are you new here? Don’t you socialize with people?” She asked with a smile.

“Yeah, I’m new here. Don’t know any people in this city.”
“Oh, I see. Don’t worry. Call me for any help if required. OK?”
“OK, chechi,” he said.

“Don’t you want to know what my name is? How will call me without knowing my name?” she said smiling.
“Sorry, chechi. What is your name?”He asked with a wry smile.
“Teena,” she said.

He said bye to hers and entered his house. After closing the door he was having a great deal of blood rush, seeing a majestic woman who is one door away from his house. He went straight into the bathroom and shagged off his hardness which was trying to go out for the last 10 minutes.

The sole reason for Teena living near his house was enough for John to fantasize. Her flawless navel gave him a pleasure to make the heartbeat and blood rush go high. He wished to have it but his fear did not let him make any move.

Time passed by and he got to talk to Teena now and then. They talked about family and how she got married at a young age. He felt Teena was missing her husband a lot by the conversations they had. Teena’s mother a woman in her 60s and was showing signs of old age. She used to take bed rest all the time.

John and Teena became friends in the next few months. All this time John never really tried to get close to her and try his luck. He was afraid that he might lose his sole friend if he makes a move and she doesn’t like it. She may even complain about it to the owner. He may face issues as well.

These thoughts kept him away from approaching her. Just when he thought this would go on forever luck struck its magic on him.

One day he was on the terrace and was watching porn with a headset on. He kept the volume low so that any noise of a considerable volume could reach him. He was sitting at the entry of the terrace with a phone in his hand. A sudden voice came behind him and he quickly stood up closing his phone.

Teena was standing with a big bucket of clothes. When he stood up all of a sudden she lost her balance and slipped partially to the left backside of hers. She shouted out of pain. Not so loud but sounded in a way that she had met a cramp. John apologized and helped her to stand straight.

She said it’s okay and went on to put the clothes on the terrace. He saw that she was limping while putting the clothes and felt the pain. He went on to help her and told her to take her down to the room. Even though she said no initially she felt more pain when she went down one of the stairs.

She had no choice but to ask for help. John made her right hand keep on his shoulder and helped her climb down. Since he was average build he couldn’t adjust to her weight and accidentally placed his left hand on her hip to balance. A sudden rush of blood happened as he realized it.

He held it so strong initially to balance only to realize that it was her hip later. But she showed no signs of a problem as she was feeling the pain and wanted to go down. They slowly moved down to her house. John helped her lie on the bed and went back to his house.

He felt guilty and happy at the same time due to this. His long term dream of touching a woman navel has come true. He couldn’t sleep that night. Thinking about this. He didn’t know things were getting more interesting in the next few days. The next day Teena sent him a text asking him to come to the house.

He entered the house and went into her room. She was lying on the bed.
“What happened?” he asked.
“Nothing. Can you help me out with something?” she asked.
“What is it?” he asked.

“There is oil in the kitchen to such cramps. Can you help me apply it on my hip and back?” she asked. He stood there like he was struck by lightning and did not move.

“John. Why are are you silent? I’m unable to move my hand sideways and it paining. That’s why I asked for help. If you are hesitant to do it I will do it myself,” she said in a low voice.

“No no. It’s okay. I will do it.” He rushed to the kitchen and got back with the oil. She was wearing a top and leggings at that time. She gave a node to him to start applying it. He slowly moved the top up and was amazed by the lovely view.

The navel which he looked like a thief was in front of him with him having full freedom to explore. She looked at it and didn’t do anything for a minute. “Are you going to look at my navel and cure it?” She asked with a smile. He said sorry and took the oil to apply.

His hand was shivering when he got the first touch of her navel. His heartbeat rose to its maximum. He found it hard to control his thirst as his throat went dry. He gently moved his hand through her navel and applied oil on it. His skin shined even more since the oil made her wheatish navel sexier.

He examined her deep bellybutton and was stunned by its depth. He was having a hard-on but he kept it to himself. Things went even better when she asked him to turn her around. He held her hips as she held him on his shoulder. He got a good hold of her navel when she turned back.

She moaned a bit as his grip on the hip was little too much for her. “Gently,” she said. He apologized and started applying the oil on the back. He got full freedom to enjoy her beauty at this point. He back was so tempting that it was so flawless.

It felt like a newly opened jam bottle with jam appearing like a soft plateau. He loved this session and stopped when she said it was good for now. She thanked him for that. He went back to his room and shagged off as it was about to explode in his pants if the season went a bit longer.

He cherished his luck and was happy when he got the message again the next day. He went rushing in with a smile. “You look so happy today. What happened. Got a promotion?” She asked. He controlled his happiness and said it was a good day at work. And got ready to apply the oil. She gave permission and he started the session.

This time he was more confident. He was having the courage to explore the folds of her hip. He even moved his hand closed to the belly button and inserted his finger in it.

“What are you doing, John?” she asked.

He suddenly realized the situation and said, “Sorry, chechi. But I read that when you apply oil to the pokkil (belly button,) it will cure faster. That’s why.” She passed a smile for that and said, “I have never read it anywhere though. But you can try.”

As soon as he heard this he went into the lovely belly button of hers and inserted two fingers in it and massaged it. She was moaning with pain and pleasure. And he realized it soon.

“John. It’s nice. I could feel it. Apply more,” she said in a deep voice. He knew pleasure was getting to her. He utilized the situation and did his best to explore her. He rubbed the hips and enjoyed the folds. Even pulled it longer to feel the pleasure of its awesomeness. She was feeling all of this and biting her lips.

Their lovely moment was cut down when her mom called from her room after hearing the giggles and strange noise. John came back to his consciousness and completed the job. He went back and understood that she was enjoying the massaging as well just like he did.

He couldn’t sleep that night thinking about the next day’s session. Over the next few days, he did the same and was gaining more freedom over her and her lovely body. He even reached a stage where he could reach the bottom of her boobs by exploring her navel.

But he was still afraid that any other move could be a false one. His lust for her would be revealed. So he let the massaging satisfy his feelings for her. The moment came when he knew his luck has reached. He came back home at noon taking leave.

She was shocked to see that Teena was cleaning the house by bending at will. There were no signs of pain. He entered his room without letting her notice him. His heart was pounding like anything and he knew that it was time he let her know what he wanted.

She texted her in the evening as usual and he went in silently she was lying in bed as usual. “Why do you look different today?” She asked. He was finding it difficult to control his emotions but somehow managed to but was too flawed in hiding it.

“Nothing. I was worried about something at work,” he said.
“Don’t worry. Everything is going to be alright,” she said.
“Shall we begin?” she asked.
“Yes. But we need to do something,” he said.

“What?” she asked
“You need to stand up and then we should apply the oil. It’s more effective that way,” he said.
“No, it’s okay this way,” she insisted.

He forced her to stand up and made a firm hold of her navel. She was surprised by this and reacted instantly.
“Slowly,” she moaned.
“I know,” he said.

He made the next move. He had a bottle of honey in his hand which he dipped his full hand into it and applied to her navel. “Why does it smell different today?” She asked.

“Nothing. I brought a surprise,” he said and applied the honey all over her navel. She acted as if she had pain and had her eyes closed. He took the opportunity and kissed her navel. Right in the belly button. His kiss was more of a sucking which he went on for a minute.

She was taken back by this move and moaned. He didn’t stop and continued sucking it. She knew that her trick was caught by him and got her red-handed. She controlled her moaning and pulled his head from her navel.

“Let’s go to your house. My mom will hear us from here,” She said unable to control her breathing. He took her immediately to his room and made her lie to bed and jumped into action. He kissed and sucked her navel like a hungry dog who hasn’t eaten anything for days.

He removed her top and went for the lovely boobs. He held her navel so strong and ate the lovely boobs like mangoes. She was feeling something like never before. Even though she had sex with her husband the extreme lust John had for her was something new.

“Take me,” She pleaded. He tasted every inch of her lovely boobs. He felt the softness and heat of her body to its extreme. He kissed her neck, moved to the ears, forehead and came down kissing each part he went in the way. He licked in her lips for a long time. Sucked it hard. Tasted the saliva for the first time.

Rubbed his beard in her cleavage and went down again to have his favorite part. The deep navel of hers. His navel was deep and soft. He felt his tongue could live there forever. He kissed it, licked it. And sucked to the hardest. Even bit her navel that left a mark.

She moaned in pain. He went down even further and explored the area which she had shaved well. She knew this was coming up. And she was prepared. He started with kisses and went as he did for the navel.

They had an unforgettable encounter with lovemaking. After a long session, they lied in the bed resting and smiling at each other. After a while, she got up and went to take a bath. At night she made sure her mother slept and came to his house for another long session.

They went on exploring each other for the next few months. This was how the shy guy from college experienced his ever long fantasy to the fullest.

Looking for your feedback. You can write to my mail. I am also open to chats with women if you are okay with it. I understand trust is an important thing. And I believe I can keep it as promised.

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