Bank Employee Rachel – Part 1

Hi, guys, this is Varun with a story of mine. This is a true incident that happened in the month of July 2019.

The heroine of our story is Rachel aged 38, a Bank employee from Coimbatore. She is a frequent visitor to our XIS site. She is a divorced woman and she’s all alone from the past 4 years. She lost her parents 3 years ago and her husband ditched her by getting a new girl into his life.

One day while I was coming back from my work I got a message on my Kik account appreciating my story. Due to the heavy traffic in Bangalore, I wasn’t able to send her a reply. I reached my home and replied to her. We started to know each other, her likes and dislikes, her fantasies, her hobbies, etc.

We started to talk continuously for the next 2 weeks. We used to do sex chat during the night especially role plays. She used to get damn horny when we do bro-sis roleplay and when I call her ‘Akka’ – sister in Tamil. She used to cum a hell of a lot and used to send pics of her messy hand and cum filled pussy.

After that, we started to chat in Hangout and we used to do voice chat. She used to make me hear her moaning. She used to call my name while she was fingering and made me hear the sound when she was fingering. We did this for almost a month.

One day she said she wanted to meet me because she felt am genuine and liked me. She said she is coming to Bangalore for an official meeting from her bank and would be in Bangalore for 2 days. But the 1st day she would be busy with her meetings and stuff.

We decided to meet on the 2nd day / last day because she would be leaving by 4 pm. So as planned before we decided to meet for lunch. Around 9 am she phoned me up saying her work would get over by 11 am and her colleagues will also be there for the lunch.

She said she would introduce me to them as her cousin. I took half day leave from office and left to the restaurant, I was 15 minutes late due to the heavy traffic. She was waiting for me at the entrance itself. I parked my bike and walked towards her.

Since we had shared our pics there wasn’t much doubt in finding her. We said “Hi” to each other, shook hands and gave a small hug. I could smell her fragrance which was making me crazy. (I really love the smell which comes from women’s bodies. I haven’t found this kind of smell in any deodorants or spray).

She was wearing a cream color full sleeve top and dark blue denim jeans. She had left her hair open. I was wearing a shirt and jeans. Rachel asked me not to forget that I am her cousin. I replied saying, “Yes, Akka, I won’t forget,” and winked at her. They were 5 members 2 boys and 3 girls including Rachel.

Rachel introduced me to them. I was shocked to know that Rachel was a senior to them. All 4 of them were very friendly and even they call her ‘Akka’. We both sat on separate tables. I was constantly looking at her boobs which was trying to come out from the cage.

She said to concentrate on the food and gave a seductive smile. By that time her colleagues left and once we finished our lunch, we left for her apartment. They had rented a service apartment which was 2 BHK for the girls. The boys had taken 1 BHK which was just opposite to them.

We reached her flat and that time her friends were about to leave because they had some pending work to be finished. Once we got inside Rachel went to change her clothes and came back within 5 minutes. She was wearing a pink sleeveless T-shirt and light blue 3/4th.

Since the flat had 1 double seat sofa, we both sat on it. There was an awkward silence and I decided to break it.
Me: So did you like me?

Rachel: Yes dear, after you send the pics and when we did a video call, I made up my mind to meet you. Especially after seeing your dick. (she looked down at my pants) Varun, do you mind if I go and pack my stuff? So that once they come I can without any delay.

Me: Yeah sure!

She went inside her room and I was playing on my phone. After some time Rachel called me and asked me to sit inside her room so that I don’t feel bored. We were talking about her family issues. How her husband ditched her and moved out with his new girl.

Since she was wearing a sleeveless T-shirt I could see that she was wearing a red color bra. Even Rachel noticed that but smiled at me. Since we have decided not to have fun, I don’t want to break her down. I then tried to change my diversion.

But my eyes caught on her panty line which was visible through her light blue 3/4th. I then suddenly got up from the chair and went towards her and hugged her from behind.
Rachel: Varun, you forgot what we had promised?

Me: (the smell from her body was killing my nose. I moved her hairs completely from her shoulder and placed my face onto her neck) I know but you are making me do this.

She turned towards me and put her hands across my neck. She was looking into my eyes and asked what did she do? I caught face with both my hands started to kiss her lips. She wasn’t responding at first, she was moving her head from left to right and had closed her eyes tightly.

I placed my left hand on her ass in such a way that my middle finger was on her ass crack above her panty and 3/4th. My 4 fingers were on her ass cheek. I started to rub my middle finger on her ass crack from up to down. I could also sense her breathing increase.

She started to respond to my lip kiss. I was sucking her lower lip and was pulling it. She could feel the pain and she closed her eyes tightly. I did this for some time. She moved her face away from me and said, “Idiot, it’s paining.” I pulled her again towards me and we were back sucking each other’s lips.

I suddenly made her lie down on the bed. I laid on her right side and placed my hand on her tummy. I put my left hand above her head and made her head turn towards me. We were again into lip-lock. I slowly lifted her T-shirt and started playing with her belly button. After some time, we broke the kiss.

Rachel: Varun, I don’t want to have fun in this situation. But I do love this kind of torture.

All of a sudden I knelt on the bed facing her and in 1 go I removed her 3/4th along with her panties. She didn’t expect this and covered her pussy with her hands. I slowly removed her hands and was watching her black pussy. It was wet. I put my finger inside her pussy.

She closed her eyes tightly and turned her head to her right. I came closer to her pussy and gave kisses on her pussy. Her pussy was having a smell of her urine. I started to kiss both her inner thighs and came closer to her pussy. But again would go back to her knee and came back near her pussy.

I didn’t touch and would go back again. I did this on her both legs. She pulled my hair up and asked me not to tease her and made me suck her pussy. I suddenly moved away from her body and knelt on the floor. I lifted both her legs in the air.

I could see her cum-drenched pussy very close and her brown colored ass. I put my full mouth and started chewing her pussy wall badly. I went down to her ass hole and inserted my tongue into it. Rachel was shuddering and was asking me not to do there but I kept licking her asshole.

I then went up towards her pussy, kept licking her pussy and tried pulling out her outer labia. I asked her to hold her legs so that I could concentrate on her pussy and could use my hands too. I inserted my index finger and kept finger-fucking her to the core.

Then I used my middle finger too and with 2 fingers I started to fuck her. I used to increase the speed and then pulled both my fingers out suddenly. She would relax for 2/3 seconds and suddenly I inserted my fingers again. She was moaning loudly.

I was a bit scared of what if her colleagues come now and hear this moan? But I didn’t give a damn and was continuing with her pussy. She caught my hand with her left hand and my head with her right hand. She came like a flood by calling out my name. I drank her full cum which was on my face.

I came on top of her. We started to kiss each other again. She felt the taste of her own cum from my mouth and licked which was on my cheeks and nose. We both laid down for some time.

Rachel: Varun, this was a wonderful starting. My hubby had never eaten my pussy. I haven’t flooded like this when my pussy was licked.

She came towards on top of me and was looking into my eyes. She started to lick my face like a dog from my forehead till my chin. She licked my earlobes and put her tongue inside my ears.

Later, when we saw the time it was almost 4:30 pm. For 1 hour we had enjoyed ourselves. We both got up from the bed. She got dressed. We went to a coffee shop and came back. We planned to meet for some other time at least for 2 solid days. Her colleagues returned and they left for Coimbatore by around 6:30 pm.

This is the end of the 1st episode and the next episode will tell how and where we had fun on Ganesh Chathurthi.

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