My Beautiful Wife’s Fucker – Part 1

Hi, my name is Shubham. I am 30 years old. I am married to a beautiful girl named Swati. She is 26 years old. She has a beautiful body, fair skin, and huge buttocks.

Recently I found out that my sweet wife was cheating on me with her lover behind my back. His name was Rahul and he was my wife’s classmate in her college and they are currently working together. Searching more about their affair, I came to know that Rahul was not only fucking my wife but also recording it and posting it online for money.

To find out more, I took the subscription of his page with a fake ID. Most of the videos on his page were of him with my wife and there were a few videos of him with other girls too. The most viewed video on his page was of him fucking my wife on her wedding dress a few minutes before we both got married.

So many people have watched my wife being used as a sex toy by some stranger. I don’t know I could ever manage to fuck her again.

The day arrived when Swati was supposed to go on the business trip with Rahul. The same day Rahul has posted about it on his page, “Going on a trip with your favorite whore and will keep you posted about the things I am going to do to her. Also, feel free to suggest what I should do to her.”

Swati left home at 9 am for the trip. This was giving me chills about what he was going to do to her in 2 days. I didn’t have to wait long. Around 9.30 am, Rahul shared a link on his page. It was a link for the live stream and comment was enabled.

I opened the link with fear and a high heartbeat. I saw Rahul in his car with his dick out and my wife sitting next to him. The video caption was, “Starting the trip with a quick blowjob by my favorite whore.”

Around 50 people were watching it live! Swati then bent and reached to his dick and started giving him a blowjob.

Someone commented – “I wish I could fuck this bitch.”

Then another comment came – “Choke on that dick, you slut.” And then the video was flooded with comments.

– “She is so good at it, looks like she does this for a living.”

– “Oh yes! cum on her mouth.”

Rahul was moaning like he was getting the pleasure of his life. He held my wife’s head down and started fucking her mouth with full speed. With a loud moan, he released his cum inside her mouth. Swati took it like a good bitch and swallowed it all. Rahul then ended the live stream.

“Hope you all have enjoyed, keep tuning for more,” he posted this after ending the live stream.

I thought, If they started the trip like this, god knows what was gonna happen next.

Not even half an hour has passed and Rahul posted another live stream video link. The caption of the video was, “I am not going wait to reach the hotel, need to fuck her right now.” I opened the link and saw my wife completely naked and Rahul without his pants over her. They were fucking on the front seat of the car.

He was ruthlessly pounding her pussy and she was crying and begging to go slow but he was not listening to her.

“Open your leg for me, baby,” Rahul said. And then he spanked her and said, “Open your legs bitch, do as I say for once.”

She spread her legs wide to let him fuck properly. Rahul didn’t care about her, he kept on fucking her like a raging bull.

I noticed around 90 people are watching it live. Then I started reading a few of the comments.

– “Take her outside and fuck her on the roadside, so that passing cars can see it.”

“Breed her.”

– “Fuck her from behind, I want to see the ass of that bitch.”

Rahul kept on fucking my wife for 30 minutes and then with a hard stroke and loud moan, my wife’s colleague cummed inside my wife. I could see the cum flowing out of her pussy. When Rahul took out his dick, the cum started flowing out of her pussy like a river.

He then went back to the driver’s seat and pulled up his pants. Meanwhile, my wife was sitting naked on her seat, breathing fast and heavily. She looked tired and her legs were shaking. He then stopped the live streaming.

“She enjoyed it a lot, hope you all are enjoying it too.” He posted this after the live streaming.

It was afternoon now and Rahul hadn’t posted anything since the last 2 hours. I was wondering what would have happened and then a notification came.

This time Rahul had posted a video. The caption was, “She likes the young waiter serving our table so she is tipping him with her pussy.”

I opened the link and saw a guy in a waiter’s uniform eating my wife’s pussy in a small washroom. Rahul was recording all this and his dick was out and Swati was blowing him.

The video was 10 minutes long. In the end, my wife cummed on the waiter’s face and mouth. I was shocked to see that Rahul was sharing my wife with some waiter.

As I finished the video, I saw he had posted another video with the caption, “A good waiter always shares his tip with his other brothers.” I opened the video with the slightest hint of what it is going to be about.

I saw my wife was being sandwiched between 2 waiters on the bathroom floor and they both were fucking her arse and her pussy. They were not even using protection. Rahul was recording the video.

Rahul was asking Swati, “Did your husband ever fuck you like this? You are a complete waste with a man like him. You need real men in your life for your whore pussy.”

In the end, one waiter came inside my wife’s pussy and another filled her mouth with his load. Rahul was enjoying it all. I can hear his laugh in the video.

In the next part, I will tell you what happened at the business conference.

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