Great Sex With My College Senior

Hi XIS readers, my name is Rahul. I am 27, single, to be frank, not well-built or athletic but surely a good-hearted person. I am basically from Mysore. Now shifted to Mangalore, a beautiful coastal city in Karnataka. In this story, I am going to tell you how I had great sex with my college senior.

It was during the time of lockdown in India. I was at home without any work, just surfing social media daily. One day I found a pic of my senior with her hubby, which she posted. She was married 2 years back and was in the U.K. I liked and commented on the pic.

I was the 1st person to like the pic as she had just posted. This made her reply to me, and we started a formal conversation in DM. She had gained some weight, and I told her the same. She thought I was teasing her, but the truth was I was enjoying her chubbiness.

We continued to chat now and then. She was just a known senior to me in college. Now she has become a well-known friend by regular chatting. We had video calls a couple of times, I had even spoken to her hubby, and we had become close by now.

After some months, covid situations became normal, and all the flights started to operate. She wanted to come back to India as her parents wanted her to come. But her husband couldn’t accompany her due to his job issues. So she had planned to travel alone.

She had to reach Bangalore airport, and from there, she had to travel nearly 12 hours by bus to reach her hometown in Tamil Nadu. I was in Bangalore at that time for a small project. So I said I’ll pick her from the airport.

She had informed her husband. He called asking me to take care of her as she had to be in quarantine for 10 days. The day came, and she reached Bangalore at 2 p.m. I went to pick her. She had a test there at the airport. I was waiting for her, and she came.

I was shocked to see that she had lost weight and was in perfect toned figure with some fats at the required places. She was in a tight t-shirt and jeans, which showed her perfect body. Many were ogling at her in the airport. I could see the pride in her face about her body. Shamelessly even I was ogling at her.

We left from there and reached Bangalore city. I had already booked a room in a hotel for my stay. So I said that I’ll book another room for her in the same hotel. She had to wait in Bangalore till her covid results were announced as it was mandatory to enter Tamil Nadu.

She did not have any signs of covid. But still, she isolated herself for 2 days. Luckily her results came in 2 days. She was negative and free now. We informed her husband, and he asked me to accompany her to her hometown. I had work to finish for 3 days. So I asked her if she could wait for 3 days.

They both accepted, and we hung up the call. The next morning I booked tickets in advance for 3 days and went to the office. To my luck, my work got finished by noon on the same day. I went back to the hotel and informed her of the same.

She said, “Let’s stay for 2 days and then leave as per the plan,” and not inform her husband as she wanted to be free for 2 days. I said ok and left to my room to get fresh.

It was 7 in the evening, and I went to her room and rang the bell. She opened the door in shorts and a loose t-shirt. I saw her for the first time like that and stared at her from top to bottom. She welcomed me in and sat on the bed. I asked her why she wanted to stay back for 2 days.

She asked if I was interested in having a drink. I said ok and ordered some beer and vodka. The drinks came. She paid and sat with me on the sofa. I poured a drink for her and opened a pint for myself. I again started the conversation and asked her again why she stayed back. She smiled and asked.

She: Are you annoyed with my stay?

Me: No. I just wanted to know if there are any issues.

She: I just wanted to be free at least for 2 days.

I understood that she was not so happy with her marriage as I knew her in college. She was a fun-loving and active person. After marriage, she had become a boring type of person.

Me: Is everything fine between you and him? (asking this, I opened my 2nd pint and poured her second)

She : (Gulped the drink in 1 go) Yes. We love each other. But we are not happy with each other.

Me: What is the issue? You can share it with me.

She broke into tears and leaned on my shoulder. I consoled her and was tapping on her back to comfort her. She stopped crying and said that there were some issues with her in-laws as she did not conceive after 2 years. She also said that they tried and even took a test.

The results were fine with both, but still, she didn’t have a baby. I comforted her, saying maybe both are mentally not prepared. She was not ready to accept and took another drink on the rock. I had finished my 3 pints and went to pee.

When I came back, she was sitting only in her innerwear. I was shocked and threw a towel on her. She removed the towel and asked, “Do you think I am still fat now?” I gave a puzzled look and sat beside her. She then reminded me what I had said 2 months before.

I said I liked the chubbiness, and I was not teasing her that day. She then said that she reduced fat only after I said that.

I said, “Even now, you have fat in the required areas,” and held her right hip and showed her the fat. She moaned and closed her eyes when I held her hip. Again I pressed her left hip, and she held my dick for balance which was semi-hard.

Alcohol was making us forget everything. I moved my hand from her hip to her belly and circled on her belly button. She was biting her lips and slid her hand into my trousers and held my dick, and started pressing it. I made her sit over me and kissed her belly button.

She was moaning, and I was licking her belly button. She was going crazy and was rubbing her ass over my dick. I threw her on the bed and pounced over her, and started licking from top to bottom. I unpinned her bra, started sucking her boobs, slowly slid my hand inside her panty, and rubbed her wet pussy.

She was moaning in pleasure. I licked her belly button again. She held my head and was pressing my head over her belly. I slowly moved down, bit her thighs, licked her panty line near her thighs. I licked her pussy over her panty and removed her pant with my teeth.

She was rubbing my dick with her leg. I was licking her pussy to maximize the pleasure. Slowly I inserted one finger while licking her clitoris. She was getting mad with my wild licking and fingering. I inserted another finger and made her cum in minutes. She felt the pleasure to the peek and fell with a satisfactory look.

I fell next to her and started sucking her boobs and pinched her erect nipples. She rolled over me and removed my T-shirt and trousers, I was in my undies, and she started to rub and lick my dick over my undies. I was getting the pleasure but not to the fullest.

She made me sleep on my stomach and pulled my undie, and started sucking my semi-hairy balls. She knew how to pleasure a man. It was so a pleasure getting the balls licked and sucked. She pulled my dick from my back and pulled the foreskin in a go which hurt me a little.

Before feeling the pain, she immediately gave me pleasure by taking my dick in her mouth. Now she made me sleep on my back and took the whole dick in her mouth. I was able to feel the tip of my dick touching her throat. That was one of the best blowjobs anyone can get.

She pressed my dick, made me cum, licked the whole cum, and slept over me. My dick had lost the erection after cumming. But in no time, she made it hard by rubbing her pussy over my dick. It saluted her effort and took its position inside her pussy.

She started to ride me and jumped over my dick. Her big boobs were bouncing like anything. She rode for 10 minutes and cummed twice, and was tired. I pulled her by pulling her legs, made her sit on my face, and started sucking her pussy. She turned herself, and we were in 69 position.

She started sucking my dick. After 5 minutes, I made her bend in the doggy style, inserted my dick in her pussy. I fucked her holding and pressing her boobs for 15 minutes. I made her sleep on her back and fucked for 10 minutes in missionary. I was about to cum and informed her.

She wanted me to unload my cum inside her. I did the same and fell over her. We slept for some time, woke up, ordered food, and went to have a bath. My dick was hard again. We had a session there which lasted for 20 minutes. After the bath, we had food and slept naked, playing with each other’s bodies.

We stayed for 2 days in my room and her room fucking each other. I had already booked tickets, and we left after 2 days. While on the bus, I fucked her there, too, as it was a sleeper. She took pills for the first day, and after the 1st day, I used condoms. It was great to make love to this irresistible woman.

After reaching her hometown, I dropped and stayed there for 2 days as her family forced me to stay. I was attracted to her SIL and informed her of the same. She helped me seduce her and get her on my bed, and we even had a threesome before the day I left.

I’ll narrate how we seduced her SIL and had a threesome in the next part.

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I stay in Mangalore and keep traveling to Bangalore, Mysore, Kannur, Calicut, and Coimbatore. Women from any of these places who desire to have fun but are scared to do so feel free to contact me.

I’m a genuine person. You will get to know me once you talk to me. Only genuine people are expected. Privacy will be maintained.

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