Love, Romance And Sex With Dating Partner

Hello everyone! I am back after a long break as I was a little busy. I am Rohan Sharma, aged 30. Coming to the sex story, this one is written by one of my favourite girls. Though I edited it as much as I could, please pardon me if there are any mistakes.

Hi, this is Priya. I am 21 and an independent and working girl. I have a curvy and a bit fleshy body (34-32-36). We met on a dating site – Tinder. His name is Rahul. He is a 24-year-old young guy or I should say a 5’11” tall hunk. He is very passionate and when I say that, I mean it .

According to me, he should have been a trainer or a bodybuilder as he carries such a nicely-built body.

So, it had been a few months we had been chatting. We had talked almost about everything and in every way – sexting, sharing pics, vids, and everything. He was working in the same city and we didn’t have any problem in meeting each other.

It was one fine weekend and I had a week off the next day.

It was around 7 in the evening. We had decided to meet up in a theatre go for a movie, then coffee or dinner and rest everything unplanned.

I was as usual before time. My boyfriend Rahul came just 5 minutes before the movie started. He was in his perfectly-fitted clothes that I could see everything yet nothing. The way he walked towards me gave me goosebumps as even I knew what must be going on in his mind. My blood was rushing through my veins.

Rahul came and straight away gave me a strong and warm hug which I guess lasted for a minute or two and left us with only 3 minutes to get in there. He took my hand and we walked in.

As the movie hadn’t started yet, a few songs were being played. It was “Izajat” from ‘One-night stand’ being played at that time. The movie was ‘Fifty shades freed’. Yes, the perfect movie.

The song itself kind of turned us on. We sat and stole a few glances at each other. I turned blood red blushing and the freezing cool AC air added to it. We did the typical formal talk asking each other how were we doing.

I was shivering in not less than a minute and the moment he realized it, Rahul wrapped his arms around me and gently squeezed me. And as I was wearing a deep and wide-neck tight top, that move made my cleavage grab his attention. Even though he acted like he didn’t see it, I saw him checking them out.

As the movie continued, the scenes in it were slowly turning us both on. He started rubbing his hands on my shoulder and even I curled both my hands around his huge biceps. He was freakingly strong.

And by then, even I had started moving my hands around his collar bone and upper chest. We were in a corner seat. So no one could notice us and also, almost everyone over there had come for the same reason!

After a minute, I started reciprocating and started sucking Rahul’s lower lip. Soon, our tongues got involved and we both looked at each other. He leaned over and held my face with both his hands.

I looked into his eyes as he was coming closer and then his lips came right onto mine. His inner wet lips were rubbing my lips and it felt amazing. He sucked, licked and smooched them. It felt as if he was gonna suck the blood out of it. It was so passionate. We were running out of breath but we didn’t stop kissing.

He really liked it when I was rubbing my tongue under his tongue. The smooch was really turning me wild. The movie was playing. We didn’t stop. The smooch lasted for 10-12 minutes until we literally couldn’t breathe at all.

Thereafter, I didn’t want even the armrest between us. I had no clue what was going on in the movie as now Rahul had started kissing all over my neck, rolling down till my top and again licking me with his wet tongue till my lips. I had no idea how many times he did that but it gave me the same sensation every time.

I was trembling. My body had become numb now but Rahul didn’t stop. He slid the top off my shoulders and sucked me on my cleavage with his lips and tongue as well. It was the first time a guy touched me there. It gave me goosebumps.

Rahul thought that he was going a bit fast. He stopped but I was liking it. So, I turned towards him and caressed his face with my palms to tell him that it was fine. I gave him a kiss under his earlobes and then licked his earlobe and bit him softly there.

I then moved my hands further lower and unbuttoned the upper two buttons of his shirt. He was really liking it. I was sliding my hands inside his shirt and was now rubbing my hands all over his chest.

Then I pulled one side of his shirt with my other hand and kissed him right above the nipple. It made him go crazy as I heard a little moan. His eyes were shut.

I continued massaging his chest and after a bit of teasing, I rolled my index finger around his nipple in a circular motion and started rubbing and pinching it very softly. I knew he was loving it.

As his hands were free now, he started moving his hands around my waist now. And while doing so, he lifted my top up just by an inch. One of his fingers touched my skin there and I left a very small moan.

He got the sign and inserted his whole palm under my top and started rubbing my waist area. He then took his hands out and reached my legs. I was in hot pants and had decently fleshy thighs. Rubbing his palms all over my thighs, I knew where he was heading.

Rahul slid his fingers inside my hot pant slowly and reached my ass. He somehow managed to get his whole hand inside. He then grabbed my ass and squeezed it hard. With a heavy breath, I almost screamed, “Fuck!”. However, no one heard it, thank god!

I wanted to bring him to the same condition of embarrassment. I took his hands played a bit with his fingers. I then started licking his thumb and then took it in my mouth. I was sucking and licking his thumb like ice cream and like how I would lick his manhood.

Then I took my other hand off his shirt and directly gave a mild touch on his crotch above the jeans. He was shocked as he had never expected a girl to go this fast in the very first meeting and that too in a theatre. I passed a naughty smile and winked at him. He was surprised and aroused at the same time.

I knew he wanted me to touch him again so did I.

I now properly placed my hand over his cock and stayed still for a few seconds. It was already very erect by now but it became rock hard in those few seconds.

I grabbed Rahul’s dick with my hands and started rubbing it. And I heard, “Ohhhhhh..” That turned me on completely.

And that’s when Rahul decided to take revenge. He moved his hands suddenly between my legs my inner thighs. It was a quick and surprising move but that made me start getting wet.

I squeezed his hands between my thighs in a reflex. But as my thighs were fleshy, he liked it and started squeezing my inner thighs in return. That made me loosen my grip.

Without wasting a millisecond, Rahul quickly inserted his hands inside the pant right near my pussy. He felt the wetness of my pussy and gave me a naughty and appreciative look.

I bit my lip and he smooched me again. This time, I took my hands and put it in his hair. He hadn’t touched my pussy yet but he just tapped on my clit once with his fingertip. That was it, that was all I could take!

I asked him whether we can leave right then. Rahul was waiting for me to say this and we immediately left the theatre.

Rahul had brought his bike. As he was riding, I couldn’t stop my hands rubbing all over his body. As I touched his dick while he was riding, he warned me not to do it. But I did it again and grabbed it harder this time! Rahul applied brakes suddenly. He turned and said, “You’re gonna regret this”.

We went to a hotel room. The hotel manager was his friend. Rahul gave me a really wild smooch in the lift. I held his hands very tightly and sucked his neck so hard that it left him with a hickey mark (love bite).

After reaching our room, he quickly closed the door. There was no one now, just him and me. And yeah, I had awakened an animal on the way. I could see that.

Rahul pulled me into him and held me so fucking tightly. He started sucking me all over my body. He literally wanted to rip off my top but I told him not to as I had to go back home too.

He then turned me. His hands were on my breast and waist. He bit me at my lower neck from behind and started rubbing his super hard rock like dick on my ass.

Rahul held me by my pelvic bone with one hand and pushed my butt into his dick. He then slid his hand inside my top and my bra (34C) right onto my boob and squeezed it very hard. I gave a very loud moan,

“Aahhhhhhh… Fuckkk…hhhhh..”

Rahul now started squeezing both my boobs with his hands. It was really wild. Then he started pinching my nipples. He turned me towards him and removed my top and bra in one go. He stared at my boobs for quite a long time as if he just wanna grab them and eat them. Then he pulled and started sucking my boobs really hard.

He was sucking them so hard that it felt as if he would swallow them. Then he started flicking my nipple with his tongue tip. I started moaning. “Ohhhh my god. Yes..I am loving it Rahul..yes..hhhh.”

He took me to bed. To his surprise, I took over. I rolled over him, pushed him and took off his shirt. Interlocking my fingers with his, I started licking his every inch of his chest. I rolled my tongue all over.

I directed both his hands on my ass cheeks as I was licking his neck. I took my boobs in my hands and brought them on his face and placed my nipple on his lips. In no time, he was licking and sucking it. Meanwhile, I grabbed him by his hair and pushed his head deep into my breasts. His tongue was all I needed there.

Then I moved down. Now I was on his lower abdomen, just above the pants. I licked him there made him go crazy. Then I slightly put my tongue inside his pants right where his dick was about to start and he left a loud moan.

As I undid his pants, I saw the pink head of his dick with some precum on it. I licked the tip hole, swallowing his precum. And then I started to kiss there with a little pressure and rub my lips on his dick over the vests. I rubbed it hard with my hands too over the vests and it was making him crazy.

Then I removed it with my teeth and he loved it like hell. His 7-inches long and thick dick was right in front of me. I couldn’t resist taking it in my hand.

I started with the area around his dick which was making my cheeks touch his cock slightly. I kissed and licked him a lot there as my hands were caressing the area around his balls. I held his balls and started sucking them hard. Rahul was moaning continuously.

Then I licked him all the way from the balls reaching the top of the dick and did the same thing continuously. In between, I was looking at him but he was so busy enjoying the pleasure.

I took his dick in my hand and put its head inside my mouth. For a few minutes, I sucked his dick-head and then pulling the foreskin down, I started licking him where the foreskin connects to the head. In between, I had turned which made my pussy come exactly above his face (Yes, in 69 position). Then I started giving him a blowjob.

It was really hard to concentrate on sucking his dick while I myself was getting licked giving really weird but nice sensations on my stomach.

Even though I was initially a bit slow, I increased my pace and within a couple of minutes, I was really fast. And then I tried taking him all in. I tried to take his dick deep in my throat.

In my first attempt, I didn’ succeed but later I did. I succeeded in giving him a deepthroat blowjob. He also started stroking his dick in and out of my mouth. His dick was very well lubricated now and was totally ready to fuck me.

Then he took me and made me sit on the edge of the bed. He sat down on the floor and pushed my upper body on the bed. He removed my pantie in no time which was wet as fuck.

Rahul started with my inner thighs. He licked me there. And while moving his tongue, he reached above my vagina. He kissed me there and I started to lose my senses. He then spread my legs wide apart and looked me there. It made me more wet.

Then with his both hands, Rahul parted my pussy lips apart and placed a kiss there.

“Ohhhh fuckkkk Rahul..I love it”, I shouted in pleasure.

He moved a bit up and started flicking my cunt which was swollen like hell now with his tongue-tip fuck. That was heaven. I was shivering a lot as it was the first time someone’s tongue was there on my pussy. Then he sucked my cunt for a very long time before stopping suddenly.

Rahul gave me a devilish smile and said, “Told you, you will regret”.

Saying this, he started licking me right from below till my cunt. He did it two times. He didn’t touch my cunt and I was dying for him to lick me there! He was coming sooooo close to my pussy but wasn’t touching it. I was able to feel his breath on my pussy but he didn’t touch me.

“Rahul..Please don’t do this to me. Please do ittt..Touch me there…Lick me…Suck me, Rahul..please” I was literally begging him to lick me and touch me on my pussy.

What he did next was really surprising and unexpected. He took some oil on his palm and moved it on the candle flame (which was on the side table) for a few seconds. This made his palm kinda warm and he placed that on my pussy! “Ohhhh my fucking godddd”, I moaned. How could someone be so fucking good at it?

It was warm plus the oil. The combination heated my already burning pussy like hell.

He again started licking my cunt now and then with his oiled finger, he started moving his middle finger around my pussy lips simultaneously. And then he slowly put his middle finger inside my pussy. It wasn’t so hard to take in but yeah it was someone else’s, hence there was a difference.

The simultaneous actions of him licking and fingering me took me to cloud 9. As Rahul increased the pace, I started lifting my lower body. But he had enough strength to hold me back. He rolled his arms around my legs, pushed my abdomen down and started to do it even faster.

Then he fingered me with two fingers. I was screaming and moaning like hell.

“Oh my god, Rahul. Yes yes yes. Don’t stop, please don’t stop.. Just like that. Oh yeah..Mmmmm” and then I cummed.

He took his dick, lubricated it with my cum and started rubbing it on my pussy. This was making me go crazy. And then he slowly tried to put it inside my pussy.

(Let me tell you guys, I was a virgin then. So taking a dick in was not that easy. It wouldn’t even have got an inch inside and it hurt like hell.)

He could see I was in pain and so he stopped. I brought myself to normal.

Then he held both my hands really tight. He laid on me, smooched me and the very next moment and with a single strong stroke, he inserted his whole dick inside my virgin pussy. I screamed like anything and scratched on his back really hard. It was paining like hell so I sucked his back neck and bit him very hard there.

It hurt for a few seconds but then when he started stroking it slowly, the pain turned into pleasure. I started loving it. I could feel his rock hard dick inside on the walls of my vagina. It was cold and burning sensations altogether. Then he increased the pace and so did my moans.

“Ohh Rahul! Fuck me! Fuck me Rahul yes…Fuck me hard harder Rahul..Ohhhhh god! Yes yes. I want you totally inside me god yes oh fuck!”

He started fucking me like a wild animal then – so hard and fast. Our bodies moved in a rhythm. I was still scratching on his back with my nails.

He then turned me and we did it in doggie style. Now I could feel his dick going more inside me. He grabbed both my boobs while stroking and then fucked the hell out of me. My pussy was on fire. After some time, he pulled out and cummed on my ass.

We were drained with sweat and were exhausted like anything.


Hope you loved reading our experience and please keep your love coming my way as always. I would love to see your mails and messages on hangouts.

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Until next time, this is Rohan Sharma signing off!

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