Two Hot Unsatisfied Milfs In Bangalore

This is Maddysab (name changed) 24-year-old from Bangalore with hot and fair looks and great stamina to satisfy any unsatisfied woman. This is my story of real experience. After the first success of my Locanto ad, I was quite happy. I thought will relax for a while and post the next ad after 3 months.

Then I logged in into my Locanto app as there were unnecessary calls from men regarding the ad. Then there was a message in my inbox from Reshma(name changed) saying, “Hi, really liked your ad.” Then I replied and sent all my details and pics. Then the next day she gave her hangout ID.

We chatted on Hangouts and she told her hubby is always behind money and never concentrate on her. Then she asked for my tool pics and she was amazed to see my hot and cleaned pink-headed tool. Then we had some sex chat and she took my number. I just thought this is some guy or hubby playing around.

Then the next day when I was in the office I got a call from an unknown number. Normally I will text when I am in the office. So I texted, “In-office will call later.” Then in the break, I called. I heard a sweet voice saying that it’s Reshma, who chatted on hangouts with me yesterday.

She told me that her hubby was not in town, and if I was free we could meet. Then I told her that on Friday I would be free. Let’s meet. She said ok. I was so excited. The fact here was all I knew she was an unsatisfied housewife with a beautiful voice.

The Friday morning I got a call to meet near Indira Nagar at 11 am. She told me to wait near KFC. I was excited and went there at around 10:45 am. Then exactly at 11:15 am I got a call from her asking where was I. I told my exact position.

Then a black C class Benz arrived. She told me to get into it and the driver asked me are you Maddysab. I got into the car. He took me to the house, actually a bungalow. Then I just went in and knocked on the door. Then I was shocked to see a hot beautiful MILF in the early ’40s.

She had looks and body something like Julia Ann as she appeared in a red hot sleeveless saree. I was shell shocked seeing her beauty. Then she welcomed me with a hug and told me to relax on the sofa. And she called someone and said, “Aa gaya who.”  Reshma told that she would freshen up and come.

Then there was a knock on the door. I was in fear whether it was her hubby. I went near Reshma and said, “Someone is knocking the door.” She said it was her friend don’t worry just open it. Then I opened the door. I was shocked to see there was another sexy MILF waiting outside the door.

She was as amazing as Reshma. She asked me, “Is Reshma there?” I told yes. She came inside and sat with me and asked details about me. She said that her name is Smita (name changed) and was a neighbor of Reshma. And finally, she said, “Kya aaj karenga hamare sath?” with a naughty smile.

I was shocked hearing it I never thought I would into a threesome, and that too with sexy MILFs. Then she went inside to meet Reshma. Then after some time, I saw an amazing spectacle of two beautiful milfs with a hot black bra and black panties approaching me.

They told me, “You just submit your self to us. You are our playboy today.” Then they started kissing each other and started kissing me. They removed my t-shirt. Reshma was kissing me and Smita took over my nipple and started sucking it.

Then Smita slowly inserted her hands into my pants and started slowly jerking my tool. Finally, they unzipped my pants and took my hard dick out. They made met to sleep on the sofa. Reshma took over my upper half and Simta my lower half. There was deep kissing and excellent blowjobs by both Reshma and Smita.

They took me into the bedroom holding my cock. And made me lie on the bed. Reshma climbed up on my dick and inserted her pussy into it. She started pounding my cock. Meanwhile, Smita placed her pussy on my lips and told me to suck it.

After some time they interchanged their position and repeat the same thing. Then after 10 minutes, Simta stood up and stood into doggy style. She told me to fuck her from the back. Meanwhile, Reshma inserted my hot cock into Smita’s pussy. She went to Smita and started sucking her boobs.

Me fucking Smita from the back and Reshma sucking her boobs. I was in heaven. And Smita was screaming with pleasure. Then they interchanged their position and continued for 10 minutes. After that, I just make Reshma sleep on me and started to fuck her from the right.

Smita went through my legs and started sucking my balls. I was awesome and I was in heaven with one getting fucked and other sucking my balls. Then I told I was about to cum. They made me stand on the bed and started sucking and jerking my cock. And I cummed on both of their tits.

Then we slept for a while all naked. Around 2:00 pm we went on to freshen up. All three of us went into the bathroom naked. Meanwhile, both of them had their hot asses pounded by me. This time both took my cum onto their mouths and they cleaned me up. All three of us were happy and we had lunch together.

By this time it was 3:30 pm and time for her children to come home. So I and Smita left Reshma’s house. So Smita took me into her house and served me some snacks and took my number. She gave a send-off with a kiss and a hug and I left happily.

This is my story. If any unsatisfied housewives and horny bhabhis want to have hot sex and fun, mail me on [email protected] Secure and hot fun for sure. Bye Sexy ladies. Will See you.

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