Bank Employee Rachel – Part 2

Hi friends, this is Varun back with the continuation of the 1st part. I thank all my readers who took their valuable time to send me their reaction to the story in the form of mail and texts.

About me: I am Varun, aged 28 from Bangalore. I am working as an accountant here. I am basically a Mallu but settled here for the past few years. If you haven’t read the 1st part, I suggest you go through the story.

Bank Employee Rachel – Part 1

So let’s continue. After they left Bangalore, Rachel used to call me every day. We used to have a horny conversation we used to do video call every single night before we hit our bed.

One day while I was in office, Rachel messaged me saying she wanted to meet me. Since Ganesh Chathurthi holidays were coming up we decided to meet during that time. We planned to book 2 rooms in Salem from our different Oyo App. We decided to check-in at different times to avoid doubt.

Since I got work off on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, I decided to leave Bangalore by Saturday early morning. Rachel would reach on Saturday evening. I checked in by afternoon and took a nap. By 5 pm Rachel called me up saying she has reached and had given me her room number.

I got freshened up and left to her room which was on the floor just above mine. We met and had a casual talk. By 6 pm we went out to the city on my bike. (Yes am a biker too and came to Salem on my bike.) We came back to the hotel by 8:30 pm and had dinner.

We both went straight to our rooms to freshen up. I wore track pants and a round neck t-shirt and was ready. After some time Rachel phoned and asked me to come to her room. When I entered her room, she had switched off her lights and had put dim lights.

She was wearing a purple color t-shirt and pink and white designed 3/4th. I locked the door behind me and hugged her from behind. She had taken a quick shower. I could feel her cold body on my hands and her hair was wet. She turned around and had a smile on her face.

We tightly hugged each other and were standing in that place for some minutes.
Then we parted. I caught her face in my hands and started to kiss her lips. She was responding by opening her mouth and sucking my lips. She was also sucking my tongue in to and fro motion.

When I was about to put my hand inside her top, she pushed away and said, “Not so soon, Varun. I have bought something for you.” She took a bottle of home-made wine from her baggage which was an Apple flavor. She said let’s start with this and I agreed.

I helped her in arranging the table and chair in the balcony. Her balcony was facing the road (Bangalore Salem highway). We started to talk about various topics especially her personal life, about my life, my stories from ISS about Judy (teacher), Renuka (cousin-sister), Dr. Simi and my readers.

The effect of the wine started to arise and we both were feeling a bit tipsy. I slowly put my hand across her shoulders and started to rub her shoulders. She leaned on my shoulders and caught my left-hand fingers. I slowly slide my hand down towards her side belly.

I kept my hand there and started to rub. I slowly moved my hand little up just under her left boob. I slowly started to rub her boob. I could feel her breath increasing and I moved my fingers towards her nipple and started to circle. She pulled her head back to the wall and had closed her eyes.

Suddenly she caught my hand and made me press her boobs tightly. She gave a moan when I pressed it hard. I turned her face towards me and we kept looking into each other’s eyes. I could see the pain and depression which she was going through all these years from her eyes.

Her eyes were asking more from me. I moved forward and started to suck her lips, she was responding and was sucking my lips badly. She was pulling my neck more towards her with her left hand and kept doing to and fro action. I lifted her up in my arms and took her inside the bedroom.

I made her lie down on the bed. I closed the balcony door and curtains. When I was about to get into the bed, Rachel pulled me and made me lie down. She came on top of me. She started to give kisses on my forehead, my eyes, my nose, cheek and then started to suck my lips.

She went further down kissing my neck. She came a bit top towards my ear lobes and inserted her tongue into my ears. I kind of felt a tickle sensation and moved my face. She gave a naughty smile and slowly bit on my ears. She had inserted her left hand inside my T-shirt and kept roaming on my hairy tummy.

She pulled my T-shirt from my head and I was lying down top naked.
Rachel: Varun! I am getting mad with these hairs.

She kept her face on my chest. She kept moving her face all around my chest, from my neck till my tummy. She then started to suck my nipple. She kept doing this with both my nipple and went down towards my tummy licking me like how a dog licks.

When she reached my tummy, she went a bit further down (near my track pant). She caught the waist of my track pant and pulled it in one go. I was lying down naked on the bed. She came in between my legs and caught my dick with her right hand.

She said now it’s her chance to reward me for what I did to her when she came to Bangalore. My dick started to throb in her hand. She slowly pulled the skin down and started to kiss on the tip and went down kissing till my balls. She took the balls completely in her mouth and started to suck.

She kept moving her hand up and down on my dick. She came further up licking on my dick from below and came to the tip of my big dick. She slowly swallowed my dick by looking at my face. But unfortunately, she couldn’t take my full-length dick inside her mouth.

After sucking for a few minutes, suddenly she took my dick out from her mouth. She went inside the bathroom to wash her mouth. I was worried about what happened to her and went behind her inside the bathroom.

Rachel: Sorry Varun! I haven’t taken any dick inside my mouth. Yours was the 1st time I am taking. But I have seen in many poems. I thought of taking yours because you gave me great pleasure last time, but I felt like vomiting.

Me: (holding her by her waist) You shouldn’t have taken if you weren’t comfortable.

But I didn’t feel like she was a beginner.  I started to suck her lips.

This is the end of the 2nd part. Stay tuned for the next. Keep commenting about the stories on mail: [email protected].

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