Fullfilling Married Bengali Neighbor’s Sexual Desire

Hi! I am Akash, 28 from Kolkata. This is my real-life experience which happened in July. I am sharing it here for the first time.

I am a 6 ft tall, well-built guy as I workout daily.

So readers, get ready for a hot and wild story where I seduced my married Bengali neighbor and fulfilled her desires.

The angel of the story is a lady named Akanksha, 36 years old who lives with her daughter and husband. Even in the late 30s, she’s a natural beauty with a slim waist, and perfect assets. Yes, she is a complete Bengali lady and looks exactly like actress Shilpa Shetty. We have been neighbors from the past 10 years.

Right from puberty, Akanksha was always my fantasy. I used to masturbate thinking of her and really wanted to fuck her. Her husband was a fat and drunkard guy who hardly praised her and it always showed on her face whenever we used to greet each other sometimes.

To my luck, her husband changed his job and moved to Delhi and after a month, her daughter also moved to Delhi for further studies.

Akanksha didn’t want to leave the city and her job. So she stayed back and was living alone. Before leaving, her husband visited my home and asked us to take care of his wife in case she needed any help or in emergency.

One day, my sexy Bengali neighbour needed some help with her scooter since it was not starting. She called me and the issue got resolved. Then we exchanged our numbers for further help if needed. Within a few months, she messaged me a number of times for small helps as well.

After a few days, Akanksha again messaged me asking to come to her house as there was a problem in her kitchen. I went to her house. She wanted me to replace a bulb in the kitchen which was out of her reach.

Akanksha asked me to sit for a while and offered me water. I asked of her well being and she asked me how I was doing and general stuff. She told me that she was fine living alone except getting bored during her free time.

I suggested her some movies and web series. She thanked me and I left her house.

Our conversations now moved to WhatsApp and once in a week, she used to ask me about movies and other stuff. Our conversations got frequent slowly and it became like a daily routine.

One night, my Bengali neighbour asked me about my girlfriend and my previous dates. I said, “I had one 2 years ago but now I am single”.

Then she said, “How come such a kind boy like you become single for so long?”

I said, “That’s how it is, I didn’t find another girl.” The chat ended for that night.

The next morning, I got a “Good morning” message from Akanksha saying that she slept off while chatting. I replied to her with a good morning wish and said, “It’s okay!”

That day, she didn’t go to work and called me again because her AC was not working and it was really hot and humid. She opened the door and smiled at me with a relief.

My married neighbour was wearing shorts and a pink tank top without a bra. Her firm tits were completely visible. (I went to know afterward that she did it intentionally!). I was in a boxer without underwear and a sleeveless t-shirt.

We went to her bedroom and I was checking AC. Then the power went out and it was dark in the room. We started sweating heavily. In a hurry, I went to get my phone but collided with her. I caught her from falling and said sorry.

Then we went to the living room. Akansha brought cold drinks for me. We began talking while we were still covered with sweat. My eyes were always going to this Bengali beauty’s tits while talking and that made my dick hard instantly which she noticed.

My tool was very much visible from outside. I was trying to calm it down but I helpless since Akansha had a very firm and round Bengali boobs perfectly cup-able in my palms.

Akansha gave me a smile looking at it. I took it as a green signal. I thought of making a move but suddenly the power came back.

I went to check the AC and got it to work. She thanked me and asked me to wash my face as I was completely wet with sweat.

I removed my t-shirt in her bathroom, washed my face and then asked her for a towel. My neighbor brought it and saw me without the shirt. I was only in my boxer at that time.

We both stood there for a while looking at each other without speaking. At one point, all hell broke loose. I grabbed Akansha by her waist and pulled her closer. She resisted a bit but then our lips met and we kissed passionately for the next 10-15 minutes.

I pressed her boobs with my hand while kissing her sexy lips. Akansha was moaning as she hadn’t experienced a man’s for a very long long time.

I didn’t want to let her go. Then she said, “let’s do it some other day”.

I had no option but to agree with her. I was eagerly waiting for that day and it came after a week when my parents were not home. They went for a distant relative’s wedding for 3 days.

My mother asked Akansha to help me with the food since only two of us were there. I was on heaven thinking about those 3 days.

After my parents left, I messaged my Bengali neighbour and she called me for lunch.

As soon as I entered her house, we started kissing like there is no tomorrow. It continued for a while. Akansha started making sexy sounds. I bit her lips and was pressing boobs simultaneously. My neighbour’s Bengali wife was enjoying every second of it badly.

We then went to the bedroom and I removed her top. She really had great boobs and I started squeezing them aggressively and sucking them hard. She removed my t-shirt and boxer and held my cock.

Then she started stroking my cock and kissing me at the same time. I removed her short and black pantie in the meantime.

Soon, we were in 69 position. I was licking my Bengali neighbor’s nicely shaved pussy and she was sucking my cock.

Then we changed position and I entered my cock in her pussy and started thrusting fast. Akansha was in pain but she was enjoying it too as she was experiencing sex after a long long time. She said her husband hardly satisfied her and she has a lot of sex drive. She craved it badly.

I started fucking my neighbor faster. She was making more noise.

After a few minutes, we changed position and I fucked her in doggy style which she also loved. And finally, she cummed.

Then she started sucking my cock and when I was about to cum, I took my cock out of Akansha’s mouth and shot my cum on her face. Akansha loved it and sucked cleaned my cock. She said that she never had such a sexual encounter in her life before. Her husband used to cum early and never cared about her satisfaction.

We then kissed each other and went for a shower together and had one more round in the bathroom.

We had lunch after that and slept naked. We enjoyed those three days and tried various sexual positions in each every corner of her house. We still have sex whenever we get the opportunity but Akansha will move out with her husband within a couple of months.

So, this was my first real-life experience. I hope you guys liked it.

Any girl, women, lady – if you want to get your desire fulfilled, feel free to reach me out at [email protected] Your privacy is my priority. Another story soon!