College Girl Maya’s Fantasy Of Sex In Public

Hi, Pratheek again. This is my third story. To all the readers who read my previous stories, I had shared my experience of how Maya and myself started our sex life and started spicing it up. If you haven’t read my previous story, you can read it here.

I won’t waste much time. I will come to the story directly. After I and the hot, dusky NRI girl cum my college junior Maya decided to fulfill each other’s fantasies, she first fulfilled my fantasy of having a threesome. Then it was my turn of fulfilling her fantasy to have sex in public!

As I said, I was an engineering student during the time all this happened. I was doing my engineering in a very reputed college in Bangalore.

Our college had a park in its campus which was open to the public as well. This same park was also famous as a couples park in my college as a lot of couples used to be seen kissing in the park after sunset.

But after around 10 pm, the park would be empty along with the entire locality. I checked this for several days to confirm before planning anything further.

After planning, one day I called Maya and told her to have dinner with me. We planned to meet in a restaurant at 8:30 pm. We had dinner and started walking in and around the campus. By then, the time was around 9:50 pm.

Me: Let’s go to the park.

Maya: It’s 10 pm. No one will be there inside the campus. Why do you want to go there?

Me: I have a surprise for you. Come with me.

Maya: Ok.

We then walked towards the park. I was hugging her all the time while walking towards the park. Once we reached the park, I told her the surprise is in my pocket, take it out and find out yourself.

The college girl put her hand in my pocket and took out what she found. She saw a packet of condoms in her hand that was taken out from my pocket. She was surprised and she made her eyes big saying, “Are we going to do it here today?”

I replied yes. She hugged me and planted a kiss on my lips. I told her to slow down. And I told her only one time here in the park and rest in the room. She was very excited to do it.

We sat on a bench in the park. The park was already empty and we could barely see anything around in the dark.

We noticed that there were 2 couples in the park and both couples were making out. Maya was very excited and she put her hands inside my pants and started rubbing my dick. She kept rubbing it and I put my one hand inside her jeans and started moving my fingers on her pussy lips.

We were talking about various things while we were doing this. Occasionally, the hot NRI girl was moaning as well whenever she felt high with my fingering. My other hand was over her boobs pressing them and pinching her tits.

As Maya got hornier, she slowly started giving me a handjob. We were waiting for the other 2 couples to leave the park. But she couldn’t control it and she kissed my lips along with the handjob.

After around 10 minutes of kissing and jerking my dick, the couples were seen leaving the park. She decided to go down on me and took my dick out. She didn’t even look around to check if anyone was seeing.

Maya just bent and took my dick in her mouth like a bad girl as if she was hungry for dick for years even though we had sex just a few days back.

My college junior girl gave me an amazing blowjob for a few minutes and then put the condom on my dick. She whispered in my ears saying, “I will go with your favorite position first” and lowered her pants and panty to just make way for my dick to her pussy.

Maya then sat on me, guided my dick to her pussy, and started fucking. It was the first time I tried chair straddle position for sex. She was just a pro and it was amazing. I was just kissing her while she was fucking and pressing her boobs.

We got lost in that fucking so much that I removed her t-shirt and was kissing all around her boobs and her neck. It was just amazing!

I just kept licking and kissing her neck and boobs and also removed her bra. Maya was completely naked on the top. It was a very steamy session between us for almost 15 minutes.

After that, I wanted to change the position and we decided to go with the seated wheelbarrow position. In this position, I was seated on the park bench and her legs pass me with her face facing the ground.

Maya rested her hand on the ground. I gripped her with her love-handles and moved her to fuck. It was one of the positions that takes a lot of energy, but gives amazing pleasure.

After around 15 minutes in this position, I was about to cum and told her that. Both of us came to our senses suddenly and started to laugh looking at each other.

Both were completely naked on top and both our pants were open till thigh. If someone would have come, it would have been a moment of embarrassment for both. But, to our luck, no one came and we finished our job.

Maya then removed the condom from my dick and took it in her mouth again, giving nice and deep strokes, and asked me to cum in her mouth.

After around 2 minutes of deep throating her, I came in her mouth. She took all my load in her mouth like a hungry bitch and swallowed it.

After swallowing the cum, she wore her bra and t-shirt back. She adjusted her panty and pant, cleaned her mouth with the water we had in a bottle, and then kissed me on the lips with satisfaction.

We then went to her flat to sleep, but her pussy was not in a mood to stop. We then had 2 rounds of sex one on her bed and one in the shower. We then slept naked together hugging each other just like couples cuddling and kissing.

After this, we had sex a lot of times in different situations and places. Then Covid 19 happened and she left to her house to stay with her parents.

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