A Bike Ride To Remember

Hey, guys, this is Dom I am a student. I am doing my BE in mechanical engineering. Unlike other colleges, my college is a very strict one. Hence many conservative parents preferred this college. Talking to girls in my college could get you in trouble. Hence there was very less interaction between girls and boys.

I grew up in an environment where mingling with girls was not such a big deal. So I found this absurd. The first year flew and I barely spoke to any girl as they used to fear to talk to guys. During my second year, I decided to enroll in some extra courses offered by my college which would help in placement.

As it was after college hours barely anyone had applied except for a few guys from my branch. On the first day of the course, I was waiting in the class. Non of my batch mates came. I was sitting alone in the class waiting for someone to show up.

I was a bit annoyed as this course cost a lot of money and it felt like it was a waste of money and time. Just when I got up to leave a girl covering her head with a hoodie walks in places her bag on the front desk and sits down. I walk up to her and ask her if she had also joined the course.

She replied, “Yes,” in a stern voice. She looked like one of those badass girls. I went back to my chair. Another half-hour had passed and no one showed up. I went up to her again and inquired if she knew anything about where the rest of the student was or the professor.

She looked up at me and said the professor is on leave today. No other students will come they all applied for the course because they could bunk and spend some time with their girlfriends. I was shocked but it made sense. The course happened after classes.

So all the lecturers and securities would have gone home. Only the watchman would be there. I introduced myself and asked her what her name was. She gave me a stare and went back to playing on her phone. I decided to get back home. The next day I really wanted to get to know this hoodie girl.

So I kept looking around for her whenever I came out. I couldn’t find her. After classes, I went to the place where the course took place. To my surprise, my hoodie girl was already sitting at her usual place. I went and took the seat next to her and ignored her. I noticed her looking at me through the corner of my eyes.

She broke the silence and spoke. She said sorry for being so rude yesterday. I said it’s ok. She then introduced herself as Hema. And I introduced myself. She then told me that the professor is a bit sick from yesterday so he won’t be coming today also.

I was shocked and asked her why she was sitting in class then. She replied that her brother would pick her up on the way from his office. So she had to wait for him. I sat there for some time then she told me I can take care of myself you can leave. I told her I wasn’t sitting here for her. I had planned to meet some friend after classes so I was waiting for him.

She shook her head and went back to playing on her phone. I hate sitting silently so I tried to make conversation with her again. I wrote down my number in a piece of paper and slid it to her. She looked at it and got furious and was about to blast me.

I immediately told her to let me know if she got to know anything about the course beforehand. She calmed down and pulled down her hoodie. For the first time, I saw her face fully. She was really beautiful. Her eyes could trap any guy. She had really juicy lips. Her lips were cherry red without any lipstick on.

A few days passed and the course had started and was going on regularly. Even though it was only two of us the professor still took classes. Then on a Sunday, I got a “Hi” message from some unknown number. I checked the number on the true caller and found out it was Hema.

I replied and she asked me if I understood the program the professors explained yesterday. I told her yes. She asked me if I could explain it to her. I said sure where do we meet. She asked me if I could explain it over the phone? I told her it’s hard to do that. She then asked if she could come to my place.

I told her I stay in an apartment alone if she doesn’t mind she could come. She said ok and I sent her the address. She came at about 12 in the afternoon and gave me a call from outside the building. She told me that the security is not letting her bike inside.

I went down and I was shocked to see her on a bullet with a leather pant and a tight leather jacket. I was pretty excited seeing her structure in that tight outfit. She noticed my excitement in my pants. She parked her bike in my parking spot and we entered the lift.

She was smelling amazing and her perfume smell was turning me on. As soon as we entered the room she removed her jacket and she was in a sleeveless top. She had huge boobs and her top was barely holding them together. I got out my laptop and got her some water to drink. She drank it and switched on the laptop.

It took me one hour to explain the program to her. It was 1:30 and I was really hungry. I asked her if she wants lunch. She told me she was hungry too. So I had made some mutton fry and rice. She loved it but she wasn’t used to eating spicy food. And I normally make spicy food.

She was sweating and was breathing heavily which was making her breasts look bigger and this was turning me on. By now she was comfortable around me and she was really sweet. I jokingly asked her why she was so rude to me before. She replied that’s how she really is. She has never been so open to anyone else.

We ended up talking and she casually asked if I had a girlfriend. I told her that I don’t have any. I asked her the same and she said, “Look at me. Do you think any guy would date me?” I told her that any guy would be happy to have her as a girlfriend. This made her blush.

She said she is bored and asked me if I want to go on a ride on her bike. I told her it’s going to rain. Why should we go and get stuck in the rain? She said don’t be a pussy its just rain. Get up and get ready. It hurt my ego so I got ready. We went to the basement and I realized that she had forgotten to get her jacket.

I asked her if I should go up and get it she said she will pick it up after the ride. She gave me the keys and asked me to ride and she got onto the pillion seat. Even though Royal Enfield bikes have ample amount of space to sit I felt that she was sitting way too close to me.

I live near the outskirts of the city so within a few minutes we reached the highway. The sun was setting and the clouds had covered the whole sky. The cool breeze was making her sit even closer to me. She was now holding my waist. I could feel her shivering.

I stopped and gave her my jacket she wore it and we started riding. She was still sitting very close to me. But now her hand were not holding my waist but instead were placed on my thighs. The whole romantic weather and a hot girl’s breasts rubbing my back had me excited.

I slowly started to get an erection. As my penis had attained its full size it was just inches away from her hand. In all this excitement I couldn’t concentrate on my riding. I didn’t notice a hump and I barely managed to escape the fall. She removed her hand from my thighs and gripped my waist tightly.

She then relaxed and her grip loosened and her hands were back on my thighs. But this time she had placed it on my penis. She didn’t realize what it was. Then enquired what was in my pocket and I told her nothing. I moved her hand from my penis and place it away from my thighs.

We then stopped to have some tea. She was still curious to find out what was in my pocket. So as soon as I get off the bike she looked down and realized what she had felt. Her face was red and she was stammering to talk. I apologized to her and told her it’s because of the cold weather.

We had tea and I noticed her looking at my pant 2 or 3 times. I still ignored it. We decided to go back. We got onto the bike and we had to cover around 100 km to reach my place. As soon as we leave the tea stall it started to rain. We stopped near an abandoned building to take shelter.

It had a wooden plank so we sat on it and we were waiting for the rain to stop. We both were already drenched. And she removed my jacket as it was dripping wet. Her t-shirt had become transparent because of the water and her pink bra was visible. She saw me checking her out.

She covered her breasts with her hands. My t-shirt and my pants were wet too and were sticking to my body. The outline of my erection was now clearly visible over my pant. She was getting a bit bold now. She asked me if it was again because of the cold, and laughed pointing at my penis.

I didn’t know how to reply so I just gave her a smile. She would keep looking at my erection occasionally. And every time I caught her my heart would skip a beat. And I was getting more excited. I broke the silence and asked her what her problem was. She was quite.

Then I told her it’s ok to tell me. She replied that she hasn’t seen a penis at all in real. And this was the first time she had touched one. She then said I am not able to get my eyes off it. I was speechless, and I told her will it make her more comfortable if I hid it with my jacket.

She reluctantly asked me if she could see it. I told her that I was ok with her seeing my penis but I can’t pull my pants down in public. She asked me to turn my back towards the road and she got onto her knees. And I unzipped my pants. My hard penis was now out just inches away from her face.

I was feeling so relieved to let it out. She kept looking at it amazed. Then I took her hand and placed it on my penis. She was now playing with it she took out her phone and took a few snaps of my penis. And I buttoned my pant. She said she owed me for what I did. I was as horny as hell.

The naughty side of me kicked in I told her that she could repay me right now. She asked me how. I went close to her ears my hot breath was making her shiver and she let out a sigh. I whispered into her ears to remove her bra and give it to me.

She turned her back to me. Without thinking removed her t-shirt and then her bra and wore her t-shirt back. She handed her bra to me. She was curious about what I was going to do with it. I placed it on my cheeks and I could feel the warmth of her breasts. I smell it and she was now blushing.

I told her she smelt wonderful and she blushed. She now asked for the bra back as she was feeling cold. I look at her breast now and I could see her beautiful breast through her transparent t-shirt. Her erect nipple was now poking out of her t-shirt. I told her no she won’t get it back.

I gave her the jacket to cover herself we then decided to continue the ride in the rain. We got onto the bike and hit the road. She now was really bold she sat extremely close her hand was placed on my penis. She then started to stroke my cock over my pants while I drive. It was the craziest thing I had ever done.

She removed her hand off my penis. Now she had her hands into my shirt and was now feeling my chest as she reached my nipple she pinched it. She was now kissing my back. She gave me a hard bite on my upper back I was losing control of the bike. But she didn’t stop. She was so horny.

She kept moving her hands all over my body. She then asked me to stop the bike and told me that she wants to ride. I let her ride the bike. I was sitting behind her. I hugged her from behind and place my hand onto her stomach touching her navel.

I insert my finger into her navel and she was moaning. We almost fell off the bike but she managed to control it. I then open her pant zip and push my hand into her pants. As soon as my cold hands touch her pussy over her panties she shivers. I start to gently rub her clit.

She was now shaking and she could barely control the bike. So I remove my hand out of her pants. And start to play with her boobs now. Her nipple was already erect. I grab her nipples and press them she moans loudly. I was now pressing my erect penis onto her back.

She closes her eyes and we almost hit the divider. Then we decided it was too dangerous and we should stop here. I was now holding onto her hip for grip and we continue the ride. We reach my apartment and we park the bike and get back into my apartment.

She called her bro and told him she is stuck in her friend’s house. She won’t come tonight. I then took her to my room to freshen up and gave her a t-shirt of mine and shorts to wear. I changed in the other room and was sitting in the hall waiting for her. She was probably really embarrassed about what had happened.

She slowly walks out of the room and sits beside me. She was quite. I turn towards her and jokingly remove the bra she had given me out of my pocket. I swing it in front of her face. She gives a shy smile and tries to grab it from my hand. I pull it away and she tries to grab it again.

In this process, she was now above me and our mouths were just inches away. I let go of the bra and grab her and kiss her on her lips. She climbs onto the sofa and presses her mouth against mine. She was now biting my lips and her inner sex demon was now out. She pushed her tongue into mine.

It was one sloppy kiss both our saliva were dripping down our face. She kept kissing all over my face. we break and decide to continue in the room. She was leading me into the room. I was walking behind her and enjoying her ass swaying.

As we reach the bed she pushes me onto the bed and climbs slowly on top of me. The loose t-shirt was hanging low and her boobs were clearly visible through the gap. She notices me looking at her boobs she sits on my stomach. She removes the shirt and starts to play with her tits.

She was already wet and her juices were now making my shirt wet. She gets nude and strips me too. She was now lying on the bed naked and asked me to fuck her. I place my dick onto her clit and start rubbing it with my dick. She was moaning loudly. I lay on top of her and start to enter her.

She was now clawing my back and biting my chest leaving marks all over my body. I kept slowly and gradually entering her. She was now bleeding. I couldn’t control myself. With one hard push, I enter her there was a huge gush of blood. And she screamed so loudly then I stopped and looked at her.

She nodded in approval. I was now fucking her with long hard strokes with each stoke I could feel her screams turn into moans. She was now enjoying it. I kept fucking her. After a good 15 to 20 minutes of fucking, she shouted that she was going to cum. I now increased the speed.

She was moaning louder. Her body stiffened and she orgasmed. I could feel her cum flowing down my penis. With a few more stokes I cummed inside her. We collapsed next to each other and went to sleep. Next day morning I got up before her. I saw my dried cum marks all over her thighs.

The bed was covered with bloodstains. She was sleeping like an angel. I cleaned myself up and made coffee for her and woke her up with a kiss on her forehead. She got up with a smile. She took the coffee and drank it. Then went to the bathroom to get ready.

After that, we had breakfast and went to her house. She changed her clothes and we went to college together. That’s my story. Hope you guys like it. Please do let me know if you enjoyed my story at [email protected]

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