Burglar Enjoys And Bangs Hot Indian Housewife – Part 3

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Ravi kissed on my lips and held me tightly. I guided his penis at the entrance of my pussy. He slowly pushed his dick head inside my vagina. 1/3rd of his dick entered me. His mushroom head went inside my pussy. I screamed, “Please take it out! I can’t take this, it is so big, it is tearing me apart..Ahhh..”

The burglar didn’t respond but paused for 2-3 minutes in that position. He was licking my neck and earlobes to subsidize my pain. Slowly, I started feeling okay. He took my boobs in his hand and was sucking my boobs with full intensity.

Then he took out his dick and thrust his cock with full force deep inside my pussy. I screamed with pain again. His cock entered fully in my pussy this time. I held him tightly so that he couldn’t move. His massive dick was pressed hard inside my vagina.

Ravi now pinned down my both hands on the bed and start pumping. His shaft was now moving inside my vagina. Slowly, my pain disappeared and I felt tremendous pleasure inside.

He was now in fucking me in a rhythm and pumping me in full speed. My boobs were dancing with his every thrust. I wrapped my leg around his waist and wrapped his neck with my hands.

We both were grunting with pleasure. He continued his action for 10 minutes. He was digging my cunt with his shaft. I was biting his lips and he was biting mine.

After around 10 minutes, he changed position. Now we came in doggy style. The stranger was fucking my cunt from behind. At the same time, he wrapped his hand around me and was mauling my hanging breasts.

The burglar’s lips and tongue were licking and kissing my back. He was fucking me with full intensity and pressure. I was not able to hold my position anymore. My knee became week and I fell on the bed. But he didn’t stop. He continued his activities.

Juices were flowing through my pussy lips and dripping down on the bed cover. He then stopped for a moment and laid on the bed and took me over him. I was in the game fully.

Without any hesitation, I came upon him and started riding his cock. I held his shoulder and was dancing on his cock.

His cock was now easily moving in and out. My hanging boobs were dancing in the air. Ravi brought his hand and held my boobs.

He was tickling my nipples with his nails and kneading my breast very hard. It looked like he was trying to take out my boobs from my chest! But, at that time, I was not feeling pain. I was only experience pleasure that time.

I looked at him. Our eyes met. We both were looking to each other with full of lust.

Ravi: Priya, you are so good. I love this. Ufffffffff..ahhhhhh
Priya: yes I also love this. yesssssssssss..

Ravi: I feel like entering a hot chamber. Fuck me, babe. You are to goodddddd.. ahhh..
Priya: Yes, I will fuck your brains out. Do you feel good? Oh, godddddd.. I am dyinggggggggg..
Ravi: Yes, it is great.

Suddenly, he held me tightly and in a swift motion, he brought me under him. And now, he was on me.

We were in a missionary position. I kept my leg high in the air and he was digging my cunt with full force. Our lips were melting together. He held my hands above my head. My boobs were pressed under his chest.

Ravi was fucking me with full force. His monster was pumping me like hell. I had lost my consciousness. Around 5-6 minutes later, I came back to my senses. He was still fucking me like a giant.

My boobs were bouncing with every thrust. He was busy licking and kissing my lips and boobs simultaneously. First time in my life, a stranger was fucking me in my own bedroom, in the same cot where I had made love with my hubby.

I was reaching my third orgasm. He was fucking me with full enthusiasm. After around 30 minutes, he was biting my lips. I felt that he was coming. He then emptied his load in my glory hole. His thick and hot semen hit my inside wall and I reached my third orgasm.

Ravi was pouring a lot inside me – jolt after jolt – and it was hitting my vaginal walls. We were both coming for almost 5 minutes. My cunt was filled with his hot thick juice and my pussy juices.

We both were panting for breath. I was lying there like a dead log.

Ravi then took out his limp cock out and lay by my side. A mixture of our juices was then flowing out from my vagina. I was lying naked beside a stranger who fucked my brains out. I was not faithful to my hubby anymore.

We hugged each other in a tight embrace like a couple. We went into sleep after a tremendous fucking session. It was the best fuck of my life.

After around 1 or 2 hours, I woke up. We were still hugging each other. I opened my eyes and looked at him. He was already awake and was looking at my face with love and lust. His hand was moving in my back which showed his affection.

Ravi brought his face and kissed on my lips. I didn’t stop him because I also enjoyed his love and care.

When he came, he was an intruder or stranger to me but now he was my loved one.

I looked at the wall clock. It was 3 o’clock in the morning. I got up from the bed and wore my housecoat. Ravi still was lying in the bed and looking at me. I came to him and planted a kiss on his forehead. Then I went to the washroom and cleaned myself. When I came out of the washroom, Ravi had already got up from the bed.

To be continued.

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