A Passionate Foreplay And Sex Experience

I am Janet from Mangalore with another story about passionate foreplay. I am 24 years old. I am a very hot lady with very great sexual passion. I am even interested just to watch men naked, and I have watched many naked men.

In my imagination, I have watched all my male classmates of college running full naked. I have found that imagination highly satisfying.

This is a true story. However, I have changed certain names here. My aunt Priya also is from Mangalore. She works in some fashion business. She has many contacts in many parts of India. She has realized that many women in India are desperate for sex.

But they are afraid because they cannot get a decent guy, a guy who is not just polite and respectful, but also a guy who can keep the affair fully secret. Secrecy is very important to women, something which a fair number of men cannot even understand.

For men, sex may be just like going to a restaurant and eating food. But this is not so in the case of women. Women, especially in countries like India, need first to make sure whether the guy is safe, decent and whether he can keep the affair a secret or not.

Aunt Priya chatted with several guys in various chat rooms. She found out certain decent guys, and she recommended them for certain girls. Some women were also willing to pay commission for Aunt Priya.

Some of these guys would just give a boyfriend experience to women and no sex, depending on the interests of women. Some rich women were even willing to come down from Delhi to Kochi or Kolkata to Goa to meet a decent guy.

Such a concept of ‘Rent A Boyfriend’ is now actually somewhat popular in Mumbai and Pune. However, they are paid for it. But the guys whom Aunt Priya contacted never ask for any payment from women. They are free.

After feeling fully satisfied, a woman may choose to pay the guy some amount. But that is different from the guy charging anything.

I started to take an interest in this. Aunt Priya is a hot lady. She is of medium height and proper weight and big, round, shapely breasts. As she has said, several guys in college touched her breasts. Aunt Priya also asked many guys to strip naked in front of her and thus saw many naked men.

Aunt Priya once allowed her professor to touch her breasts. He added 20 marks in her exam for free. Aunt Priya was a lady who liked to expose her body parts to men and make them gasp. She had also seen many naked boys and men. Thus, satisfying their desire to stand naked in front of a hot woman.

I asked Aunt Priya if she could search for me a decent guy to have sex with. She said such a guy is there in Mangalore itself. His name was Vishwas. She gave me his WhatsApp number, and I contacted him.

He first called me out to the restaurant, park, shopping mall, etc. In the restaurant and park, he also touched me here and there. There were very few people present, and nobody was watching us.

He touched my breasts on top of my dress. It was a light touch. He gave light kisses on my face. I also touched his penis. I could see he had an erection. Overall, it was a highly romantic experience.

Then one day, he called me to an isolated place. This place was on the top of a small hill, full of natural scenery. It was also terribly romantic. It seems no human being ever goes there. We could hear the sweet songs of the birds.

I could feel I was taken back to the ancient days when people were very close to nature. He then took off his shirt. He was tall and slim but not muscular. He was slightly wheatish complexioned. He removed his pant also. I could see the bulge in his underwear. Sure enough, he had an erection.

Then finally, he removed from his body the last piece of cloth and stood in front of me in all his naked glory. His penis was pointing at me, and I was fascinated. He then slowly started undressing me.

First of all, he removed my t-shirt. My white bra was remaining. He was fascinated by the size of my melons. Next, I removed my jeans pant. Now I was standing in only my bra and panties.

His hands slowly started removing my bra. Slowly and gently, he removed it. Then the panties also came off. Now both of us were standing in our naked glory. It is a good thing the weather was so cool. It was winter. In summer, it would be hot and not worthy of having sex in that particular place.

He started kissing me on my cheeks passionately. I could feel his hot breath all over my cheeks. He kissed again and again. Those kisses still are fresh in my memory.

Those kisses on the cheeks were followed by passionate kisses on my lips. We kissed each other hungrily. This kissing continued for some time. None of us had any idea about the passage of time.

Then he touched the area around my breasts very slowly. I felt he was tickling me. I wondered when he would actually touch my breasts. He first touched my nipples and finally the breast itself. With both hands, he gently squeezed my breasts, and it was a very pleasing sensation.

It was as if there was some magic in his touch. He also touched my stomach. Then he kissed my breasts passionately as if he was eating some eatable. He put my breasts in his mouth and kept sucking just like a small baby would suck the milk of its mother. That passionate experience cannot be described in words.

With his hands, he touched my naked back and, at the same time, kissed every inch of my back. Then he kissed my bum passionately and squeezed the bum with both his hands, and also patted it. Then he touched and kissed my naked thighs. Finally, he fingered my vagina for a short time, and then he sucked the vagina.

I touched and kissed every inch of his body. I touched and stroked his penis and balls. His rod was very hot in my hands. I stroked it with both my hands, and I could hear him moaning. I could feel the pleasure in those moans of his.

Finally, he inserted his penis into my hole and penetrated deeper and deeper. The beautiful scenery all around, the songs of the birds, the isolation and seclusion of the place contributed richly to the pleasure the fucking gave me.

I told him to fuck even harder, and very soon, both of us were moaning. His rod was working hard, giving me immense satisfaction.

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