Sex With A Tamil Wife In Omni Bus

Hi, Vishwa (name changed) here. I am regular reader of ISS for many years. There is a fact, if your first sex is great then you will be having sex every now and then. I used to read ISS stories when I was at my UG. Those times, I never had sex – I only had ‘handwork’ and hardwork.

When I encountered my first sex with my friend’s lover, I got a lot of opportunities which kept me so active and happy that I forgot to read stories here. Now I am relatively free and I am going to share all my experience one by one in a non-linear fashion.

This is one of my very recent sexual incidents. I did my UG in Thoothukudi and finished it 4 years back. I finished my PG too. For one of my friend’s wedding, I started from my home (Chennai) to Thoothukudi in SETC bus.

Unfortunately, the bus broke down in the middle. I have to go early in the morning to attend the function. We along with all the customers were waiting in the bypass road and no SETC bus stopped.

I had hurry that day. Somehow, I got to manage to reach Porur toll gate and wait for the Omni bus. I waited nearly 20 minutes. All the buses were full. Finally, I got one Kanyakumari bus with only one seat available – that too ladies seat.

I went near and told the conductor, “Sir, I will adjust in the driver’s cabin and I have to reach Madurai as early as possible. He agreed.

I went inside the bus, he waited for 5 more minutes no lady was ready so the bus started. I went to the conductor’s seat and waited there. The conductor went inside to realter the seat location. It was a sleeper bus with one double bed, it was occupied by one lady. However no one accepted for a change of seat.

He told me to sit in that bed near that lady and said he will speak with the other passengers during the tea break.

There I saw a lady in her chudidhars. She was holding her latest version of Iphone, most probably XR. and was chatting. Since I came from my work, I was a little tired and wanted to sleep. I kept that pillow in the middle and with hesitance, I lied at the corner of the bed.

I was about to sleep. That lady just poked me and saidm “No worries, feel comfortable and sleep. Don’t go to the corner and fall down in the path”. Saying this, she laughed.

“Thank you madam”, I said and came a little inside and covered my face with the provided bedsheet since the AC was a bit colder.

She started talking and asking about me. Soon it went to politics, science and we covered most of the topics within 1 hour.

Then she started showing her family photos one by one. Her children, husband and parents and all. She also showed me a few recent wedding photos of her relatives.

Suddenly, when she swipped right, I was shocked to see one of her nude selfies!

I became little uncomfortable and she too. I could see her regret in her face. I said, “It’s ok, Madam. I am sorry and it’s better I will sleep”.

She said, “Ok thambi, you sleep”.

I think she had a huge dissapointment. She spoke to me softly, “Thambi, dont mistake me, myself and my husband are staying away from each other. I am working in Chennai and he is working in Madurai. So we share pics like these. I am sorry”.

My mind was like, “Karumbu thinna kooliya??”. Then I said, “It’s ok, madam. I will not bother you”. And again I kept that pillow in the middle and continued to sleep but this time, with a dirty mind thinking about how to fuck her.

Within seconds, I felt that the pillow was removed slowly and her body coming close to me. I removed the beadsheet. She hugged me tightly. She whispered in my ear, “Close our cabin with the curtains tightly”.

I slid all the corners of the curtain to some tight locks and came back to position. She removed the bedsheet and hugged me so tightly. Slowly, she started to kiss my neck, ears and finally came to my lips. And we were kissing and biting like anything for at least 5 minutes.

She went to my ears and whispered a small story. She said that her husband was useless. And she had many boyfriends during her college days. She have a few boy friends now since she was alone in Chennai.

I turned my head and closed her mouth with my mouth. And I went to her ears and said, “I have no objection but today you are only mine!!”

We started smooching each other and went semi nude. I was kissing at almost all the exposed parts of her body.

I knew that the bus will stop at Vikravandi in about 10 to 15 minutes. I told her to wait till we resumed journey after dinner. She happily kissed me and played with me like a child.

Sorry, I forgot to tell about her. She was a white complexion tall Indian lady with stripes of hair coloring done. I don’t know her body measurements. But her breasts were big. Her hip was a little narrow and her back was wider than her boobs.

We reached the hotel for dinner. The conductor showed no signs of getting an individual seat for me. That was a good thing for us.

After dinner, I again closed the curtains properly as we will be totally nude now. The bus started and I too. I slowly removed her top and bra. I was on cloud nine when I saw her hot body even that in the dark but with the little highway lights coming every now and then.

I touched the married lady’s boobs. They were like low pressure balloons. The next moment, I was so wild with those boobs. She closed her mouth to control her moan. I began to play all over the top portion of her body. I played with her nipples for a while. She was really enjoying it.

I tried to remove her pants but she stopped me and said, “One at a time.” She asked me to remove my t-shirt. I agreed and helped her to remove my tees.

We both were semi-naked now. I slid my hand inside her pants and then inside her underwear. She started moaning wildly. I quickly closed her mouth before our co-passengers heard it.

My fingers of the other hand was playing with her juicy pussy. Soon, it got totally wet.

Then I removed her buttons of her blue jeans. Removing the jeans inside that cabin was challenging and I got hurt in my head. But I removed her jeans and I removed mine too in the end. Then I went down. With all the knowledge I have learnt from blue films, I gave her a greatest pussy licking that she would never forget in her life time.

It lasted for nearly 25 minutes. (As she was also in Chennai, if I satisfy her, she wil call me every now and then – that was my plan).

So, I was licking, sucking and biting her pussy. Suddenly, her orgasmic juices splashed at my face! I cleaned all those juices from my face. She started laughing seeing that.

Then I came up. She whispered again in my ear, “No one licked my pussy and made me explode like that. Thank you”.

I said, “You are mine today and I should satisfy you to the fullest”. Suddenly, she said, “You are my guest today. See how I am going to satisfy you”.

She then made me lie down and removed my underwear and took my tool inside her mouth in a jiffy. She has also watched many porn movies, I think. She was sucking my cock like a pro. It was not like in Indian porn videos. She was doing it like in foreign porn films.

“I want your juice. I want to drink it”, she said.

She then became so wild and her too and fro made me me even tired. Finally, I said, “Take my cock out, I am going to cum”.

“Cum inside my mouh, please”, she said Then I released a lot of cum inside her heavenly mouth. She didn’t spit it out. She drank it fully and after that, she also drank a little water.

Then I saw her getting ready for the next shot. I said, “Madam, please wait. My cock is a little tired now. He needs some time”.

She laughed and said, “I know how to energize your cock. Now, see my expertise”.

I didn’t have any idea what she was going to do. She again took my cock in her mouth. This time, she was not wild. She was gentle with my cock. With her care and affection, my cock regained its full errection and was fully ready for action.

She asked me, “How was my service?”

“Unbelievable”, I said. I lied down and she was above me. I had a doubt that I may or may not be able to breathe when she got on top of me. But she did not put her full weight on me.

My cock was moving near her pussy and she was playing with it. And with her hand, she slowly guided my cock to the entrance of her pussy. She was ready to push it in. And with a little force, she was successful in putting my cock completely inside her pussy.

My cock started sliding inside the married woman’s pussy like a knife on butter. She started stroking slowly. I thought I may leak soon. I told her that. She told to come on top and whenever I feel like ejaculating, I should stop and play with her boobs.

I followed this procedure. It went nearly 15 to 20 minutes. And I was unable to control anymore. I asked, “Now, is it ok to cum inside?”

“It is 100% safe, my boy”, she said. With all my energy, I ejaculated inside her pussy.

I was totally exhausted and hugged her so tightly. We stayed like that for 15 more minutes and slept. One hour before reaching Madurai, I woke up and we had one more lovely session in the bus.

And when we reached Madurai, I took my luggage and got out. As I was about to leave, I asked, “Madam, what is you name?”.

She smiled at me and took out her visiting card from her purse. It was, Meenakshi, SENIOR HR MANAGER, XXXXXX Technology Solutions”.

I saved her number. After that, she used to send car to pick up me in Chennai. We went to resorts in the weekend. I was so fortunate to get such a hot lady in my life. Love you, madam. This story is dedicated to you. (I will show her once this is published in the website).

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Thank you. Let peace be upon you. Spread love every where. All the best to the virgins out there. Cheers.

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