Hush, My Husband Is Here!

Hey guys. I hope you guys are doing good. You all stay safe and stay indoors. I thank my readers who took their time to send a ping for appreciating my story.

Coming to the story. After writing my experiences on the site, I got a few responses. Lots of them were great. I loved it and others were spammers. This happened during the time of Christmas.

She was holding the phone. On the other side was her husband. She was sitting nude on the bed. I kneeled in front of the bed and immersed my head between her legs. Kissing and licking her pussy lips. Giving a deep kiss into it. Her whimpering moans rose. I could her gulping sound.

My Sarayu was having sex with me. She was talking. My hands were on Sarayu’s thighs pressing it. Slowly rubbing them from bottom to top. I sucked up the drops of her pussy juice from the pussy lips. I widened her pussy lips. Sarayu moaned.

Sarayu: How are you?

I was putting my tongue slowly into her pussy. Then I pinched her clitoris. She was trying hard not to moan. Her hands were simultaneously moving from my head to her mouth. To and fro. To hide her moans from her boyfriend. She was biting her fingers. I bite her pussys lips. I then started to finger her with 3 fingers.

2 days earlier.

I was bored out of hell. I check hangout to find a lady who had given me an invite to chat. I decided to give it a try.  She has a cute face.

Sarayu: Hi.

Me: Hi.

Sarayu: I loved your story. It was quite great.

Me: I am glad to get such a great response. Ms?

Sarayu: Sarayu. By the way are you from Bangalore?

Me: That’s a lovely name. Yes, I am. What about you?

Sarayu: From Kerala. Settled in Bangalore.

Me: Myself a Keralite too. Where are you from in Kerala?

Sarayu: That’s nice. Thrissur (a place in Kerala)

Me: Me too. Hope we are not neighbors.

Sarayu: You know I had a doubt. You, Mallu boys, are always too horny

Me: God-given gift has to be put to good use.

We chatted along for some time. I tried to make up a basic friendship between which shot off like a charm. I used to start with a small good morning to start up chat each day. She loved the way I gave attention to her. In the next few days, she told me about herself.

She was a Mallu beautician who is a resident in Bangalore for some years now. She is in the mid-’30s. Married with a 6-year-old kid. Who owns her parlor and pretty much spends her quality time with her family.  Her husband is an employee is in the merchant navy. He was rarely there.

But she seemed like a sweet girl. It was her friend who introduced her to the site and she had started reading the sex stories in them. She liked my story and messaged me to know about me. While reading my story she felt happy. I tried my best to keep her company through hangouts.

Then on Sunday after Christmas, I woke up late due to hangover of Saturday party.  I opened hangout and I had a message from her

Sarayu: Hi good morning, Mike.

Me: Hi good morning. Got up so early?

Sarayu: Early? It’s 10 in the morning da. I was waiting for my sweet good morning message as usual from a cute boy. But it never came. So I had to wake him up.

Me: Oh, I am so sorry.

Sarayu: It’s fine. What party and drinking ha? Did you bring any girl home yesterday?

Me: A little bit partying. You jealous, Sarayu?

Sarayu: Why would I be jealous?

Me: I don’t know you sound like that.

Sarayu: Leave all that nonsense. What is your plan today?

Me: Nothing cleaning stuff and getting ready for tomorrow. In the evening may go out with a friend.

Sarayu: Lucky guy. You bachelors. A lot of time for yourself. I will be busy most of the time.

Me: Why don’t you take rest then? Its Sunday anyways, right?

Sarayu: I would love to so much. But my hubby came home on Thursday from his long trip. Now. He is dragging me to a function at his relative’s home. I don’t like to go there. I can’t say no to him. I fought with him in the morning.

Me: Why?

Sarayu: It was about his job. He will leave in another 4 days. Usually, it is at least 2 months’ leave. But he has some work. I saw these new contacts on the phone. I have doubt he is seeing someone else.

Me: It’s probably not what you think. They may be his new friends he makes. Don’t worry Sarayu. Your husband is not cheating on you.

Sarayu: But why can’t he can spend time with me?  His friends are with their families He too much into all this stupid work.

Me: It’s ok, chill, baby. Just talk to him openly. It solves out in time. Besides I am there for you to spend time

Sarayu: What? You spend time where?

Took time to reply.

Me: Yes. Why not? I am here to hang out quite literally sometimes.

Sarayu: How? We have just been friends for a week. You too seemed like you were busy. How come all of sudden?

Me: I was just taking the time. Because once it happens it will stay long and strong.

Sarayu: It? Long strong?

Me: Yes, the relationship between us.

Sarayu: Oh the relationship? Are you sure?

Me: Everything I said.

Sarayu: Naughty guy. Catch you in the evening. Is it fine?

Me: Yeah. Before you go. Can I get a treat? I am pretty sure you are wearing a saree. But been waiting too long to see you in one too.

After some time.

Sarayu: (send a pic) Don’t do any naughty things with it.

Me: I am an innocent guy and so don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

Sarayu: I hope you are not always this innocent. Especially when we hangout.

Me: See you in the evening.

Till evening I have not received any message from her. I was a bit eager to talk to her that day. I didn’t know why. I got ping somewhere at 11 pm.

Sarayu: What are you up to naughty boy? Had your dinner?

Me: Hey babe. I had my food. I am up to no good like always. What about you?

Sarayu: I just finished my work. So lying down. Do you mind if I ask you something?

Me: Sure. Go ahead.

Sarayu: I am not comfortable chatting here. If you don’t mind can we exchange mobile numbers?

Me: Well I am the one who asks for numbers usually. But thankfully. I have met an angel. I don’t have any problem if you are comfortable.

We shared our numbers with each other. I installed telegram and pinged her.

Me: Hi you there?

Sarayu: I am there. Don’t make a noise. Because my hubby is next to me.

Me: It’s fine. How was your day?

Sarayu: It was ok kind of day. What about you?

Me: The usual. But the day got much better. Once I am talking to you.

Sarayu: Did you have dinner?

Me: Yea. What about you?

Sarayu: Yes I had. What did you have veg or non-veg?

Me: It was veg. I don’t eat a lot of non-veg. I do like to a bit more of nonveg.

Sarayu: Oh. Good boy.

Me: Do you do it?

Sarayu: I will tell because you are a good friend. I do like to do it a lot. But since he is not here. I don’t get the chance. We do it in every blue moon.

Me: Why? It’s not illegal? You are legal to do any time

Sarayu: I would. But the problem is he is not here.

Me: Fuck! He is a gold-digger who doesn’t know he has a treasure on his bed.

Sarayu: Really?

Me: I am serious. And feel sad for you. What do you do to satisfy yourself?

Sarayu: I do read a lot of stories. Sometimes masturbate not much once I did it with a carrot. Rest with my fingers. I feel a bit shy to tell you all this. But feel good to be open with someone

Me: I guess I am a lucky person then. And man, that carrot is luckier than me

Sarayu: You idiot. Are you feeling jealous?

Me: I am feeling bad for me. I could have replaced your fingers and carrot. If I had known before.

Sarayu: What are you talking about? I am married

Me: Oh sorry. I crossed a line. Good night, Sarayu.

No reply from Sarayu and I slept. For a day there was no reply. I guess I blew off another chance. Very next morning I got up late and was in a hurry to get to the office. I freshened up and got in a cab and checked my phone in a cab. There were two messages from her

Sarayu: Hi good morning Mike. It’s ok you don’t have to apologize. I am not hurt. I will call you at 10.30 am once my hubby is out. Do pick my call.

Me: Waiting for your call.

I got a call from her in by 11 am.

Sarayu: Hi, where are you? (she was whispering)

Me: I am in the office. How are you? Why are we whispering? Is your husband around?

Sarayu: I am good. Nop. Ping me on telegram if you have time. I want to talk to you.

I pinged her in the telegram.

Me: You there?

Sarayu: Yes very much. Can I ask you something?

Me: You can ask anything except the moon.

Sarayu: I just got to know about you. I hope I can trust you.

Me: Yes, you can.

Sarayu: Thanks. In that case, I was lost in thought for a day. So will you replace the carrot?

Me: Meaning? You want me to fuck you?

Sarayu: If you want to replace I will be happy to oblige. Before that, we should meet up.

Me: I am ready when you are.

Sarayu: I have not been fucked from the last four months. I really need a lot of it. I know it sounds slutty. I am tired of waiting for him to notice me. I need to feel real hard meat in me. Please don’t mind. I am sharing my feelings.

Me: Its ok Sarayu we are best friends. Besides I understand women have needs. I am here to fulfill that and fuck you. Now onwards stop using carrots.

Sarayu: I hope we can meet soon.

Me: I’ll surely bring hard meat 6-inch thick rod you ordered.

Sarayu: Will you send it? If you don’t mind.

I shared my dick pic with her

Sarayu: Oh, God. Is it yours? I thought you were joking. I am so happy to have such an understanding friend.

Me: I will take it inside. I will go deep inside you. If you say no also I will not stop fucking you.

Sarayu: I knew that you were hardcore fucker. Reading your old story.

Me: Soon you will feel it.

Sarayu: I would love too. Imagining it feels like butterflies in my tummy.

I sent her one more pic of my dick.

Sarayu: You making me horny, dear.

Me: I will be there any time to fuck you. To satisfy that horniness.

Sarayu: Can we meet this week?

Me: You say where? I have been waiting for you for so long.

Sarayu: My place. I will tell you evening as my hubby is set to leave by tonight at 1:00 am.

Me: As you wish. There won’t be any trouble, right?

Sarayu: not at one is home. You start conserving your stamina.

Me: I am always ready to fuck you like you are my slut

Sarayu: Yes I am hungry for it. Catch you in a little while. Someone is at the door.

Me: Take care sweetheart and ping me when you are free.

She pinged me in the evening.

Sarayu: Sorry for the late reply.

Me: It’s ok. I can understand I was waiting for you. What are you doing?

Sarayu: Nothing, cooking was done. I was talking to him. He is going tonight.

Me: Think twice and tell. There should not be a problem for you. Safety is important to you.

Sarayu: Thanks so much for your concern. No problem from my end. Just you come. Ping you the address later. I am sending my address.

Me: Trust me, I wont bite till I am in bed with you.

Sarayu: I am waiting to be bitten. Ping you later. See you soon. I need to pack his stuff.

Late-night I got a message with the address. In the morning I had sent a message asking her everything is fine.

Sarayu: Come around 11. Let me freshen up. Carry condoms dear. I need a lot.

Me: Yes not to worry. Here is a surprise for you.

In the morning I got up and took some condoms and chocolate cream. I went to her place at 9 am. To surprise her, I was carrying my company bag with condoms and ice cream and stuff. I pinged the bell.  A guy opened the door. I was shocked. It was her husband.

I had seen him in the photos she sent. He asked, “Who are you? What do you want?”

I was mumbling for an answer like I had just been caught red-handed. I started to sweat a bit excessively. Then I reached for my bag straps and bulb light. I had an idea.

Me: Sir, I am from Afford solutions. Madam I had called in about trouble with her laptop and wifi. We do home servicing. So I was here for it.

Him: Ok. Come in. I thought wifi was working perfectly.

Me: But mam had called in for a troubleshoot.

Him: Great.

I saw his packed bags. But he hadn’t left. My heart was still pumping like an engine. I was not out of the woods yet. Sarayu soon came out of the shower with wet hair and towel over her blouse and petticoat. She was surprised to see me. I told her not to be alarmed with sign language.

I went to her and asked, “Madamji. Please guide me to the modem.” Her husband had gone into their bedroom. She took me into the guest bedroom near the kitchen. Where the modem and laptop were kept. I then entered the room and pulled her in.

I pushed her to the door. I whispered that she looked hotter than in her pics. She blushed and smiled. She asked why I came so early. I told her I wanted to surprise. I asked her when he would leave. She said in an hour.  I then put my arms around her and went in for a kiss.

I made a lip lock and press her boobs over her blouse. It felt soft like cotton. I could feel them between my fingers.  Our lips on each other’s lips and hugging.  Our tongue rolled on each other. Her hands started to feel my broad chest. Rubbing it down, I slowly broke the kiss.

I started to kiss her while grabbing her big boobs through her blouse. I felt their softness. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breathing started to stutter. I started to suck her neck bit by bit. My hands took her pallu off. My tongue moved to lick her neck then. I moved my tongue down.

I then reached her mangalsutra. I kept it on her. I dipped my tongue into her cleavage. Licking between her boobs and rubbing their skin on the sides. I felt her figure on my palms. My hands rubbed down her body and pressed her curvy bubbly navel. I pressed her deep and gave her a deep kiss on her collar bone.

I was mad at her boobs constantly squeezing. I lowered her blouse on both shoulders. I moved my tongue through her collar bone lining to her shoulder. Then I ran my tongue back to her neck, licking the undersides of her face and her chin. She bit her lips and the voice of her breath filled the room.

I’ll be continuing the story soon. I thank all the comments for my last stories. Thank you. All of you can come for a chat or send me feedback at [email protected]

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