Housewife Fucked By An Old College Friend

Hi everyone Rohit again. Today I am telling a story which is not mine but one of my friends. So today she will tell you the story instead of me. Hope you guys enjoy. The name and places are changed.

I am Priya, from Kolkata, West Bengal. I am 28 years old housewife. Still, I don’t have any baby. I am married to Atul. He is a very good husband. We enjoy our married life. Our sex life was also very good. I was faithful to my husband.

A few days ago one of my college friends came to our house. His name is Souvik. We call him Suvu. He is my best friend and we share everything. He is also well known to my husband. We are good friends but didn’t have any type of hanky panky relation.

We both never considered each other as a boy or girl rather we preferred as a best friend. Even in our college days so many students thought that we had any secret relation. But nor I neither Suvu encouraged this type of thought. Now coming to the story.

We had our dinner. I prepared his bed in our guest room. We were seated in our drawing room and chatting with each other. It was at 11 pm. We all got up and went for sleep. Suvu went to the guest room while I and my husband went to our bedroom.

My husband was seated on our cot. He was in his boxer. I came out from our attached bathroom. I wore a two-piece sleeping suite. It was made of satin and red. Before going further I should tell my stats. I am 32-26-34. Very fair. 5’6” height, perfectly curved body.

Under my night suit, I wore red matching lacy bra and panty. I sat in front of my dressing table and combing my hair. I can saw the lusty ness in my husband’s eye from the mirror. I know not only my husband all men were looking at me like this when I went out.

I smiled and said, “Are you feeling horny, darling.” He didn’t need any more signals. He directly came towards me and wrapped me from the back. His two hands now pressing my melons very hard. Suddenly he put his hand inside my bra and start fondling my boobs

His tongue busies licking and sucking my neck and earlobes. He pinched my nipples very hard. I shouted in pain. Suddenly I remember that today there was another one in our house. He might listen to my voice. By now already my husband brings me on the cot. Our clothes were taken off.

I felt his hard cock inside my pussy. It was a nice fucking session. I was satisfied. It was already at 1 pm. My husband was already gone into a deep sleep after this tremendous fucking. But today I was not satisfied 100%. I didn’t know why.

I got up from the bed and went to the kitchen. I drank the water. Suddenly I remembered that I didn’t put any water jug in Suvu’s room. I took one bottle and went to his room. He was lying on his back. He was in his boxer only. I put the bottle near his bedside table and turned back.

Suddenly I heard his voice, “Priya can you please sit here for a minute.” I saw that Suvu was steel awake. I turned to him and sat on her bed by his side. We start our regular chatting. We were chatting about our college lives etc. He was holding my hand.

But I didn’t bother because several times he held my hand. Suddenly he took my hand near his face and planted a kiss on my palm. I was stunned. Because this was the first time he did something like this. I tried to free my hand and got up from the bed.

But before I could understand anything he held my head tightly and put his lips forcefully on my lips. I tried to resist him. He was now sucking my lips with full force. I was in a dilemma. His tongue now penetrates my mouth. His tongue starts fighting with my tongue. I was gasping for breath.

I was my husband as he was sleeping in the next room. So if I shouted or made any noise he would wake up and find us in this situation. My fear made me weak. I was losing my confidence. Suvu understood my situation. Though I still tried to free myself from his clutches, it was not that effective.

Already he opened all the buttons of my shirt. Now my shirt is open. My bra covered boobs are now in front of his eyes. He again pulled me towards him. Now I was seated beside her but my whole upper body was leaning on his body. He wrapped his hand around my back so that I couldn’t escape.

He took off my shirt. Now I was in my bra. He was licking my entire neck, chest, upper portion of my boobs. He circled his hand behind my back and unclasped my bra hook. I understood what was going to happen now. He took off my bra from my body.

On the one hand, he held me tight. Another hand fondling my boobs. I was blank now. I couldn’t understand what to do. I couldn’t stop him forcefully because it may cause some noise which will wake my husband up. On the other hand, I couldn’t let him do this.

By now he engulfed my swollen nipple in his mouth and start sucking with full intensity. I couldn’t stop him. I thought for a minute. The only way to stop him was to empty his load. Without wasting a single second I moved my right hand inside his boxer. I held his erect cock in my hand. I gasped.

A married woman was almost lying on a man other than her husband and her upper body from the waist was fully naked. Her nipples were sucked vigorously and she was giving a handjob. He was now fondling one of my boobs very hard and sucking the nipple of other boobs. I was playing with his dick and balls.

I moved my hand up and down on his shaft. He was now enjoying it. He was biting my nipples. I knew he couldn’t hold it anymore. He tried to stop my hand. But I was continuously sucked and giving handjob at full speed. Suvu tried to stop my hand but he failed.

He arched his body with ecstasy and wrapped me tightly with both hands. Now his face was in between my boobs. He was taking my sweet body aroma. I felt the softness and hotness of my boobs on his cheeks. Immediately after that, he emptied his balls.

The first flow was high and directly dropped on my back. He was ejaculating for a long time. My entire back was smeared with his semen. Suvu looked satisfied. Suvu released me from his clutches. I got up from there and ran into the adjacent bathroom. I cleared my back and came out.

By that time I forgot that I was naked to the waist. My boobs are hanging straight. The red cherry on the top stood erect. I felt that Suvu was lying naked on the bed and his eyes glued to my proud boobies. I felt ashamed. I turned myself. Now my back was in front of Suvu.

Suddenly I felt Suvu wrapped his hand around me and start pressing my naked boobs with his hands. His lips were licking and sucking my earlobes and neck. Now I was shocked. He took both my nipples in his two fingers and twisted like a nob. I tried to escape but I failed in front of his manly power.

I felt his dick hard again and pock my ass above my pants and panty. He pinned me on the wall. Now my back was in front of him. He starts licking and kissing my entire back. He moved his tongue from my waist to my neck. I shivered. He gave me a small bite on my back.

I was moaning and saying, “Suvu why you are doing this? I am your friend, A married housewife. Please leave me. Don’t do this to me.” Suvu was licking my back and told, “ Priya you are my friend but don’t tell me to stop. Tonight I want to love you. I will never do anything, I promise. But today I need your love.”

I tried to stop him but I couldn’t. His licking and kissing on my back were going on. After around 10 minutes he moved his head up and kissed on my cheek. Again I pleaded, Please leave me.” He didn’t answer. He held my hands above my head and started removing my pants.

I tried to stop him with my full power but I failed. Slowly he removed my pants from my body. Now I was standing with a red lacy panty only. A married housewife was now standing naked in front of a person who is not her husband.
Suvu placed his hand on my ass globe and start pressing and fondling.

After a few minutes, he took me in front of the dressing table. He was looking at my breasts from the mirror.
Suvu -“You have maintained your body well. You know, Priya, you are looking like an angel. Your husband is so lucky to have you as a wife.”

Suvu started playing with my nipple with his finger. He kissed me on the neck, “You did not answer me, sweetheart, answer me?” Now he took full control of me. I lost my power against him. I couldn’t decide what to do. Suvu placed one hand on my thigh and started moving his hand on it.

I was sitting on the stool with my thighs together. He separated my thighs and my panty was visible in the dressing table mirror. There was a wet mark over my panty. Suvu said, “Do you know why you are wet down there? This is because your body wants to taste my cock, is not it?”

I felt shy about hearing this and lowered my eyes. “It is just one night.”
Suvu started roaming his hand over my panty making me moan. “Yes sweetheart, accept it. Today your pussy is going to take another man.” His finger was now rubbing my clit above my panty.

I leaned my head backside on his shoulder. He put his lips on mine. We went into a deep smooch. His hands were busy fondling my beautiful boobs and pussy over my panty. He slowly put his hand inside my panty. I was shocked. This was the first time someone other than my hubby touched my pussy lips.

He was nibbling my clit. I was shivering with pleasure. Suvu left me and stood in front of me. He held his dick and brought it in front of my face. I knew his intention. The first time I saw his dick it was sexy. Pre-cum was oozing from head. I held his shaft and gave a slow stroke.

He said, “Please Priya use your beautiful lips only. Help me to be satisfied so that I can leave you.” Without wasting any time I took his cock in my mouth. At least I was not being fucked by any other man. I start sucking his cock with full energy. Sometimes I played with his balls with my finger.

Now I took his balls in my mouth. He was then out of control. He held my head tightly and was fucking my mouth at full speed. I was panting for breath. After 2 to 3 minutes he held my head tight against his dick. I tried to pull out my mouth but he held me very tightly. He emptied his load in my mouth.

His thick cum was dripping from my mouth on my boobs. Suvu was jerking with pleasure. He left my head and was breathing heavily. Slowly I got up and headed towards the bathroom. He held my hand and said, “Priya it is now my turn to give you a nice oral treatment.”

He grabbed my boobs with both hands and started kneading and squeezing them. “All natural! I’m a little surprised. We always thought such huge breasts with such good shape meant you had surgery,” he said, smiling at me. I understood that I was well talked about in my friend circle and particularly my tits.

My nipples, which were now fully erect were pretty big. He licked them and traced circles around them with his tongue, occasionally flicking them with his tongue. Then he softly bit on the nipple of my left breast. Before opening his mouth wide and pulling as much of my breast into his mouth.

His tongue was still working on my nipple inside his mouth. Then his attention went to my right breast as he continued working on my breasts. My both boobs were swallowed and red due to her continuous fondling and biting. He positioned his head in front of my pussy as required.

His attention went straight to my vaginal lips. He took them between his lips, licked them and suck on them. Then he pushed his tongue inside my pussy as far as it could go and now his tongue was fucking me. He struggled a bit but managed to bring a hand up and push his middle finger into my waiting pussy.

As he brought up a rhythm to finger me, he started licking and sucking my clit. I had never experienced pleasure like this ever before. I closed my eyes and started to squeeze my breasts, taking my nipples between my fingers and pinching them.

His other hand came up to my face to insert his index finger into my mouth. I sucked on it for some time. I went into absolute ecstasy as with one hand he fingered my pussy and all this while still eating my clit. My hands moved to his head and my grasp clenched on to his hair.

Involuntarily my hips started moving rhythmically, slowly and slightly. “Oh, Suvu, don’t tease me anymore! Fuck me!” I exclaimed between the moans. “Are you sure Priya?” he asked politely. As if he was ordering a hard drink for me, the sly fox did this on purpose. Just to see how successful he was in turning me on!

I spread my legs inviting him in, “Just fuck me now!” I commanded. He got into the missionary position to follow my instructions like a good friend. He wasn’t done teasing me though. He just kept rubbing the head of his cock against my pussy and smiled at me, making me more desperate.

I grabbed his huge cock and guided it into my wet pussy. He came down and put his tongue in my mouth as our kiss resumed! He slowly started humping but in no time picked up a good pace, and was now fucking me hard. I raised my legs and locked them around his waist again.

I broke the kiss because I was afraid I might bite down on his lips or tongue. I opened my eyes to see that he was staring directly into my eyes. I looked down to catch a glimpse of his shaft going in and out of my pussy like a piston. “No don’t break eye contact. Let me see how much you are enjoying this.”

I looked into his eyes, and said, “I’m loving it.” My hands uncharacteristically started spanking his ass. We didn’t break eye contact. That made the experience more enjoyable. He was fucking me fast and hard now, making thumping noise every time his crotch came down and hit mine.

The room was now filled with these thumping noises, my screams and moans, and his grunts! I was peaking and could feel an orgasm taking a grip on my body as my moans got louder. He intensified his rhythm to make sure he comes with me.

I felt a surge of electricity rush through my entire body as my leg lock around him got tighter. My entire body tightened up, including my pussy with his cock inside. My hands went over my head as I tightly clenched the headboard of the bed. He exploded inside me with a loud grunt.

But it was overlapped by a loud moan I let out as I climaxed. My entire body went cold and numb for several seconds. I felt him explode inside me, and simultaneously I felt a juice oozing out from my loins as well. I could feel my juices get mixed inside my pussy.

My hands let go of the headboard and fell on top of my head. He finished cumming inside me and collapsed, and then rolled over to the side. Both of us were still breathing heavily. Him especially as if he had just run a marathon. Without asking he dug into my purse which was on the nightstand and pulled out his cigarette case.

He lit a fag up. After drawing a long satisfactory puff he pulled his head up over mine. He put his mouth on mine and then blew the smoke into my mouth, I drew it in and let it out! He planted a kiss on my forehead and sat up. He took another drag and asked sarcastically, “So Priya are you satisfied enough?”

I looked at him, the devilish bastard knew that he had done exactly what I had asked him. He fucked my brains out. I couldn’t, or didn’t, conjure up words to “tell” him. Instead, I reached down to my pussy with a hand, swept up some of the oozes from there with 2 fingers and put it straight in my mouth.

He got the message and after giving me a wide grin he continued enjoying the smoking. I, on the other hand, couldn’t believe what I had become. I had never been so wild even with Atul. Maybe the fact that what I did was wrong made it all the more right, more enjoyable.

Or maybe my quite, gentleman like a friend was a tiger in bed. I didn’t care. I was in heaven. But I also knew I had behaved like a slut. I couldn’t even think about the situation. A married housewife lying naked on the bed. Her husband was sleeping in the next room.  Her best friend was upon her, eating her lips fondling her jugs and fucking her.

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