Exciting Internship Continues – Waking Up With A Bang

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My boss ‘B’ was truly living up to his beastly reputation. Except most considered him to be a beast in the boardroom. I had the pleasure to see his beast in the bedroom. Not only did I lose my virginity to him. But I was also quickly learning new boardroom and bedroom strategies.

We were not in a relationship, but our passion for each other got more erotic. Just thinking of him made my cunt wet and forehead sweat. From fearing sex would get me pregnant to wanting to feel his cock deep inside me. I had transitioned from good girl to slutty Stella.

I started to wear tight tops and skirts to accentuate my 36 DD bust and 37-inch ass. He would send me his nudes to excite me. He often asked me to send my nudes, but I wasn’t comfortable. Apart from a slutty sex life, I was also enjoying my internship.

As part of employee engagement activity, I would often accompany my fellow interns to chill at new hangout spots, especially those offered happy hours. Everybody except interns was supposed to go for an offsite for the next 3 days.

Those who wanted to drink could go all out as the next 3 days were off for all interns B had tagged along too. He was going to join the offsite on day 2.
I am a teetotaller (I don’t consume alcohol), so I stuck to orange juice.

B was sitting right opposite me, occasionally checking his phone for emails and reverting them. Suddenly my phone chimed. It was a message from him.

B: I don’t think you enjoy your happy hours with the orange juice.

I responded: (blushing while typing) You know me well. It’s not alcohol that gets me in the mood. Anyways I will be moving out soon. Everyone is going crazy with alcohol. I don’t think I will be comfortable chilling here anyways.

B’s response: Hmm, I have a few ideas to make the next few hours happy and high for you.

I responded: Are you sure? Don’t you want to enjoy this party?

B’s response: Don’t be crazy. Not here to chill with a bunch of suck-ups. Use my key from security and wait for me at my place. Text your parents you may have to pull off an all night.

I responded: Mom and Dad are traveling. They are not home.

I blushed, nodding discreetly. In 30 minutes, I took a cab and reached his housing complex. He had already informed his security guy to hand over his spare key to me. As I entered his house without him this time, it felt odd.

I could go over his stuff for the first time without him around, from going through his music CDs to his movie collection. Next, stop his wardrobe. Despite being a bachelor, he was quite a near freak. His clothes were ironed and stacked well. I found a white t-shirt that I thought would look sexy on me.

I went over to his mirror, undressed completely, keeping only my red little thongs on. I was tempted to feel myself up, masturbate on his bed in his bedroom. Resisting myself, I quickly wore his t-shirt. Even though B was broad-shouldered, the t-shirt fit was snug.

My tits were poking out, and my fair ass looked hot in red thongs. Playfully I spanked my ass looking at the mirror to see my fingers leaving a pink-colored print. I kept waiting for him and eventually slept off on his bed, watching TV.
I woke up feeling something hard sliding between my thighs.

I turned slightly to find him all naked next to me. He was sliding this cock between my thick thighs. He was moaning hard. I had heard him moaning and grunting my fucking me. But he sounded like an animal this time. I turned over, his cock still between my thighs but facing me.

He smiled devilishly, “You have been through my wardrobe?” Smiling back, embarrassed, “Sorry, I felt you were getting late, and we may not do it tonight. So I just wanted to wear something comfortable to sleep.”

He laughed then whispered, “How easy it is to get my randi shy or awkward. Anyways it looks hot on you.” He pinched my nipples from over the t-shirt, making me yelp.

“Ahhh, good, I love listening to my rand screaming with my moans,” he said, sliding his dick out from my thighs. He then inserted his hands inside my panties to feel my cunt. “Hmmm, wet but not wet enough,” he whispered as he slid down between my legs.

“Take that t-shirt off. I want to watch those nipples going red.” He pulled my panties down and started to lick my clitoris. My legs over his shoulders, he kept licking my hairless cunt. His hands slid up to my boobs, squeezing them crazy.

The sensation of his wet tongue on my cunt and his rough hands on my boobs were driving me crazy. My moans were getting louder. His tongue-making knife-like thrusts in my cunt. My naked body was on the verge of orgasm. He suddenly stopped.

Sliding up, he licked my slim waist throwing me into a giggle fit. He smiled and looked up, asking what was wrong. “I am ticklish,” whispering. He slid up further to my boobs. His tongue is working its magic. Whenever he felt I was close to an orgasm, he would stop.

He dropped a bit of his spit between my boobs. “Rub it on your nipples,” he ordered. Looking straight into his eyes, I rubbed his saliva on my red-well-bitten nipples, moaning softly and then inserting my thumb in his wet mouth, taking more of his wetness rubbing it more on my milky body.

It felt sexy to put on a show for him turning him on. I could feel the warmth of his body on mine. Being his ‘nangi randi’ never felt dirty. It always felt sexy. “If I knew tonight was going to be like this, I would not have fingered myself to your dick pic,” I whispered.

Almost surprised, he responded, “I didn’t know my randi masturbates thinking of me. What were you thinking? Tell me.” He bent over to kiss my neck, sliding down to my nipples, flicking my thick tits between his teeth.

“I thought of you while taking a shower. As I lathered soap around my ass, I just reimagined how your cock got hard. Then I felt like taking it ahead. I didn’t lather soap around my boobs. I squeezed it.”

I said, “Like that?”

He asked, squeezing them hard with his rough hands. His hard squeezing left red handprints on my fair melons. “Yeah, but my hands could not squeeze them the way you do,” I replied.

“ I wanted to feel your cock in my ass and your fingers rubbing my cunt raw till I go crazy,” I whispered, unleashing the beast he is. He turned me over, spat in his fingers. He started rubbing my ass hole with his wet middle finger, prepping it for his maniacal cock.

My whispers turned into loud pleads. “Fuck” that’s was all I could say. Quickly he moved me to all fours, ready to screw his bitch in doggy style. He entered my anal hole slowly, one inch at a time. I could feel him entering my hole little by little till he penetrated his cock inside me completely.

I thought he would start ramming my ass like a beast he is. Instead, he surprised me by pulling my body up still on my knees, his cock not leaving the hole it just entered. “This will be intense,” he whispered in my ears. His hands were slipping down between my thighs, accessing my hungry cunt.

He started fucking me from back and front. Fucking my tight ass and rubbing my chut, my boobs bounced with every jerk they felt with his thrusts. Ahhh, his fucking got hardcore and raw. Despite the intense fucking sessions we had been that, he surprised me every time.

I knew after this. I would be drained. So well fucked that I wouldn’t be able to walk even to the washroom to clean myself up. But still, I kept begging him not to stop. “Fuck me hard. I am your cock crazy whore.” Turning him on more so that he does not pull out.

I was so close to my intense orgasm when he pinched my nipples and slapped my boobs hard. I came so hard shivering against his body when I heard his grunting and felt his warm semen fill in my asshole. His hands are moving to my bubble butt we both fall on his bed.

His body over mine and his cock still inside my ass. With a naked body covered with saliva, cum and semen juices, sweat, we dozed off, not bothering to clean ourselves up. The fucking was felt so intense that I could not walk straight.

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