Burglar Enjoys And Bangs Hot Indian Housewife – Part 1

Hi everyone, I am Priya from Kolkata. Today, I narrate a true sex story of my life which happened a few months back which changed my life forever.

Before going to my story, I want to tell you about myself. I am a Bengali housewife. I am in the late thirties. I got married to Saheb 8 years back. My husband is a doctor. I have a 6 years old boy. I am 5’7″ tall with a good figure 34-28-36. I am fair and very beautiful. My husband always says that I am very beautiful, hot and sexy.

I always found that all other men look at me with pure desire. But I love my husband very much and is always faithful to him. In my college days, there were so many boys who wanted to try their luck, but all failed. Till that day, nobody touched me except my hubby. I never gave any chance to anybody so that I can be used.

Let me start my story. It was a Saturday night. As usual, my husband was a little horny. Because on Saturday night, we never missed sex. Our son was sleeping in his room next to our master bedroom.

I took bath and came out from the bathroom. I cleaned my hair from my body and pubic region with the help of hair remover and wore a black lingerie. My skin was glowing and became more smooth and buttery. It was a request from my hubby. I wore a black satin nightgown which he brought for me.

I touched up myself with a light makeup which made me more beautiful and attractive. I came into our bedroom. My hubby was seated on the bed and eagerly waiting for me. His jaw dropped when he saw me.

I was smiling and looking into his eyes. I found deep love and affection. I know he loves me very much and never cheated on me. I asked him in a low voice, “Hey, what happened? Why are you looking at me like this?”

My hubby still looked in my eyes and said, “Priya, you don’t know how much lucky I am to have you as my wife. You are so beautiful. And I am feeling proud that you are only mine. Nobody’s in this world except mine. Not only you are hot and beautiful but I always found unconditional love in your eyes, which is only for me.”

I was smiling. I knew how much he loved me. I slowly moved towards him. He held my hand and planted a kiss on my hand. I was overjoyed.

He got up from the bed and hugged me. I felt very secure and satisfied. I was waiting for his physical love. I was ready for his touch and love. I was filled with lust. That time I wanted a good fuck from my hubby. I felt his erected member which was poking in my crotch above the clothes. We were in full mood.

Suddenly, his mobile rang. It was a call from his hospital. He was angry because it was already 11.45 pm. But he had to pick up the call.

He took his mobile from the bedside table and put it on speaker. It was a call from a night RMO of the hospital. An emergency case had come suddenly.

The only son of a powerful politician just came in the hospital with a very critical condition. He met with a road accident. It needed an immediate operation and being a famous surgeon of the city, his father want that my hubby should operate him.

My hubby looked at me with a sad look. I smiled at him and kissed on his cheek. I told in his ear, “You go and do your duty, I will be waiting for you.”

I also did not want to leave him but it was the demand of the situation. I helped him to get ready for the hospital. Deep inside I was very very horny but I never showed him. Within 10 minutes, he left for the hospital in his car.

I came back to our bedroom. I switched off the light and slept. I closed my eyes and was thinking about my hubby. I was still very horny. I just wanted a good fuck. I was rubbing my clit above the cloth just to reach an orgasm.

Suddenly I heard a voice, “Hi sexy, mere hote hue ab kyun itna takleef kar rahe ho.” I was shocked. I just got up and switched on the light. I was in real shock. I could not believe my eyes. A man of early 20 was sitting in front of me.

He was not very well-built and was wearing dirty clothes. I was sure that he was nothing but an anti-social element.

He was laughing at me and scanning my body with his dirty eyes. I was frightened. I could not figure out how he came into my bedroom. I could not utter a single word.

That stranger told, “Don’t be afraid, I will not harm you.”

I was horrified, I just uttered, “Whatever you want you to take. You take all the money and jewelry but please don’t harm us.”

He pointed at me and said, “I came here to rob you but my intention has changed now. I don’t want money, I want to enjoy you.”

He came to me and pushed me on the bed.

“Today is my day, I never ever thought that I can fuck a beauty like you in my life.” He came to his mouth close to my ear and whispered. He was enjoying my sweet aroma.

Suddenly, he shifted my hair from the back of my neck and planted a kiss there. A shiver ran down through my spine. He moved his hand in my front and cupped my breast with his hand above my nightgown and was pressing hard. I could feel his erect dick on my back.

For about 10 minutes, he was pressing my boobs over my dress and kissing the back of my neck. Then he left me and went to the side of the room. I was breathing heavily.

He went to the side of the room and sat on the couch. He ordered me to open my clothes. Slowly, I opened my gown and it fell in the ground.

Now I was standing in my black sexy lingerie. The bright color of my skin made a good contrast with the black bra and panty. The bra was very small cut and tightly fitted on my chest. Most of my boobs were out of my bra.

He was looking at me hungrily. I was wearing a linen panty which only covered my pussy area. My back globes were out. He opened his clothes and now he was in his chaddi only. I could figure out over his underwear that his cock was very big.

I understood that he wanted to enjoy every inch of my body with full patience. He winked at me and asked me to come closer. I went to him. Now he asked me to sit on his laps and give him a nice smooch.

I sat on his lap facing towards him. He kissed on my cleavage. I held his head and brought my lips to him. Still, I could not believe that I was really doing this. My horniness was making me do so.

I took his lower lip in mine and sucked. Slowly, we both were engaged in a tremendous lip lock. We were sucking each other’s lips hungrily. We were smooching each other for almost 15 minutes.

Then he moved his head and directly looked into my eyes and said, “Feed me your milk.” I hesitated. He spanked on my butt lightly.

I slowly lifted my one boob from the bra cage and pushed it into his mouth. He was now sucking my right boob. Oh god, it was feeling so good. He was mad. I am sure he had never tasted such beautiful boobs in his entire life before. It was very intense.

Then he opened my bra hook and took it out from my body. His hand was roaming on my back. I closed my eyes and muffling sounds were coming from my mouth. He sucked one boob and pressed the other with full intensity. The smoothness and softness of my skin made him mad. The red cherry on my mounds made him double excited.

The burglar did not want to leave my boobs. Both my globes were shining with his saliva. Several red marks were there on my boobs. He was licking kissing and sucking all over my boobs. I was now getting out of control. The nipple was my most sensitive part. Whenever my hubby sucks my nipples, I get super excited.

But that time it was not my hubby but a stranger sucking my nipples. It was the first time someone other than my hubby touched the most intimate part of my body – my boobs. Not only he touched but he played with it, pressed it, kissed my boobs, licked it and also sucked it.

Suddenly, the burglar got up from the couch and took me in his arm. He opened his underwear and sat on the same couch again.

Now his monster was wetting my pussy over the thin panty. He asked me to take his monster in my hand. I held his monster in my hand. It was huge, not just huge but it was a giant dick. My hubby has a big cock but this was the biggest.

I could not hold it by my one hand. The first time, I was holding a stranger’s cock in my hand. It was very black. Slowly, I gave him a handjob. The soft touch of my hand made it more rigid and strong.

He kissed my lips and asked, “I want to see your lipstick on my rod. Now sit between my legs and take my dick in your mouth. I want a good blowjob from you.” It was not like I don’t like blowjob but blowing a stranger’s dick was different. I was not ready for that.

But, the robber was not ready to listen to anything. So, ultimately, I took his huge monster in my mouth. My husband always said that I am very good at giving blowjobs. Within a few minutes, his whole meat entered into my mouth. It was hitting the back of my throat.

The guy was grunting with pleasure. With one hand, he held my head and with the other hand, he was kneading my breast. He was thrusting his cock with full force into my mouth. Within 10 minutes, he was jumping with ecstasy.

Suddenly, he held my head tight and emptied his load in my mouth. A thick flow of semen hit my throat. I had to engulf all his fluid.

Then he was relaxing on the sofa. He asked me to make it clean using my mouth. I licked it and sucked it. Again, his rod was ready for action.

He took me to bed. I was now lying on the bed on my back. My two globes stood straight. He took off my panty. Now I was totally naked in front of a stranger.

But before I could understand anything, his lips stopped me. He was sucking my lips with full force. Our saliva was mixed.

He was sucking my tongue and tried to suck all my saliva. I was cooperating with him. I needed a good fuck then.

Our tongue was fighting with each other. He understood that I was in the game. He was now kissing my entire mouth, my eyes, my cheeks, and my chin. His saliva was all over on my face.

Slowly, he moved down and started licking my neck. Sometimes, he was licking my earlobes. At the same time, his hands were busy fondling my twin globes.

I felt his huge monster pocking at the entrance of my vagina, but he was not trying to penetrate me. He was now slowly moving his head from lips to cheeks, then he came to the chin. He was now licking my neck and slowly moved towards my breast. He was licking all over my boobs except my nipples.

He got immense pleasure by licking my soft fairy breast. He wanted to lick every inch of my two fairy globes. He circled around my nipples on the areola with his tongue but never touched the nipples.

My nipples were pointed and wanted some torture from him. I held his head and tried to put his mouth on my nipples. But he was playing with me because he knew my situation.

I bit my own lips to suppress my moaning but I failed. I moved my head right and was left with ecstasy. The burglar took full control over me and he understood that. He looked at my face and told smilingly, “What happened? Did you enjoy?”

In a muffling voice, I answered, “Please don’t tease me like this. I can’t take it anymore. Do something.”

He: “What should I do? Tell me.
Me: Please suck my nipples.

The robber smiled at me. I closed my eyes because of shame and guided his head toward my nipples. He wanted that I should ask him to suck my nipples.

He took my hard nipples one by one in his mouth. My juices started flowing. He put his hand on my clit and rubbed it. I was then jumping with pleasure. He rubbed the outer wall of my vagina with his finger. That day, I had cleaned all my pubic hair around my crotch.

He took my clitoris in his two fingers and playing with it. I felt immense pleasure. I lifted up my butt from the bed. He looked at my face and watching my facial expression. I lifted my head and took his lips in my lips. I became mad at that time. I was sucking his lips with full force. He was then enjoying my act.

He moved his one hand to my breast and pressed it hard. I liked it. His other hand was massaging my cunt lips. An orgasm was building inside me. We were smooching each other like a love bird. He was no more a stranger to me.

He then slowly guided his middle finger inside my glory hole. My body was waiting for that. I hugged him tightly and jerked again and again. I reached my first orgasm. His hand was flowing with my love juices. I was coming for almost 5 minutes straight.

To be continued.

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