Sex With My GF, Her Sister And Her Mom – Part 1

Hello everyone, this is my first story. So please forgive me if there are any mistakes. This story is about how I had sex with my girlfriend Ramya and her sister Manasa.

My name is Akash and I am from Hyderabad. I am 6 feet in height, have 7.5 inches penis, and a fit body.

Now coming to the story. This happened when I was in tech 2nd year and this is my real experience. I and Ramya were in a relationship from my B. Tech 2nd year and had many sexual experiences. I am going to narrate one such experience.

My girlfriend had big boobs and a sexy ass. Many students and even some teachers had the fantasy of having sex with her. My girlfriend’s sister Manasa has medium-sized boobs but her structure was so sexy.

One day, their parents went to attend a marriage in Delhi and my gf invited me to her home so that we could have combined studies.

When I rang the bell, my gf’s sister opened the door and I was astonished by seeing her style of dressing. She wore shorts and a t-shirt. She was looking so sexy. I had seen her pictures before on my gf’s phone but she was traditionally dressed in those.

I came to my senses when she called out my name and sat beside her. My gf was busy talking with someone over the phone. Meanwhile, I was able to see my girlfriend’s sister’s cleavage. It was too sexy that I was not able to hide my boner! Meanwhile, Ramya came and we three chatted for some time and then Ramya took me to her room.

Immediately, she locked the door and jumped on me, and started kissing me wildly telling me that she was very horny. She told me that she was thinking about me since morning. I was also horny ever since I saw her sister’s boobs and started sucking and biting my gf’s boobs.

I took off Ramya’s t-shirt and bra and started squeezing her boobs. I kissed her lips passionately for the next ten minutes. I then kissed her neck and armpits making her moan loudly.

After that, I made my girlfriend and kept on sucking her pussy until she cummed. As she was moaning very loudly, I was afraid that her sister might have heard it. Then I made her give me a blowjob and fucked her pussy and cummed inside it.

Then we went into the bathroom and under the shower, we had another session. My lover cummed quickly but I wanted to fuck her ass. I knew she won’t agree as she was a virgin there.

I took her to the bedroom and told her that I want to blindfold her. She agreed and I blindfolded her. I then tied her to the bed and touched her G-spot and licked her ass for some time. Ramya was moaning too loudly and I kept my fingers on her ass.

My gf understood my intentions and pleaded with me not to fuck in her ass! But I had no intention of stopping at that time. I applied some oil on my penis and was pushing it into Ramya’s virgin ass. I started giving thrusts and after three thrusts, my penis was completely inside my girlfriend’s ass. She was crying and shouting due to the pain. I kept on slapping her ass and pressing her boobs.

She was shouting bad words at me. I was getting hornier and my gf was shouting, “FUCK ME MORE HARDER YOU RASCAL..MAKE ME YOUR SLUT..AHH USE ME..AAH..FUCK ME..YES YES..I AM YOUR BITCH.”

I fucked my girlfriend like a beast for some time and cummed in her ass. She too cummed two to three times. After that, I untied her and we slept cuddling each other for some time.

At around 1 am, I went to use the washroom. It was a common washroom and when I went in, I saw my girlfriend’s sister Manasa moaning and masturbating, closing her eyes. Even though I was shocked, I was happy to see her there in semi-nude.

I entered the washroom and she heard the sounds and opened her eyes. There was absolute silence and I could see the lust in her eyes completely. What a beauty she was!

I completely forgot that I was nude until she came to me and pressed my penis. She told me that saw everything.

Then my girlfriend’s sister told me that she had a breakup recently and she needed sex very badly. I grabbed her neck and made her kneel down and told her to give me a blowjob. Wow, she did it like a pro! Ramya was no match for her skills.

She drank all my cum like a perfect slut. Then I threw my gf’s sister on the bed, made her nude, and started sucking her boobs. I licked all over her body and her mood was full-on and she was biting me.

She turned backside and showed me her pussy. I pressed her boobs from the backside and started fucking my girlfriend’s slutty sister till we both got satisfied. I fucked her even in her ass and then she gave me a great blowjob under the shower.

Manasa had a beautiful and round ass. She told me that even her bf used to fuck her ass more than her pussy. She told me that it was the best fuck of her life and I told her that it was not completed yet.

After two sessions of fucking my girlfriend’s sister in doggy style, she fucked me on top and then we slept hugging each other. I was tired and didn’t think of anything and slept with my girlfriend’s sister.

The next day there was some shouting and crying. When I opened my eyes, I could my gf’s mom crying and scolding Manasa.

In the next part, I will tell you how I fucked both sisters and also made their mom a slave to me.

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