Sex Ignites Long Lost Love

I was running my tongue around her nipple. She lay there with her legs wrapped around my waist. I took the nipple between my teeth and bit gently. She lifted her waist in extreme pleasure and squeezed my head in her arms. I kept playing with her nipples while my dick slid on her pussy. She gripped my waist with her legs and moved her pussy on the length of my hard cock.

It had been almost two years since that erotic night we spent together. We were a happy couple with a fair share of fights and lovemaking sessions. We were colleagues at work too. And everything has to end at some time, so did our relationship. It hurt me but I eventually regained myself.

And then we met again. It was my friend’s wedding and she was invited too. I had my doubts about her coming to the wedding as my heart wanted to see her but my friends hid this from me. They might have thought this would bring back memories. But, she was there sitting far away from me.

My eyes refused to move away from her. I smiled and she reciprocated it with her lovely lips. She was noticing me too. But I couldn’t talk to her. Things started to flash my mind and I left the hall for a smoke.

The wedding was set out in the open under the starry sky and I was quite jealous of my friend. It was set in a resort that had a sprawling golf course. I walked the night away from everything, found a nice boulder and lit my cigarette. I noticed someone walking towards me.

It was her. She was wearing a green saree with her hair flowing loose. The atmosphere brought an elegance to her or was it otherwise. She sat near me on the grass. As I put the cigarette in my mouth she held the cigarette and threw it away. I lit one more and she did the same with this one too.

The weather was a big booster for me. Winds kept gushing and the air was chilly. I can see the wedding stage and people far away from us. She was watching me. She put her hand in my pocket and emptied it. She threw the pack away and she gave me the mouth freshener. And then she spoke.

I was happy and nervous at the same time. “How can women forget everything so easily,” I thought. “I thought you’d be happy,” she started. I sat there silently watching her cute dimple magnifying her beauty. She was not so chubby with a good height. She had magnificent boobs with a decent ass that make people forget the fat around her waist. She grew thin.

“I thought we would get married like this,” I spoke with a hint of sarcasm pointing my finger towards the wedding. She gave a penetrating look. “Aren’t you tired of being beautiful?” I blurted out and she laughed. And then we talked a lot which brought us to the point of me smoking.

She thought our breakup was the reason behind my smoking. And she sat there silently with tears rolling down her cheeks. I have no words. I stared at her and wiped off her tears with my hand. She looked at me and hugged me with all her might. I controlled my emotions. But I hugged her back and comforted her.

I was missing this touch. Every move she made invoked the past. Her body fragrance was intoxicating me. I put my palm on her cheeks. She moved closer. My eyes were fixed on her lips. And we finally kissed. It was sweet. I held her neck.

We broke from the kiss. But I knew she was anticipating more just like me. She moved closer but I don’t want to start everything all over again. It had been two painful years without her and yet my heart wanted her more than ever. So I pulled her closer and planted a deep kiss.

She started to relish in the sudden rush of old passion between us. Her hands moved all over my body. I pulled her onto me and made her sit on me. Our tongues started exploring each other’s mouths. She moved slowly towards my dick. It was already hard and fighting its way out of my pants.

She crushed it against my body with hers. My hands moved all over her back and neck. I pressed her neck gently. As soon as I ran my hand on her ass, she broke from the kiss and hung her head in pleasure. It was a sight to behold with sweat running on her face and her hair hanging in the air.

I put my both hands on her ass and squeezed them gently. She fell on me and hugged me strongly. And there’s her neck right in front of my lips. I bent and planted a deep kiss on her neck. She crushed me in her arms. I ran my palm on her ass while kissing her neck.

She shuddered and pressed her nails into my back. I moved and pressed her back against the boulder. We are breathing heavily and I felt her hot breath hitting my face. I held her hands and spread them and pinned them on the boulder.

Her boobs danced in rhythm with every breath she took. Her eyes are fixed on me, so did mine. She tried to bend forward and attempted to kiss me. I swayed away and I bent forward, looking into her eyes. She swayed in my hold and tried to release herself from my arms and wanted to hug me.

But my grip was very powerful and she couldn’t control herself and started to push her chest towards me. I bent forward and planted a deep kiss on the cleavage looking into her eyes. Her body fragrance made me crazy and I pressed my head into her body. She moaned and her head fell on mine and she kissed my head.

Well, folks, I’ll bring out the remaining in the latter part. Thanks for being with me until this point. Till then, happy shagging and fingering. Pour out your comments on [email protected]. Ciao.

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