Awesome Sexual Adventrue In A Park

Hi, this is Raj Sharma from Gujarat. This incident took place when I was in my college days. I was in my PG last semester. I loved a girl (let’s call her Gunjan) very much. We both were nuts for each other. Our relationship was 3 years old.

She broke up with me as we knew our marriage was not possible due to the difference in caste and culture. What shocked me and made me lose my focus in life and studies was not due to our breakup but because she started having a relationship with my best friend where the problem was the same.

I went into depression and started losing all my grades and weight. I lost my confidence and could not look in anyone’s eyes and used to cry a lot. I wanted to hurt them both very much, but thought why risk my future for those who stabbed my back?

Sorry to bore you with this sad part before moving forward with the actual story. In those days, I came into contact with another girl named Gunjan who was a friend of my cousin.

We knew each other but never talked or chatted. As I was in depression, she used to talk to me on the phone and convince me to tell her reason. When I finally told her, I thought she might not like it as I knew through my cousin that she had a crush on me but instead she loved me more (that’s what she told me later).

We were having regular chats and talk on the phone. We both were in different cities. I was looking for someone’s shoulder to pore my bleeding heart and she was looking to get close to me.

As soon as I realized that she was very much into me, I told her to back off as we could never get married and I could not love her or anyone else. I wanted to stay just friends with her. She agreed to that but she always had the agenda to win me.

We both used to talk and chat for hours. Gunjan started saying love you and shona etc. I was ok as I told her in advance that we could never be a couple and thought why not enjoy someone’s love if I can have it. It may slow down my pain of the broken heart.

I too started getting along. The Gujarati girl Gunjan was so much interested in me that she visited my city just to meet me and spend some time with me.

We went for an outing in the park, enjoyed the environment involving lovely couples cuddling and kissing in the corners. We too went to the end of the park at the cliff and sat there.

After a few moments, we both got influenced by the surroundings and started nearing each other’s lips. We kept kissing for almost 10 minutes and both our hands started exploring each other’s bodies.

My left hand started moving on Gunjan’s right boob and fondled it softly but firmly so as to keep her excited and also not feel pain. My other hand was on her waist under her t-shirt caressing it softly. Gunjan was also enjoying it. She started fondling my penis on the top of my jeans.

My penis was already tight and now it was fighting inside my jeans to come out. After a few minutes, I started caressing Gunjan’s other boob and kept kissing her very vigorously.

I moved my hands under her t-shirt and started playing with her boobs and my other hand unhooked her bra from behind to which she startled. As soon as her bra was loose, my hand went inside her bra and over her boobs.

This girl’s boobs were magnificent, soft and perky. Her boobs size was 36C and I loved them very much. After a few minutes, I started kissing her on her neck and cleavage. My hand started moving under her loose skirt and felt her wet panties. As soon as I touched the pussy above her panties, her body trembled and she hugged me tightly.

I was playing with her naked boob alternatively with one hand and my other hand moved inside her pantie. Her pubic hairs were cleaned as she shaved them that morning anticipating sex that day which I came to know later.

I was very much angry on myself that I went to a park instead of a hotel. Now I thought that it was too late and I should make most of it. I can get her to a hotel if she is satisfied enough with the foreplay.

My finger touched her clit, it was moist. She started moaning as soon as I started moving my finger around her clitoris. She was mad in excitement and opened my jeans chain in one go and entered my underwear. I was like wow.

At this point, I again realized that I have not shaved my pubic hair and what might she think about it. We boys are boys, our brain is very unique, it only works towards opportunity so it kept concentrating on doing great work on boobs and pussy.

Gunjan was playing with my penis in a very small area and we both were uncomfortable about it. I penetrated my penis through the underwear gap. She looked happy seeing 6-inch length and 2.5-inch girth of my penis.

Now she was stroking my shaft in unrhythmic motions. So I told her to caress it and not fight with it to which she laughed and she started playing with it softly.

Now I started penetrating my one finger in her vagina which was very wet. Her body was having a thunderous effect of my fingers in her pussy which boosted my male ego. I started fingering her pussy slowly in rhythm. She was playing with my penis very nicely and it started building layers of excitement in my body.

This excitement increased the speed of my finger in Gunjan’s vagina. I fondled her boobs very passionately at the same time. Then I looked around and saw no one around. And those who were around were busy with their own sexual play.

I lowered my head and took Gunjan’s nipples in my lips. I sucked her nipples and her breasts very carefully so as not to bite the nipples and pleasure it all together.

I was sucking her nipples and fingering her pussy very profoundly that she tightened her body for a few seconds and soaked all my fingers and palm in her juice. Until that day, I had only read and heard about girls having orgasm with such intensity. Later I came to know that it was called “squirting”.

As soon as she finished squirting, her body loosened and she caught my face and stopped me from sucking her boobs. She kissed me very aggressively that I thought she will eat away my lips!

After a few minutes of intense kissing, she calmed down and started stroking my penis. She asked me to relax now as it was her turn to return the fever.

I removed my hand from her skirt and kept playing with both under her t-shirt. On the other hand, she was stroking my penis very nicely and enthusiastically.

Then I asked her to give a blowjob. She was reluctant but she took it in her mouth after my request. She took my penis in her mouth saying, “I will do it if it means that much to you”.

As soon as her mouth touched my penis-head, a current passed through my body. I asked her to suck the whole penis length like a candy. She understood how it was supposed to be done and did as I asked.

At first, she was choking but after a few trials, she caught up with the art of sucking and she sucked with such a passion that I was not able to control my body. I was moaning and squeezing her breast. She was in pain and I released them quickly and apologized for the same.

She again started sucking my penis-head very gently and pumping the length of my penis with her hands. That gave me double pleasure and after repeated sucking and pumping, I reached the edge. I told her that I was cumming. She removed her mouth and kept pumping rigorously.

I cummed in 3 parts of which 2 parts flew almost a meter away in the air and the third one was on her hands.

I quickly took out my handkerchief and wiped my semen from her hand. She liked this part of my nature that I took minute care about the other person which she said later after we slept together which I will tell you in another part to keep it interesting or else I might start boring with the length of the story.

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