Green University – Part 8

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Sandhya’s erotic licking gives Sam a quick orgasm. He just stays there while Sandhya looks up at him and gives him a smile. Sam is all sweaty, and he is taking a deep breath. Sandhya gets up, running her hand over Sam’s chest. She gives him a smile and kisses his lips. They kiss like that for a while.

Meanwhile, inside Ankita’s bedroom, she pushes two fingers deep inside her pussy as she calls Anish. Anish receives the call, and he makes sure to open his back camera to show his cock. Ankita doesn’t turn on her camera, though.

Anish gets a little disappointed by that. But he still says, “Didi, you there?” stroking his hard cock. Ankita just says, “Mmmm,” as she looks at the cock and fucks herself with her fingers.

Anish can hear her moans, and that makes him more excited. He starts jerking faster, and as he does that, more precum comes out of his cock. Jerking his cock, Anish doesn’t hold back and says, “Didi, please open your camera.”

Ankita just says, “Mmmm,” as she is busy looking at Anish’s cock and fingering her pussy. Her pussy has gotten all wet and the juice coming out of her pussy is now all over her thighs.

Anish moans hard as he keeps stroking his cock. His hand is all covered with the precum. “Please, didi, I want to see you and cum for you,” He says again as he slowly rubs the tip of his cock. He takes his phone camera to give a close-up view of his balls to Ankita.

Ankita is now on the verge of an orgasm. She doesn’t think much and opens her camera. But she does make sure that her back camera is on. She takes the phone to her pussy and shows her wet cunt to Anish.

Anish cannot believe what he is looking at. He is looking at a pussy for the first time (apart from porn off course).
“Mmmmm, didi, your pussy looks so yum. Wish I was there to eat it,” Anish jerks off his cock faster. “Anish, come and fuck me,” Ankita is now very uncontrollable and pushes three fingers inside her cunt.

Anish now couldn’t hold longer, and cum starts coming out of his cock like a fountain. He shivers and lifts his ass as he cums, but he still keeps jerking off his cock.

Watching Anish’s cum coming out of his huge cock, Ankita closes her eyes and fingers herself very hard. In no time, she shivers and arches her body as she reaches the climax.

Anish has cum all over his body while Ankita is all sweaty and breathing heavily. They both put their phone aside and lie down on the bed for a while. “Didi, how was it? Did you enjoy it?” Anisha asks Ankita as he gets up. Ankita just says, “Mmmm,” and then cuts the phone.

Anish gets a little surprised as Ankita cuts the phone. He gets up and heads towards the washroom to clean himself. Ankita just lies down there with a big smile on her face. In her mind, she now wants Anish’s big cock inside her vagina.

Coming back to Sam’s apartment. Sam now gets up. Giving a naughty smile to Sandhya, he says, “I will take a shower. You can join me if you want.” Sandhya gives Sam a smile, and she gets up as well. “I would love to take a shower with you, babe,” she hugs Sam and sucks his lips again.

Both kiss for a while. While kissing, Sam takes off Sandhya’s dress. She is now on just bra and thong. Sam’s cock is now erect and hard inside his underwear. They both head towards the shower, and as they get inside, Sam holds Sandhya from behind and grabs her boobs.

“Mmm, baby,” Sandhya just moans and moves under the shower. She turns the shower on while Sam keeps pressing her boobs from her bra. Sam’s cock is now up and running and poking Sandhya’s ass. Both of their bodies get wet with water while their private parts start getting wet with their own juice.

“I love you so much, baby,” Sam moans and moves his ass towards Sandhya’s and rubs his boner on Sandhya’s ass. “Sandhya moans loud with all the excitement and takes her hand to Sam’s underwear. She slides her hand inside Sam’s underwear and grabs his big cock.

Sam now unhooks Sandhya’s bra and lets her bra straps slide down her shoulder. Sandhya herself pulls out her bra from her body. Sam grabs her bare boobs from behind. Her nipples are erect, and her pussy is getting extremely wet.

With one hand on Sandhya’s boobs, Sam moves another hand inside her thong. Sandhya’s wetness covers every inch of Sam’s fingers. Sandhya moans as she feels Sam’s hand caressing her virgin cunt. Sam rubs her wet cunt for a while.

As they both get extremely wet and horny, Sam pushes her on the wall. Sandhya rests her back on the wall and spreads her legs apart in an inviting position. Sam is now in front of Sandhya, and he gets closer to her.

Rubbing his cock on Sandhya’s thong, Sam kisses her. They kiss for a while, and Sandhya says, “I want you to eat me, babe.” Sam obliges like a little child and goes down on his knees. “You look so yum, babe,” he says, pulling Sandhya’s thong down.

Sandhya moves her legs to help Sam take off her thong. Now, she is all naked, and her pussy is licking so much juice. Sam looks up at Sandhya’s face and puts his tongue on her wet pussy.

Sandhya moans really loud, and grabs Sam’s head, and pushes it on her pussy. Sam uses his tongue and mouth to lick every inch of Sandhya’s pussy. Sandhya moans madly, and now, she wants Sam’s cock inside her.

Sandhya pulls Sam up and gives him a kiss. They both moan inside each other’s mouths as Sandhya pulls Sam’s underwear down his legs. As Sam gets all naked, Sandhya pushes him to sit on the toilet seat. She puts her hands on Sam’s shoulder.

As she was about to sit on Sam’s cock, Sam says, “What about the condom, babe?” Sandhya smiles and rubs her pussy with Sam’s cock. “I will take the pill, babe. I want to feel it for real,” Sandhya says as she slowly starts sitting down on Sam’s cock.

She wanted this so much that she takes Sam’s cock all inside her even though it is extremely painful. She clenches her teeth and closes her eyes as she sits like that for a while. Sam can see it is hurting her. So he puts his lips on hers, and they start kissing.

After Sandhya feels a little comfortable, she moves up and down on Sam’s cock. Sandhya starts enjoying it and starts bouncing really hard on Sam’s cock. “Baby, you are so huge, fuck me like I am your slut,” she gets wild and moans really loud.

On the other hand, Sam puts his mouth on Sandhya’s nipples and sucks her while Sandhya rides him like a crazy bitch. Sam keeps sucking her boobs as Sandhya rides really hard.

After few minutes of fucking, they both reach their orgasms. Both tired and sweaty stays there for a while as Sam’s cum oozes out of Sandhya’s vagina. After that, they take a shower together and have their dinner.

They fuck a few more times that night in Sam’s bedroom and finally fall asleep in each other’s arms. After fucking Sandhya and breaking her virginity, Sam has Shruti all over his mind.

Sandhya, on the other hand, has a big smile on her face. She finally breaks her virginity with the man whom she loves so much.

What will happen the next day when Sam, Aryan, and Harry visit White valley university? Stay tuned to find out – more excitement on the way.

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