Stressed Out Day

Hey fellas, I hope you guys having a great time. Here is to very first story penned down on XIS. Thanks to the XIS team.  Let me hit up rather getting bored some more.

I’m DecentMan of 32 years old. Athletic body, hairy chest and an average size of 6 inches to stimulate and make sensation around the vaginal walls. So the other character here is my girlfriend. She is beautiful, charming with enough flesh on the curves especially. Can make anyone say, “Woah!”

She is Sabrina,33 years old, with a figure of 32-28-32. The dress sense of hers and the way she moves around can always let your little boy underneath to be electrified and ready to discharge. She’s a working professional in a different state. I too am working in a different state.

It’s quite often that we are not together and once in a while I had to visit her. I took my earned leaves and left to her place as I already have an extra key to the house. I reached and was relaxing suddenly a shout came.

Sabrina – Baby!

DM – Yeah Honey, you’re home! How are you?

We hugged and smooched but that didn’t go well, she pulled back herself in between and resisted for a while. I inquired, “What happened, honey?”

Sabrina – Nothing had a bad day at the office. The presentation didn’t go well so I had to take up all the blame for the project that was assigned to me.

DM- No issues, try not to make that mistake again. Come let me order something for dinner and get some rest.

Sabrina – I’m exhausted. I really need to relax. (opening her hair)

DM – Meantime let me give you a nice massage so that you will be relieved from stress.

Sabrina – Yeah really baby. (kissed my forehead)

Moving towards the room, I made her sit on the bed, between she was wearing a shirt and black stockings. I made her lie on the bed. My hands started to pull the stockings which had elastic movements so I tried to make some sensation with that. Slowly pulled out her left leg stockings and kissed her toes.

The same way I removed her right leg stockings. Meeting her after 6 months, the body still trembles when I touch her to lick her toes. Once her feet were naked, I poured some oil on her feet and started to massage her. She was in ecstasy while I was doing this.

Slowly, I pour oil in my hands and started to massage from feet till her hamstrings. She was lacking sex for the last 6 months. So I moved my fingers on her panty. The aroma and heat which was there can’t express it in words. I was like a volcano erupting lava.

Guys, I tell you no matter what how cold the temperature may be, once you feel this heat the damn cold will run away a mile. Trust me on this. I removed her top, skirt and she was in the lacy push up black bra and panty. Voila! I can’t wait up to eat this meat.

My dick was already in a position that was fighting against my boxer to get freed. She gives an excellent blow job and was waiting to suck my tiny 6 inches dick. She freed my boxer and there it is popping directly on her face. She started to suck my dick and I was patting her ass and holding her hair.

After sucking for 5-7 minutes she turned around and started to fuck my dick with her feet. My dick was in between her feet and she was stroking it while I was holding her feet together. She lay on the bed I pulled towards the end of the bed and me kneeling down on the floor.

I started to lick her juicy pussy. It tasted so nice. I was missing it for so long. Making my tongue twirl inside pussy and spitting on the vagina then licking it dry. But the juices started to flow like anything. She badly craved to get fucked.

After licking for like good 10 minutes I made her turn around and slowly inserted in one go. She yelled, “Oh my god!”  I started to move slowly in and out. She was moaning, “It’s been waiting for this so long baby.”  With one leg on the shoulder, I gave her hard strokes, making her moan louder.

“Fuck me, baby.” Took out her bra and there her boobs fell out and was moving up and down. With hard nipples, I was sucking and stroking her at the same time. I loved to pinch the nipples. The pleasure and moan sounds made me go crazy and wanted to fuck the hell out of her.

The bed was screeching while fucking her so hard. Fucked in this position for 5 minutes. Then she started to give me a blowjob. She was kneeling down and was licking my dick head and slowly moving her head in and out. I was making her suck my entire cock, like a deep throat.

She was gagged and was struggling to vomit. So I stopped and then made her lick my balls. She slowly moved towards my ass to lick around the anus. Once the tongue reached that area beneath the balls it’s more sensitive. It will make you weak, the same thing happened to me.

I was just resisting by holding her hair firmly. Then I made her stand to hold the bed. I came behind and slowly inserted it. She was enjoying this and moaning. I spat on my dick and started to fuck her again in the standing position. I really penetrated her deep while fucking from behind.

With every stroke, my balls were slamming her ass. I was pushing it harder. “Fuck me harder. Yes, love it baby fuck me.” I was about to cum. I took out and pressed my dick head for a good 10 seconds so that I can last for one more round. By this time she had already cummed 2 times.

I made her in the doggy style position and licked her pussy for a minute. Then she started to fuck her in doggy style with harder and harder strokes. She was simply moaning and was enjoying it. With every stroke she was moaning, was slamming her ass and fucking hard.

“Fuck me harder, come on give me your hot cum. I can’t wait to take that whole load of yours.” I was about to cum. With harder strokes just before cumming, I took out my dick and cummed on her stomach. She was overwhelmed and was super exhausted. And I too was down in the bed trying to catch the breath.

So this was me trying to narrate as much as I can. I didn’t add much spice to it, as myself I like it when it’s realistic. If any mistakes try to correct me, fellas. Hope you enjoy my story. Here is my mail where you can reach me on [email protected]. Thank you for your precious time.

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