Making Love To An Irresistible Woman

This is the story of how I made love to a beautiful irresistible mature woman who is 11 years older than me. This incident happened recently after the lockdown was lifted.

I have an attraction towards older women. I find them hot and mature and as someone who knows what they are doing. I love the confidence they have.

Coming to the incident, I joined a new gym after the lockdown in late November. This is where I met Pooja (name changed). She is 34 years old and has a great figure, making anyone doubt her real age. She has a little bit of fat in the tummy which looks good on her, and her ass is one to die for.

I have an athletic body, and I do work out well. Our gym is not crowded in the late evenings after 7.30 PM. Mostly just 3 or 4 people will be there. We used to see each other daily as we go at the same time.

I did not strike a conversation with her as I was afraid that it might come out as creepy. But I caught her looking at me multiple times while working out.

One day we both left the gym at the same time. We entered the lift together. In the lift, she initiated the conversation with a ‘Hi’ and asked me what I did for a living. We both were chatting till the parking, and then we left.

The next day, we started to say ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’ at the gym regularly. We occasionally had some long conversations, too, which were mostly about food. I eat grilled chicken regularly after the gym. One day while leaving, I asked her to join me. She, too, loves grilled chicken.

We went in her car and parked on the opposite side of the shop. I held her hands while crossing the road, and she smiled at me for it. I was brave enough to suddenly take her hand in mine. I still don’t know where I got the confidence to do so.

We talked a lot in the restaurant and exchanged numbers, and Instagram handles. I came to know that she was married and has a boy who is 4 years old. She is separated from her husband and looking for a divorce.

Instagram was a real ice breaker in our relationship. I used to send memes regularly. Starting from dark memes to wholesome content, we both got so close with each other. She invited me to her house for lunch on a Saturday. I was so excited to go there, and I knew that I was getting some passionate love-making action that day.

I went to her house. She opened the door wearing a white tee and black leggings. I always loved her for her simple way of dressing. I asked about her son, and she said that he is spending the weekend with his father. I was even excited to know that we are alone.

We had lunch together and came to the couch after some time. I asked her to go someplace after lunch. But she insisted on staying home watching Netflix and munching on some snacks. I played ‘Before Sunrise,’ and we started watching it.

She had an AC in the hall, which made the whole room very cold. She brought blankets from the bedroom and switched off the AC. We both had the same blanket on us while sitting and came close to each other.

I held her hands tightly, and my thighs were on her thighs. We made eye contact often, and she used to blush at me. I removed my hand and put it on her hips, and pulled her close to me. She responded positively and laid her head on my chest.

I knew it was my cue. I maintained eye contact with her and held her face with one hand while pulling her closer to me. I leaned forward and planted my lips on hers. She closed her eyes. It was not such a passionate kiss as she did not respond properly.  She then sat on my lap and held me, and gave me a deep kiss.

We kissed passionately for more than 5 minutes. My hands were running all over her body while kissing. I pressed her boobs, her ass and started to knead her breasts. She pinched my nipples and slid her hands inside my tee-shirt while kissing.

I kissed her in the neck, sucked her earlobes, and came towards her breast. I removed her tee-shirt, and she removed mine. She was wearing a black bra which I removed. I lifted her to the bedroom, dropped her on the bed, and started to kiss and suck her nipples.

She scratched my back with her nails while I bit her nipple and pinched the other nipple with my hand. I kissed all over her upper body and reached her abdomen. I removed her pant and panties. I placed a kiss on her pussy first, which was cleanly shaved.

I opened her pussy lips by holding them from both sides and started to lick her pussy. I slowly moved up and sucked on her clitoris. She started to let out cute little moans. I sucked on her clit and slid my finger inside her pussy. I fingered and sucked her for more than 10 minutes.

Her moans became intense. She started screaming while I increased my pace. I made her cum with a loud moan. Her wet pussy was a paradise, and I could not take my lips from there.

She stood up, removed my underwear, and started to suck my dick. She is a pro in giving head. She took my entire dick inside her mouth in a minute and sucked on it so hard. She asked me to deep throat her, and it felt great doing it with her. She drained my dick by sucking all out of it.

I needed time to get my dick erect again. I pushed her back to the bed and started licking her pussy again for some time. We kissed and bit each other madly for some time, and we laid down there hugging and cuddling each other. Being the big spoon and holding her from behind gave such an ecstatic pleasure.

Now my dick got erect, and I came down to her pussy to fuck her. She took a condom from her bedroom and gave it to me. I wore the condom, applied some lube over it, and started to fuck her. She lay near the edge of the bed. I fucked her in a standing position.

We then tried the doggy style, and I was slapping her ass all the time while fucking her. I fucked her for nearly 15 minutes. She wanted me to cum on her while fucking her boobs, and I did the same. We both took a bath together.

According to me, kissing someone naked and wet under the shower is the purest form of intimacy. I was on cloud nine while kissing her.

“You boys can keep your virgins. Give me hot old women in high heels with asses that forgot to get old.” I have always loved this quote by Charles Bukowski. This is the first time I made love with such a wonderful woman who gave me chills down my spine.

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