Wife Collector – Part 1 (Friend’s Beautiful Wife)

Hi, my name is Ravi. I am 28 years old. Recently, I got a job in Pune. My school friend Ashish had lived in Pune for many years. He offered me to come and live with him as a paying guest.

He used to live with his wife, with whom he got married last year. My friend’s wife’s name was Shipra. She was just 23 with a beautiful body. They used to treat me like a family member. I used to have dinner with them and watch TV on the weekends.

Many times I have heard my friend and his wife having sex. They had a fixed routine. Ashish used to fuck her once every week on Friday nights.

From what I heard from their sex noises, I can say that Shipra sounded like a deeply sexual woman. She moaned like crazy during sex. I wasn’t sure my friend was able to satisfy her by fucking her once a week. If I had a wife like that, I would have fucked her ten times in a day!

One Saturday night, we all were in the living room watching TV. Suddenly, I noticed Shipra’s one hand was on Ashish’s dick and she was softly rubbing it above his pants! It was unusual because she used to fuck only once a week. But it was awkward so I went to my room without saying anything.

I was on my bed and I was imaging my friend’s hot wife Shipra naked and fucking with Ashish. My dick was as hard as a rock and I was stroking my dick. I knew they were fucking on the living room couch, So I started peeking from my door. What I saw was amazing.

Shipra was riding Ashish in a cowgirl position. Her big tight white ass cheeks were looking amazing. She was moaning and making sexy noises, biting her lips, squeezing her boobs. And that asshole Ashish was lying there like a dead body, not even making an effort! What a sore loser!

One night, I was awake late. At 2 am, I went to the living room when I heard someone was in the common bathroom. Ashish and Shipra don’t usually come to this bathroom at night. I went near and heard my buddy’s horny wife moaning in pleasure and she was using a vibrator. I instantly got a hard-on.

I kept listening and I was stroking my dick imagining Shipra. I accidentally made some noise and she heard that.

I ran to the kitchen and started pretending I was there for water. My friend’s wife came out and she looked embarrassed. She came to me and asked why I was awake so late when she noticed my dick bulging out of my boxers. She turned back and started moving away when I grabbed her from behind and shut her mouth with my hand! She was resisting slightly.

Me: I know you also want this, so keep quiet. Let me do this with you.

I started rubbing my dick bulge on my friend’s wife’s tight ass.

Shipra: This is wrong, I can’t do this.

Me: I know you want it and I will give it to you.

I tore her clothes into pieces and she was on the kitchen floor. I took my rock-hard dick out and pushed it in her mouth.

Me: Ohh! Yes, Shipra. You suck dick like a real whore. Did your cunt husband ever do this to you? I know he doesn’t.

She was choking on my dick but she wasn’t resisting.

Me: Tonight you will know how a real man fuck a girl like you.

I picked her up and took her to the dining table. I climbed on the table with her and spread her legs wide in the air. I shoved my entire dick inside my friend’s sexy wife with full force and started fucking her ruthlessly.

Shipra: Ahhhhhh…Please don’t stop!

She started moaning loudly. I shut her mouth with one hand.

Me: Shut up. You don’t want your loving hubby to see us like this. Don’t worry, I will fuck your pussy as much as you want.

And I started my friend’s wife hard. Suddenly, she started twitching her legs. Then she spread her legs and cum all over me.

Me: You are such a whore. You are enjoying someone else’s dick.

Shipra was suddenly feeling ashamed and was not making eye contact.

Me: Don’t feel ashamed. From today, I will fuck you every day and make you cum.

For almost 40 minutes, I banged my school friend’s sex-hungry wife on that table and at last, I filled her pussy with my load. Meanwhile, she has already cum 3 times and was completely exhausted.

I rolled beside her and we were lying naked on the table. My seed was flowing out of her pussy. I pulled her closer and started kissing her.

After about 10 minutes, she stood and cleaned herself and told me she was going to sleep. I ran to her and grabbed her and again started kissing and licking her all over. She was following me but was also shying away.

Me: Why are you shy now? I have put my dick inside you. I am your man now and you are my bitch. I can do whatever I want with you.

Shipra: Yes, but now, I need to go now. In the morning, I have to prepare breakfast for Ashish and you.

Me: Fuck Ashish. I want to eat you, one more time.

Shipra: Please not now. I am so tired now. Please let me go.

Me: My dick is still hard, Shipra. It wants to go inside you one more time. One more time, Shipra, please. Then I will let you go, promise.

Shipra: Hmm.

I picked her up and took her to the living room and threw her down on the couch. I turned her around and started fingering her asshole.

Me: The day when I saw you naked first time on this couch fucking your husband, I thought of coming and taking you from your husband’s dick and fuck you in front of him! That night, I was stroking my dick the whole night thinking about all the nasty things I wanted to do with you.

I put my dick in my friend’s wife’s asshole and gave a hard stroke. It was so tight and only the tip of my dick went inside her. Shipra was trying to scream loud but I was holding her mouth shut very tightly.

Me: I don’t know how long I wanted to fuck your ass. I was sure your ass will be a virgin. When I will be done with your ass, it will be like the ass of a roadside whore.

I was so madly fucking my pal’s wife that I didn’t notice for how long I drilled her ass. After some time, I came and released all my load inside Shipra’s ass hole.

I lied on the couch for some time. She was under me and my dick was still inside her.

After a break of a few minutes, I again fucked her ass. This time, I made her hold her ass cheeks open so that I can fuck her easily. This whole time, she was begging me to stop and go slow. But I have waited for this for a long time. I didn’t show her any mercy.

Finally, at the end, I cummed all over my friend’s wife’s face. It was 4.30 in the morning. My dick was finally satisfied. She was exhausted and was covered in my cum. She was looking like a real slut. I left her in the living room and went to my room.

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