Aunt Vinutha Catches Me Watching Porn But Joins In!

My aunt Vinutha is the younger sister of my mom. She is a good-looking, south Indian woman with juicy boobs, and sexy buttocks! The best parts of her body are her bums!

My aunt is educated but decided not to do any job after marriage. Her husband works as a manager in a construction company, so he travels frequently. He is a workaholic, and never shows interest in sex (which I came to know later). She is childless too. This is the reason she always treats me as her own son!

As a kid, I mostly grew up in her house. She was staying in the same city but far from my home.

Talking about myself, I am a 20-year-old person, averagely built and doing my engineering in the third year. Until this point, I never had any sexual feelings towards her. Due to my college atmosphere and friends, I developed an interest in watching porn. Over a period, it became a habit and then an addiction!

Every day I watched porn at night and masturbated before going to bed.

This incident happened during my summer holidays. Due to my uncle’s business trip, my mom asked me to stay with my mami for a week. I packed my bag with clothes and the laptop and went to her house in the evening. She greeted me and thanked me for coming. By the way, she calls me “Chotu”.

After dinner, she said, “Chotu, you sleep with me on the same bed.” On the pretext of some work, I opened my laptop and started working on it. I was waiting for my aunt to fall asleep so that I could watch porn. She inquired about my college life and family.

After some time, she fell asleep. I waited until she faces another side of the bed. I then switched off the light and put my laptop behind the pillow and played some videos in mute mode. I started pressing my dick on the bed.

I forgot to check my sleeping aunt’s movements as I was so engrossed in watching the clips. Suddenly, I heard her voice, “CHOTU, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!”

I immediately closed the laptop and behaved as if I was sleeping. Aunt got up, switched on the light, and asked me what I was doing. I did not respond.

She immediately opened the laptop and found some videos that I had been watching. She had caught me red-handed! She got very angry and scolded me saying, “Chotu, this is a very bad habit and I will complain to your mom.”

I apologized to her saying, “I will not do it again,” and pleaded with her not to tell mom!

The next day, I avoided talking to her. On that night, I was lying down on the bed, facing the other side.

After some time, my aunt probably realized that she needs to console me. After all, she loved me! She tapped on my shoulders.

She said, “Chotu, this is common at your age, but I don’t want you to get addicted to it. I want you to study hard, and get a good job, otherwise, I am not bothered about it.”

I was very relieved and immediately replied to her saying, “I will not neglect my studies.” She seemed to be fine with that. I requested her if I can watch it now.

She thought for a moment and then said, “Fine.”

I was very happy and thanked her by kissing her cheeks. She blushed! To give me privacy, she then turned to the other side of the bed.

Without wasting time, I opened my laptop, browsed some videos, and started jerking, as usual, by pressing my dick against the bed. I was so excited that day that I finished it quickly.

The next day, my aunt asked me how long I had been watching porn. I said, “For the last 1 year.” She then asked me something, which I had never expected.

“Chotu, can you show me some videos?”

I was overjoyed and said, “Yes,” but she said she was just kidding! I was disappointed.

After dinner, we retired to the bedroom. She was wearing a sexy nighty on that day and I could see some cleavage. After some chit-chatting, she turned to the other side to give me the required privacy. However, I was thinking about how to seduce her.

I opened my laptop and played some videos. But this time, I increased the sound to make her feel the lust. After some time, my aunt got up and went to the washroom. When she came out, she glanced at my laptop and made a generic comment saying, “What is special about these videos?”

I replied to her telling her that she can check it herself. It seemed that she was looking for an excuse to watch! She lay down on her belly with her head and shoulders raised, and the elbows supporting her upper body. In this posture, she was giving me an ample display of her cleavage! I was sitting adjacent to her so that I could peek occasionally.

In the first video, a young bodybuilder was fucking the hell out of an elder woman! The woman in the video was shouting, “Fuck me, hard darling, fuck me harder.” She was surprised at the size of his dick and asked me if it was real.

Looking at her enthusiasm, I played more videos. My aunt was excited. It looked like she was never seen this type of video before.

After some time, all of a sudden she complained of shoulder pain. This surprised me! I offered to give her a massage. She immediately agreed.

Was my aunt trying to seduce me? I moved my hands onto her neck and started pressing it, while she continued to watch the videos. I slowly moved my hands onto her shoulders inside her nighty, touching her bra straps! She started moaning as I applied more pressure. This continued for more than 10 minutes.

I did not know how to take it forward; the nighty had zip on her back. However, I was very scared to take the initiative. At this moment, she said she will be right back and went to the bathroom.

Meanwhile, I was thinking about how to take it forward. She came back after two minutes, lay down on her belly and continued to watch the videos. To my surprise, her nighty zip was now half-open! I was super excited. My mami was trying to seduce me! That was like an invitation to proceed further.

Without wasting time, I continued the massage. This time, I mustered some courage and moved my right hand deeper inside her nighty, until the point of touching her bra hooks. I did not see much reaction from her, as she was completely engrossed in watching the porn action. She seemed to be acting as if nothing was happening.

This gave me more confidence! I slowly put my fingers on her zip and dragged it downwards. I did it very slowly; to make sure she would not object to it.

Now my aunt’s back was exposed. I could see her bra straps, moving my hands all over her back from the shoulders, neck, and back. Every time I moved my hand deeper, I was touching her bra hooks. Unfortunately, I was not able to move my hand beyond that.

After some time, she said that was enough for the day. I was not disappointed at all; things were going as per the plan.

The next day, I was eagerly waiting for the night thinking what is in store for me. I spent each minute like an hour! As usual, after dinner, I was waiting in the bedroom with the laptop. To my utter disappointment, she came in a sari. She usually changed into a nightly before coming to bed. However, I did not show my disappointment on my face.

I told her, that I would play some MMS clips. I opened and browsed some popular mms clips like JNU sex scandals, Mysore mallige etc. It was a different experience for her as they were real people and not actors as we see in porn.

With some hesitancy, I asked her whether I could massage her shoulders. Initially, she did not respond. I asked her again, she said, “Mmmmmm” in a very low voice. It was like a green signal. As a practice, I started from the shoulder and moved towards her blouse neckline.

After some time, with some courage, I moved my hands onto her midriff and massaged it without applying much pressure. I knew that my aunt was liking it, but not expressing it.

After some time, I came back to her upper back, tried to push my hand inside her blouse. However, it did not work. She was wearing a tight blouse. I could not insert my hands! I was disappointed as there is no way I can proceed further.

All of a sudden, she said she needed to go to the washroom and asked me to switch off the light. I switched off the lights but was wondering why she wanted that. It was dark except for the light coming out of the laptop.

After two minutes, she came out of the bathroom, and as usual, lay down on her belly. My eyes fell on her back. I sensed something was different; she covered her upper body with a sari. I carefully observed her. OMG, she had removed her blouse! A sudden rush of thrill ran through my body!

My aunt was just in her bra, covered with a very thin sari, and then realized why she wanted me to switch off the lights! Her cleavage was not visible, as it was covered with her pallu. I did not know how to start, but with some courage, I started pressing her shoulders with my hand.

I slowly made inroads under the sari, touching her bra straps and hooks. She said in a low voice, “It’s very hot in the room.” She was trying to justify her action. One thing I realized was, that she was horny and trying to seduce me!

To get more access to her back, I requested her to release her pallu which was held with her hands. She did not respond to my request. She probably wanted me to take the initiative. Without waiting for her confirmation, I slowly pulled it (she raised her hands to facilitate it) and removed it from her upper body.

Wow, my aunt was looking like a sexy goddess! It was one of the hottest experiences of my life! It was a treat to watch her boobs, lit up by the light emitting from the laptop. However, she was glued to the laptop and not reacting to all these things.

Now I was able to freely move my hands all over her back including her neck, hands, back, and her soft midriff. However, I did not have the guts to touch her boobs. I enjoyed the scene for almost 20 minutes, and then she pulled her pallu back and said that it was enough for the day!

She went to the loo and came back with her blouse on. We slept for the day. During the daytime, she was very normal, behaving as if nothing has happened.

After dinner, our session started, but this time I switched off the lights from the beginning, thinking she will reveal her body more. This time, she was back with her nighty, but to my disappointment there was no zipper at the back. Not knowing what to do, I removed my shirt saying it was very hot.

I was just in my shorts now, completely exposing my upper body. I was expecting her to do something. However, she did not reciprocate my action. As I ran out of options, I massaged her back on top of her nighty. My hands were not able to locate her bra. I was thrilled. But, I was not sure how to proceed further.

After some time, my aunt realized my discomfort and slowly raised her nighty until her waist, exposing her petticoat, giving an indication for me to go ahead.

Wow! It was the first time she exposed her petticoat.

Latching on to the opportunity, I started kneading her midriff, and slowly moved up, thereby pushing her nighty upwards, until it reaches her neck. Her complete back is exposed, but on the other side, her boobs stopped the nighty. I was stuck, and not able to proceed further.

After some time, she told me to wait, changed herself into a sitting position, and asked me to continue the massage! I positioned myself on her back, putting my legs on either side of her bums.

This way I can easily massage her with both my hands. I raised the hem of her nighty and moved my hands inside it. Remember her nighty is very loose!

This way I can easily touch her breasts. I know what she wanted. My mami wants a boob massage. I just keep on massaging her entire back and her belly while she was engrossed in watching the porn.

I was in a dilemma whether to go for the inevitable or not. She was completely glued to the laptop. Meanwhile, I applied more force in the massage. She started moaning in a low voice. It seems she was very horny.

While my hands were on her belly, in one swift motion, I moved my hands upwards and cupped both her boobs, and pressed it. She moaned loudly and started breathing heavily as I continued to press her boobs!

This was the biggest experience of my life until then. I never imagined I would fondle my mami’s boobs. They were too big for my hands!

She was no more watching the videos. She was moaning and breathing heavily. I raised her nighty and started kissing her back. All I heard was moaning and breathing sounds, but no words are coming from her mouth.

In one swift motion, I raised her nighty upwards and removed it from her upper body. I then immediately pushed her on the bed and pounced on her boobs. While I continued to kiss and fondle her big milky boobs, I adjusted the laptop so that I could see clearly see her chuchies. They were round and big.

Then I crushed her lips with mine. The room was filled with our breathing sounds and moaning. The only piece of cloth left on her body was her petticoat. This was unexplored territory for me.

While I was still kissing her lips, I used my other hand to press her BIG BUMS for the first time. I was approaching her body with fanaticism. Without wasting any time further, I moved downwards and raised her petticoat until her waist in one swift motion, exposing her thighs and panties.

Again, I adjusted my laptop to see her beautiful mound covered just with panties. I kissed her thighs and kneaded her mound. Time has come to view the most precious part of her body. In one swift motion, I dragged her panties down.

My aunt immediately covered her ‘triangle’ with her hands and turned her body to the other side to save her love-hole from being exposed. She was very shy to expose her pussy to me. But, to save her pussy, she had to sacrifice her bums to my view. It was the most favorite part of her body that I liked.

Her big bums were exposed in front of me. It was a dream come true! I liked her bums so much that, I slapped and kissed her bums hard. She exclaimed in pain by saying, “Chotuuuuu!”

The room was filled with breathing and moaning sounds. Now I want to conquer her most precious part of her body, her PUSSY! I removed her hands, located her love hole, and started finger fucking my aunt. Her moans got louder and louder. She was crying in pleasure calling my name loudly.

I increased my pace and she was breathing and moaning heavily. She started yelling at me saying, “Chotu, it’s enough darling. It’s enough, fuck me now, fuck me.”

I removed my shorts and positioned my body in the missionary style. She took my penis immediately and guided it towards her love hole. Once it was on the entrance of her hole, I gave a huge thrust to enter her pussy. She gave the biggest moan of her life. I continued to thrust my body towards her.

My married aunt was crying and saying, “Fuck me hard darling, fuck me hard,” with a very horny tone. The room was filled with loud noises. After fucking her for almost 10 minutes nonstop, we both cummed almost at the same time.

We tightly hugged each other for some time. She looked into my eyes and thanked me for the greatest pleasure of her life. We kissed and dozed off hugging each other.


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