College Crush

Hi readers, this is my 4th story about my college crush. This is not related to my previous experiences. But this is something that I have waited for 5 years before having this experience.

For those who haven’t read my previous stories, I am Pratheek from Bangalore. I am a software engineer working in a reputed company in Bangalore now. I have an athletic body.

This story is about my experience with my college crush. Let me call her Esha. She is fair and very sexy with enough curves. She might be around 5’6″ in height, perfect loft by the hips to kiss on the lips. She has silky hair a little longer than her shoulder length.

I saw her for the first time in 1st year of my engineering. She came to the class 5 minutes late in a sleeveless top and jeans. I fell for the beauty the moment I saw her. Her assets looked amazing in that dress. I still remember how she looked that day.

I had been friends with her all 4 years of my engineering. I used to help her with most of her assignments and lab activities. We even spent many nights together studying for exams. But I never had the courage to go any further.

When the lockdown started, we were in my final year. We didn’t get a proper chance to say formal bye to each other post our exams. We had been working in different companies for almost a year.

Recently, 2 months back, I returned to Bangalore as my company asked to come to the office on alternate weeks. Almost 3 weeks later, I suddenly received a text from Esha saying that she was coming to Bangalore to collect the degree certificate.

I told her that I could meet her as I am also in Bangalore going to the office. We had spoken to each other almost after a year and a half. So we made the plan of meeting at the college and collecting the degree certificate.

On the day, I hired a bike and went to the college as discussed. We planned to go to the college on Saturday as both of us were working. I reached the college before her and was waiting for her near the college canteen. After some time, I saw her coming.

She had grown her hair long, and her hair was reaching her hips. It looked so sexy and hot. As soon as we met, she gave me a tight hug. I could feel her boobs pressing against my chest. I had an instant hard-on. I think she noticed that also but acted as if she didn’t notice it.

I complimented her about her hair and how cute it looked. She gave a smile back with a look. We collected our certificates and then planned to go to MG Road to some fancy cafe. I told her I had brought a bike, and we started from there to MG Road on the bike.

Her boobs were caressing my back all the way while riding in the traffic. I enjoyed it a lot, and I think she also enjoyed it. She kept one hand on my shoulder and the other around my hip. I had a hard-on all the time while riding the back.

She slipped her hand 2-3 times on my crotch, gliding her hands over my dick. She for sure felt my hard dick with those glides. The ride was one of the hottest bike rides of my life till now. We reached a cafe in MG Road and had some food there. After having food there, she told me she wanted to watch a movie.

I told her that the theatres were closed. She said she meant at my flat on my laptop. I understood her intentions and immediately agreed to that. We reached my flat almost at 3 pm. We sat in my bed and started searching for a good movie.

She started checking all the movies. On seeing one English movie with a lot of romantic and intimate scenes, she said yes. That gave me clear signals of what she had wished for. I had purchased some snacks for munching, and we started watching the movie.

We both were sitting so close to each other that our hands and legs were touching each other. Slowly she leaned on my shoulder and rested her hand on my thigh, very close to my dick. At this time, I gathered some courage and put my arms around her shoulders.

I slowly rubbed her shoulders and then started rubbing her whole arm. Then I kept my hand in such a position to make it slip from her shoulder to her waist. I kept it there for few seconds as if nothing had happened. She didn’t react to that. Slowly I started exploring her waist.

She was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. The position she was leaning on me made her t-shirt lift little and exposed her waist for almost an inch. I slowly started touching her waist over that region and slipped my finger inside her t-shirt. She was enjoying that very much.

While I was rubbing her shoulders and waist, her hands were on my thigh all this time. She was moving her hand on my thigh up and down. This went on for some 15-20 minutes when the first kissing scene of the movie appeared. I took the chance of that scene and said that is not how to kiss.

She replied, ” Then how is it supposed to be done.” I didn’t waste any time. I just slightly held her neck with my right hand and kissed her on the lips. She responded to the kiss by opening her lips. I slowly pushed my tongue in her mouth.

She also reciprocated with the same, and we passionately kissed each other. As we kept kissing, I slowly moved my other hand around her waist and grabbed her. Without breaking the kiss, I changed the position and pulled her over me.

Now she is sitting on my lap facing me. She hugged me in that position and started moving one hand between my hair. We were kissing all this time, and one arm was around her neck and the other around her waist. I slowly moved the arm around her waist up and started touching her side boobs.

She started leaving slight moans as I was grazing my hand in her boobs. Her boobs were so soft and handful. Slowly I started pressing them, and she moaned a little louder on those. We both kissed very passionately for more than half an hour. We broke the kiss and realized that the movie had passed the interval part.

I paused the movie, and we stared at each other for a minute deep into the eyes. We both could feel how much the other wanted to have the physical warmth. We again started kissing, and this time it was wild.

We were caressing each other’s bodies passionately. We explored every part of the partner’s body over the dress.

I will explain the rest of the details of the passionate foreplay and sex experience in the next part. Please share your opinion on [email protected] Also, please contact me by email for any girls, married women who want to get sexual pleasure. Your identity will be kept secret.

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