Sneha Desai Made The Watchman Happy

I realized that I need to open my cunt much more. I met Bhabhi and asked her, “How to open my cunt more?” She smiled mischievously, asked me how I felt. I said, “I liked it and enjoyed it. But I could not take the whole dick inside.”

Bhabhi pulled my cheeks, congratulated, and told me I was very naughty. Bhabhi added that now I was ready for the world. She advised me to push carrot, cucumber, unripe banana-like vegetables inside. And my cunt will be ready to take and enjoy any hard dick.

I had graduated, but I joined a postgraduate course. My father got promoted. He bought a tenement with the land around it in the outskirt of the city. We shifted there. I had grown older now and managed myself.

I brought carrot, cucumber to my room. Using oil, I pushed them in my cunt, opening it and simultaneously enjoying the fuck. I missed Bhabhi’s guidance and pep talk!

I am ready for encounters for more than 2 years. There were few boys, but nothing concrete came out of it. I was waiting for my prince to appear on a horse. Till then, veggies were useful.

Last year, the rainy season was unusual but fruitful. I usually sit in the window without a light on looking and watching people around. Tenement across my home, there was a newly married couple, enjoying the intimacy!

I use to keep my bedroom locked from inside. So I was always secure and could do whatever I desire. Society has a watchman who moves around at night. There are a few stray dogs around. Many times I sit naked in the dark, playing with a carrot, enjoying even late at night.

This watchman moves smoking bidi in society at night, the whole night. He is an old man. I saw him pissing in the open, late in the night. Sometimes, I see him looking through the window inside the tenement. I thought to trick him to feelor even suck my body.

Last year, after moving to the new place and losing contact with Bhabhi, sometimes I felt very desperate. Like, I want to do anything, invite anybody in my bedroom! After seeing the old watchman pissing in the open and looking in windows, a thought came to my mind to seduce him.

I started to stay awake till midnight and keep my bedroom lights on so that the old watchman knows I am awake. Slowly, I came to know about his routine. He would cross our home at 10.30 and then at 11.30 for sure. I would stand at the window at that time. Soon he noticed me in the window.

A couple of days, I missed that schedule. The old watchman started to hit the ground with lathi about 5 to 10 minutes before passing my window. I thought about this signal. So listening to his lathi, I would switch on the light and rush to the window.

While passing, he will occasionally look at me. I usually wear salwar kameez. After some time, I started to throw water outside when he was 10 feet away. He would then look at me. Then I started to wear a flimsy nightdress instead of salwar kameez at 11.30 when there is no one outside.

I try to remember to remove the bra panty before wearing that nighty. I modified the old 3-piece nighty myself. I cut the sleeves to make it sleeveless, shorten the length up to a mini skirt, and very wide neck showing almost half of boobs.

Then I started to throw water out of the window at 11.30 instead of 10.30, so the watchman would look at me in the nighty. For 15 days, I did so. Then at 11.30, listening to his lathi, I switch on the light but did not go to the window. Instead, I recline on the bed in the nighty reading book.

I kept the mirror especially to see if the watchman comes near the window. Initially, maybe he passed near to the window but did not look in. After 4 days, I saw him looking in my bedroom from the window. He saw me in bed in nighty, my thighs exposed, soon he went away.

Two days later, he appears at the window again. He noticed I am reading a book and maybe don’t know of his presence. So he stayed much longer. The next day I kept my arm by my side. So that watchman can enjoy the view of my thighs and the generous contour of my boobs. He again stayed longer.

Soon I changed position. I lie down on my tummy, keeping my legs towards the window. He stayed at the window much longer, looking at my smooth legs and fleshy young thighs. I made a slight movement so that he had some more view-up thigh.

After a couple of days, I kept my back to the window and started changing my salwar kameez into nighty. So he saw me undress, completely naked. Then wear a nighty. As soon as I turned, he slipped away! So the next day, I kept the nighty on the bed. I stood sideways rather than showing back.

He came close to the window then backed up a little. I slowly undressed, showing him my boobs. Then turned to show front and pick up nighty from bed to wear it. Then I took the comb from the bed to comb the hairs. The next day, I started to undress.

While undressing, I faced him. He saw me in a red bra and then absolute nude. I picked up a comb and started to comb and walk within the room. As watchman came every day, my confidence increased. So, the next day, as he peeped from the window, the watchman found me much closer to him.

I was between bed and window. I was already undressing. While undressing, I turn towards, window, presenting feast to his eyes. My young, voluptuous, sensual body! I saw him ogling the exhibition of my bare body.

Without wearing a nighty, I walk towards the window, towards the old watchman, combing my hair. Facing the window, I looked at him. He realized, I know he is watching, he went away. I saw him standing few feet away from the window. I did not move away. I stood there bare for him.

We stood there almost 20 minutes before he withdrew. Both of us now know that the other one also knows! As expected, the old watchman was there at my bedroom window at 11.30. As I saw him in the window, I got up, walking, start to undress, gently, deliberately walking towards the window.

He saw me, seeing him, and I saw him, looking at me! This time he did not walk away. I kept a 4 to 5 feet distance between me and the window while I was undressing. Soon I was all feast for his old eyes. I picked up and brushed my hair, standing there, turning towards window now and again.

So he could see my feminine shape and erotic boobs and dark triangle of ultimate erotic pleasure. We saw and looked at each other for almost 30 minutes. I realized watchman had 30 to 40 minutes only! The next day was the weekend, so I skipped.

The window closed, with no lights. He probably came and waited for some time. Monday was going to be rewarding for the old watchman. As soon as I heard a lathi noise, I switch on the light. Soon enthusiastic steps were heard, and the old watchman was there at the window, holding the grill in his hands.

I got up from bed and undress a bit quickly. Brushing hairs, I walked towards the window, breaking the 5 feet distance I usually keep. Like watchman, I, too, went almost close to the window. My sensuous body only inches away from him.

He seems to be excited seeing naked me just inches away from the grill he was holding. After few minutes, when I did not see him taking any initiative, I moved forward. The distance between his fingers and hard nipple capped soft boobs were steadily reducing.

Finally, I touched his knuckles with my bare soft breasts. He still stood still. I very slowly took his hands-off grill off the window and put them on my soft boobs. The old watchman now gathered courage and started to press my boobs. I pushed my body on the grill, so his hand can explore me!

From boobs, his hands moved on my body, pulling as if there is no grill in between. I pushed my boobs on the grill, my hand went out, and pulled his shirt, offering my erect nipples. He soon started sucking my nipples, caressing my naked body.

Now through the grill, both his hands were wrapped around my feminine body, reached buttocks, and then on the hairy triangle between my thighs. My hand, too, through the grill went on watchman’s body. My fingers soon found the fountain of pleasure.

I undid his pajama and hold his dick in my palm. His body jerked with an uncontrolled spasmodic movement. He spurted all the white cream he had gathered for so many days! Exhausted, he walked away.

The second day at 11.30, I was ready at the window. He came to the window, holding the window grill. I undressed and offered my body to his eager hands. He pulled my body against the window grill and started sucking my nipples.

Touching boobs, buttocks and exploring the hairy triangle of ultimate satisfaction! He was quite hungry. I again reached for his dick. It was hard and erect. As soon as I held it in my palm and squeezed a bit, that animal spurted. I felt a hot thick sticky volcano on my hands.

The third day, I asked him, “Tumara dick bahar nikalo.” As my fingers touch hanging marbles, he could not control the wave of pleasure running all over him. In seconds, I find my hands wet with the produce of the watchman.

On the fourth day, the watchman confessed. He cannot hold his dick erect to penetrate deep and make me happy! I stopped getting undress and walk to the window. After a month, I find the watchman at the window holding the grill. When I looked at him, he urged, “Baby, please come here.”

As I walked towards his eager eyes and desperate hands, I found his eyes begging. I undressed there and allowed him to suck my nipples and explore my pleasure island. After some time, I hold his dick in my hand and spurted immediately.

Satisfied he walked away, ignoring me and my needs, leaving me unsatisfied!

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