My Slutty Boss Gets Drilled

Hey, guy, I’m Dom again with another experience of mine. I am an engineer and with a lot of difficulties, I got a job in a company. It wasn’t a well-known company as I needed a job urgently. So I took the job. My boss was a really wealthy man and he had many businesses to take care of.

So he had appointed his wife Rita who was in her early 40s as the boss. She wasn’t fit but had flesh in the right parts. Whenever she walked down the factory, the workers would stare at her and make her feel uncomfortable. So after some days, she stopped coming into the production line.

Now she would only give orders from her room. She would ask the engineers to come to her room and give updates. So it became a regular affair for me to visit her cabin every day. She had very good taste in dressing. Even though she used to wear only sarees, she used to wear designer blouses which revealed a lot of skin.

A year passed and the factory was under loss due to no contracts. The clients were moving into companies which had better machinery. So Rita called in everyone for a meeting to figure out the problem and solve it. Most of them were scared of her so they kept silent when asked about the problem.

I spoke out and told her the problem. She then made a phone call to her husband and asked him to invest more for machinery. From her facial reaction, I realized he was not ready to invest any money here. Rita slammed the phone hard and asked us to leave.

After this incident, she called me into her cabin and asked me how many machines need to be changed. I told her almost all the machines are old and need to be changed. She banged her head on the table and kept quiet for some time.

She then asked me to set up a meeting with the company to buy new machines. I reached out to many companies and one of them quoted a decent price for the machines. So I set up a meeting and told Rita. She was really happy and asked me to come along for the meeting.

On the day of the meeting, Rita wore a sleeveless blouse with a deep neck which also revealed a lot of her back. She had tied her transparent saree below her navel and had her wavy hairs were left open. She looked like a sex goddess. She walked towards me. I was staring at her and couldn’t take my eyes off her.

She came to me and smiled. I snapped out of it. And we went into the company to meet and finalize on the deal. As we entered, a group of three guys sitting around a table welcomed us and introduced themselves. All three were in their early 50s. We sat down and started to discuss.

All the three were more interested in Rita than the deal. We couldn’t come to a deal as Rita wanted to pay the money in installments after the machines are delivered. The meeting went on for an hour. We couldn’t come up with a deal. Out of the 3 one had agreed to our terms while the other 2 were not so keen.

The meeting stopped for lunch. While we were having lunch Mr. Das came up to us and told Rita that the other two are very stubborn. He suggested that she should perhaps offer something else instead. Rita’s face turned red and she was about to blast him.

He again said, “It’s up to you, Rita. That’s what we want. If you are ready, come back into the meeting room. Otherwise, you can leave,” and he walked off. Rita was now thinking. She then went into the restroom freshened up and proceeded to the meeting room. I followed her.

She went in and everyone’s face lit up. We sat down and she didn’t speak. Then Mr. Das got up and came close to her and asked Rita if she was ready for the deal. As soon as she nodded her head Das pulled her pallu down. The other 2 guys got up and started walking towards Rita.

They asked Rita to strip. Rita first removed her saree then she slowly removed her blouse. Das grabbed it and started sniffing it then passed it to the other two. Rita then loosened her petticoat and it slid down. She was now only in her red netted bra and panties.

Her nipples were visible through her bra and her bush through her panties Das then gripped Rita’s neck and pulled her and gave her a kiss. Rita was trying to break loose. But he was holding her tight. The other guy named Patil walked behind her and slapped her hard on her ass. Rita was now shouting in pain.

As Das and Patil were playing with Rita. Dharma, the tallest amongst the 3, removed his belt. He opened his zip and pulled his huge cock out. He then came towards Rita. He slapped her hard and gripped her jaw and shoved his dick straight into Rita’s mouth. Rita got onto her knees and started sucking him.

Seeing this the other 2 pulled out their dicks. Rita immediately grabbed both the dicks in her hand and started to stroke it. Das them gripped Rita’s hair and pushed her head making Rita deep throat Dharma’s cock. I looked at Rita and she looked at me and winked. She was playing along all this while.

Dharma removed his dick and made Rita bend over the table exposing her ass. Now all the three were taking turns to spank Rita. Each trying to hit harder than the other. Dharma being the strongest was spanking the hardest. I saw tears rolling down Rita’s eyes.

But she was also moaning. With each spank, her moan was getting louder and louder. Her ass was red. I could see fingerprints all over her ass. They then made Rita stand Das was smelling her hair while Patil was licking Rita’s armpits. Dharma being the alpha, came close to Rita and slapped her tits.

Rita moaned. Rita had the most amazing tits. Her 36 dd’s fair colored breasts with pink nipples were going to be destroyed by Dharma. He then caught hold of her tits and squeezed it hard. Rita now grabbed hold of Dharma’s hair and pulled his face towards her tits. Dharma was now biting and licking her tits.

I was now excited and pulled my dick out and started to jerk off. Rita saw me and smiled. Her smile sent shock waves down my spine. Patil was now was near her ass trying to lick it. Rita spread her ass cheeks so that he could lick her properly. Dharma was still licking her tits.

While Das was on his knees licking her pussy from the front. Das was licking her pussy really well. I could see it in Rita’s face. She was about to climax. When all 3 stopped and stepped away from Rita, she was shocked and frustrated.

Then Dharma came forward, gripped Rita’s hair and whispered in her ears, “Not so fast, bitch.” Rita was excited. She leaned in and kissed Dharma. Das was now lying on the table while Rita was on top of him riding him. While Dharma was standing on the table and fucking her mouth.

Patil was now sitting and watching these three fucking, enjoying Rita’s tits bounce. Patil had waited enough. He wanted some action now so he goes and Rita grabs his dick and starts to stoke it. All 3 were now under Rita’s control. She had all three under her fingertips.

After a good 10 minutes, all 4 were nearing climax. They made Rita get on her knees. And started to stroke their cocks. Rita was now sitting with her mouth open. Patil came first right into her mouth. Rita swallowed it and opened her mouth again.

Das and Dharma both together sprayed a lot of cum all over Rita’s face. Rita was not done still. She was now fingering herself. Dharma saw her fingering and his dick became hard again. He lifted her up made her sleep on the table got on top of her and fucked her rough.

He fucked her for 20 minutes straight and Rita was almost unconscious. He then emptied his load into her. And the other 2 were hard again. Das went first and fucked Rita hard. Then Patil the kinkiest fuck out of the 3 turned Rita over, grabbed her hair and fucked Rita in her ass.

All three got up and dressed and left. I went near Rita to check on her. She was extremely tired and could barely walk. But she had a smile on her face. I supported her and took her to the restroom to clean up. She asked me why I didn’t join. I was shocked and told her I wasn’t sure.

She then placed her hands on my dick and said, “Some other time I’ll take care of you too.” I was excited and helped her clean up. I applied soap all over her body and washed her clean. That horny bitch was still fingering herself. She then whispered into my ears to wash her tits again and laughed.

As I applied soap and washed her tits again she was moaning. I dressed her up and we walked to the car and left. The next day the contract was signed and everyone was happy. After the contract sign. Rita came up to me and asked me to meet her in her cabin after work. I will tell you about this in the next part

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