Sexual Fun With My Reader

Hi. This is Ram from Chennai. I am going to narrate another sexual fun experience of mine.

I am a guy who likes to share experiences and wants to know about others as well. I will be really happy if this story gives me some new friends. Those who haven’t read my previous stories, please read them on this link.

After the previous story, I got lots of messages on Telegram. Guys had to know about the theater and whether it was safe to take their girlfriend. There were a few girls who praised the story and said that it made them wet while reading.

A few said that they were interested in trying it out but were afraid. I assured them that they didn’t have to worry about it. I met a few at the coffee shop, and they were tense. Some didn’t reply after leaving from there.

I am still talking with a few over Telegram. They wanted to get comfortable before the meeting. One girl, Ramya, who was messaging me, told me that she wanted to meet me again, and we met at a coffee shop. We talked for a while.

Then she said she had time to kill and asked whether we could watch a movie. I asked her whether she intended to watch a movie or have some fun. She just smiled, and we left in her car.

While going to the theater, I had booked the top row seats. We collected the tickets and went in, and took our seats. You know how the theater is during the weekdays. To our advantage, it wasn’t crowded.

We were talking as the movie hadn’t started. I haven’t talked about Ramya. She is about 5’6″ with a good structure. She had come in a saree with jasmine in her hair. The smell was too intoxicating.

The advertisements were played. The lights were switched off, and the newsreel played. I turned towards Ramya. She was sitting on my right. I had put my right arm over her shoulder and pulled her towards me.

We kissed each other. We were sucking each other’s lips. I inserted my left hand under the pallu and touched her stomach. I found her navel as she was wearing a low hip. Slowly I raised my hand and felt her boobs caged in her blouse. I was pressing her boobs over the blouse.

We continued this for a while, and I tried to unhook her blouse. She pushed my hand away and told me that it would be risky. I told her that there wouldn’t be any problem. She half-heartedly unhooked from the bottom and raised the blouse.

I could see the boobs covered by a black bra. I raised the bra and freed the left boobs. I was caressing her boobs and caught her erect nipples, and played with them. Her boobs were like a half-round that could fit in your palms.

I lowered myself and sucked her left boobs. She pressed my head more towards her boobs. I then lifted the blouse with the bra, freed her right boobs, and pressed it with my hand. I alternated sucking the breasts.

While I was sucking her boobs, I lowered my hand and touched her feet. From there, I inserted my hand from below. I was feeling her calf muscles and then her knees. She came a little forward and rested herself on the seat, and widened her legs.

I felt her thighs and was moving towards her pussy. I touched her pussy, and the panties blocked my touch. I rubbed over the panties to learn that it was wet. I caught the side of the panties and moved to one side. Now I was able to touch her pussy directly.

It felt like I was touching a gel. Her precum was heavy, and it was easy to insert my finger inside. I slowly started fingering her. I was fingering her while I was sucking her boobs. Then the pace of fingering increased.

After a while, I stopped sucking her boobs and took my hand from her pussy. She opened her eyes and looked at me. I lowered and sat in front of her in between her legs. She was surprised. I raised her saree to her knees and pulled her to the edge of the seat.

Then I raised her saree a little more, and I could see her thighs. I kissed her thighs and then kissed her pussy. It was wet, and I licked the precum and was licking from the bottom to the top as if a dog laps.

She kept her hand on my head and was enjoying it. After a few minutes, she climaxed and licked her completely, and cleaned her. I then sat on my seat. She kissed me on my lips and thanked me. She then pulled her bra and caged her boobs, and then hooked her blouse.

She kept her hand on my legs while she kissed me. Slowly the hand came up and was pressing my dick over my jeans. I asked whether I should take it out. She nodded, and she caught my dick after I took it out and was shaking.

Since I was already excited, I came soon. I had a tissue in my hand in which I ejaculated. I took another tissue and cleaned my dick, and adjusted me. We just rested on each other.

The interval came. We went to the restrooms, got some drinks, and returned to our seats. We talked and having drinks. We started kissing once the movie started. She was very confident, and she started opening my zipper and took out my junior.

She started shaking my dick, and it slowly started to get erect. She then bent down and kissed my dick. She used her tongue and licked the opening. She pulled my foreskin back and took the head inside her mouth. She was moving her tongue around my dick head.

Then she took half of my dick inside her mouth and gave me a good blowjob. After blowing me for a while, she then stood up and stood before me. She sat on my lap. She raised herself a little and bent down and lifted her saree.

Before sitting, she lowered her panty. The way she sat, her ass was on my dick. I could feel her naked ass on my dick. She was moving front and back as if she was rubbing my dick. I took my hand and caressed her thighs and her butt.

I kept my hand on her butt and inserted my hand to catch my dick. She kept her hand on the armrest, and with that support, she just rose a little. I caught my dick and placed it on the pussy entrance. Though it was tight, it went in because of the wetness.

She raised and lowered herself with the help of the armrest. I asked her to be up for a while. I raised myself and kept fucking her. After a while, I told her that I was going to cum. She stood up and sat on her seat while I cummed on the tissue.

I adjusted myself while she lowered and pulled her panties and corrected herself. After the movie was over, we came back to her car and went for a drive. She asked me whether I had time. I said yes, and she said that she needed to go to the airport.

It was getting dark. She parked the car in a secluded spot with a wall in front of us. With no one around us, we shifted to the rear seat. We started kissing, and we pleased each other. She was very wet with my licking her pussy. I was erect with her shaking and her blowjob.

She raised her saree and sat on my lap, facing me. She started to ride me. After a while, I was about to cum. I told her that I was going to climax soon. She told me to hold on, and after a while, we both climaxed together. We hugged each other and sat for a while.

Then we corrected our dresses, and then she dropped me at the coffee shop where I had left my bike. We both bid goodbye and returned to our homes. We are both looking forward to another chance. Till then, we are in touch through Telegram.

Thank you for your patience and for reading the story. Please send your feedback to [email protected] Girls and women around Chennai, Message me if you want to have some safe and discreet fun.

You can contact me on Telegram. I am a guy who likes to share experiences and wants to know about others as well.

If any girls want to have a No Strings attached relationship, feel free to contact me. Let’s catch up for a coffee, and let’s see where it proceeds. It can be just a movie with a friend or a fun time with your friend. Let’s not plan too much ahead. Shed your inhibitions, and let’s catch up for fun.

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