Burglar Enjoys And Bangs Hot Indian Housewife – Part 4

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Ravi was only wearing his underwear. He came close to me and whispered in my ear, “Can I have some tea?”

I nodded my head in affirmation and went to the kitchen for preparing tea. He came with me.

I switched on the gas and began to make tea for him. He was standing beside me. I felt that his eyes were scanning my back.

Then he came closer and hugged me from behind. His hand wrapped around my waist. He was smelling my bodily aroma from my neck region. I felt his warm breath hitting on the back of my neck. His hand moved up and groped my breasts over my housecoat. His erected member poked my butt.

I whispered, “Please leave, I am making tea.”

But the burglar didn’t listen to me. He slipped his hand inside my housecoat. He took my boobs in his hand and pressed it. Then he bought his hand in front of me and switched off the gas stove.

I turned around my head and looked at him. He kept his lips on mine and the next moment, we were in a deep smooch. I voluntarily took my hand back and held his shaft over his underwear.

We both were excited again. Ravi left my boobs and opened the robe of my housecoat. He took it off from my shoulder and threw it on the kitchen floor. Again, I was totally nude in front of this stranger.

We were smooching each other like mad. Ravi was mauling my boobs. Like all other Indian men, he also had a weakness for boobs. (I think all Indian men love the breast most in a woman. Our boobs are the most precious treasure they are hunting for! Ravi was also not an exception).

Ravi pressed my spongy balls and pinched my nipples. I inserted my hand inside his brief and held his dick tightly.

Now Ravi opened his brief in one go and threw it on the floor next to my housecoat. I moved my hand over his shaft. I moved the foreskin of his shaft and slowly circled one finger on his shaft head. I was gently massaging his balls with my other hand. He was feeling good. I could understand that by his pressure on my boobs.

After a minute or so, Ravi couldn’t control anymore. He placed me on the kitchen side table. I held his hair and brought his face near to me. I pressed my lips on his lips. We were smooching each other or actually, I could say we were eating each other’s lips hungrily!

He held my boobs in his hand and pressed it with full might. He loved it when his finger dipped into my soft mound.

He then looked at me and said in a muffled tone,

“Priya, I love your boobs. They are so beautiful. I forget everything else when holding your two fantastic globes. They are very soft, very tender, and perfect in size and shape.

“Your boobs haven’t still lost their muscle tone and stand straight with all proud. I love to press them for my entire life. I have never fondled a boob like yours. Your boobs are the most beautiful things in your body I love most.”

I didn’t say anything. Instead, I brought his face on my breasts and gave my right nipple in his mouth. He sucked my nipple gladly. I closed my eyes and was feeling the stranger’s love on my boobs.

Ravi was sucking my breast almost for 15 minutes but still, he was not ready to leave it. I also wanted it to last longer but my pussy was also getting wet due to the stranger’s intense boob sucking.

After some time, I stopped him and we smooched again. Then I brought my face to his chest and slowly planted a few kisses there. After that, I took his manly nipples and sucked hard. He was looking at me with shock. I think he had never gotten this type of treatment in his life. He never knew how much pleasing it was.

Ravi was in heaven and grunting with pleasure, “Oh Priya, what you are doing, I had never felt this much pleasure in my entire life. I never knew that our nipples are so sensitive. I love you.”

I held his shaft in my hand and gave him a handjob when my lips and tongue were busy licking and sucking his manly nipples. His precum was oozing out. I took that in my finger and rubbed it on the tip of his penis.

My juices had also started to come from my love hole. I held his penis in my hand and guided it to the entrance of my glory hole. He pushed his shaft into my wet hole. It disappeared completely inside me.

Ravi then held my waist and started moving in and out. After 5-6 minutes, I experienced an orgasm. I was showered his shaft with my hot love juices.

Ravi kept digging my love hole with full more speed and power. I wrapped my leg around his waist. We held each other tightly.

The intruder aka burglar was was ramming my pussy mercilessly. I was cooperating to his strokes by moving my hip back and forth, taking his every thrust deep inside me. In that position, his shaft was rubbing my g-spot with every thrust.

The kitchen was filled with our grunting and moaning sounds. I was feeling the tip of his cock deep inside me. A housewife like me needed that type of good physical satisfaction.

Soon, we were sweating like hell. Ravi then buried his face in between my two globes. His shaft was feeling the hotness of my cunt and his face was feeling the softness of my twin globes.

Almost 40 minutes had gone. We were slowly proceeding to our next climax. He continued fucking me very rhythmically. Every time he pulled out almost the entire length of his shaft, he pounded in my cunt with more force.

Then he cried out loudly, “Priyaaaaaaaaa.. I want to fill your pussy again.”

“Go ahead”, I mumbled. “Empty your balls inside me completely”.

After 2-3 minutes, Ravi held me tightly and pushed his dick deep inside me. I felt his love juices hitting my vaginal walls.

The very first jolt of his hot semen helped me to reach another orgasm. Just after his first shot, I arched my back and reached another orgasm. I showered his cock with my love juices. Due to the immense pleasure of the orgasm, my vaginal walls constricted. It was like I was extracting all the juices from his shaft.

We kept coming for almost 5 minutes. Mixed juices were oozing out from my cunt.

We remained in that position for a quite long time and were breathing heavily.

It was 4.30 am then. We then parted away and went to the washroom. We cleaned ourselves and wore our clothes. He bid goodbye to me. We went to the main door and before he left, Ravi kissed my lips and pressed my boobs for the last time.

Then I went to the bedroom and looked into the mirror. I clearly saw his love bites on my body, especially on my two boobs. My whole body had got several marks. Ravi enjoyed every part of my body and I also enjoyed thoroughly.

But it was my fate that I was no more faithful to my loving husband. I didn’t know what was waiting for me in the future.

I went to bed and slept. Now I was feeling guilty but I also appreciated the fact that it was the best night of my life. So, with a mixed feeling of pleasure and guilt, I drifted into a deep sleep.


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