Losing Virginity At Chennai Railway Museum!

Hi, my name is Teja, 21 years old, 6’4 tall and average body but a bit strong and can lift heavyweights. I am living in Chennai. The only thing fake in this story is the name. All other is 100% true.

The heroine of this story is my girlfriend Roshni. She is fair and has sexy boobs and a tight little ass. She is just 5’6 tall. So it’s easy for me to lift her up by holding her tight little ass!

We have had sexual fun many times but never had proper sex due to the reason that we didn’t have a proper place.

One day, we visited the Chennai railway museum. As most of us know, it is a paradise for couples to goof around as there are a lot of empty places to do whatever you want. We spent the whole day kissing, touching, licking each other’s body parts as much as possible.

Even though my girlfriend has a small ass, I love it because it is always as tight as fuck! You need to separate it with both the hands to explore it fully.

On one corner of the Chennai railway museum where it was covered with a tunnel, we entered and started playing with each other’s bodies. She was wearing black jeans and I inserted my huge hand and stared pressing her ass. That’s my girlfriend’s weak point and her pussy became wet instantly and she asked me to finger her.

As I started fingering, Roshni removed my zip and took my 6-inch dick out and started shagging at high speed. I like only slow handjob so I asked my girlfriend to slow down and started playing with her more.

I finger fucked her a little more and played with her boobs over her t-shirt which covered her bra.

After playing with it for 5 minutes, I got bored and focused on her tight ass and started to finger it slowly lubricating it my saliva. I was sticking 3 fingers of my right hand deep inside my gf’s pussy. I inserted my middle finger of my left hand inside her tight little ass.

It was really tight, so I inserted my middle finger into her mouth. She made it wet saliva and I stick it inside her ass again. I repeated the same for five times until my 5-inch finger went deep inside. (Oh yes, my fingers are huge as fuck).

Mostly I make my girlfriend climax just my finger fucking and this time was no exception. She collapsed onto me as I was finger fucking her. Roshni was now satisfied and she dropped to her knees and started blowing me off.

She made her hands as wet as possible and gave me a blowjob plus a handjob. Those were truly amazing and I came in loads as she was giving me a handjob for nearly 10 minutes.

After swallowing my huge load, my lover got up and lowered my face by holding my neck and kissed me with still my cum in her mouth. To tell the truth, I love it when she’s nasty as fuck. One time she even drank my cum.

After that session, we roamed for 3 hours kissing in various corners of the railway museum. Then we boarded a model train which was stationed there. It was we two alone in the coach because it was just an hour for them to shut down the gates. Only a few people were on the grass.

We entered to have fun just like before. But while searching for a corner, we found a room that looked like a restroom of an old train but had a single table instead of any other amenities of a restroom.

Soon we started to kiss and started to explore. And it had a room. I quickly closed the door and started to remove her bra and unzipped my self. I started bending down to suck her breasts.

It was dark as hell and we eventually were stark naked and she started to blow me again. This time, since we were alone, I started to throat fuck her and she was giving me an amazing head.

Roshni sucked it like a lollipop and continued it for 5 minutes till I came in her mouth. But it was hot as fuck since the door was closed and bolted from inside and we were sweating as fuck. I couldn’t even see her face, it was literally pitch dark.

I was hard in no time and I started fingering her again. I told her that I wanted to fuck her wet pussy which was oozing with liquids. All this time, I was playing with her boobs because I love it.

After she agreed for some pussy action, I just lifted her up with my hands and trapped her between me and a wall. I positioned myself and started fucking her. It was hard at first but she helped me to fuck her pussy. Slowly, I got into the rhythm and I fucked her for a good 10 minutes.

Her pussy was so tight and it was sucking my cock like a vacuum cleaner it was amazing. We were sweating like pigs but I didn’t mind it and licked her neck and boobs and cheeks. I was literally trying to drink her sweat.

I came first as I couldn’t keep up with her pussy and filled her up with sticky cum. But she was yet to come. So, to return the favor, I squatted on the floor and started to lick her pussy. After 5 minutes of licking and fingering, she collapsed onto my face and let out a huge moan.

She told me it was the best orgasm she ever had till date because it was her losing virginity and her experience with voyeurism. We dressed up and left in 10 minutes.

Till date, I love every single minute of what happened on that day and that’s why I shared this with you guys. If you want to hear more stories, let me know.

Any aunties and girls who starve for sex contact me for an awesome sex session. If you liked this story, I will write many other original stories. Ciao.

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