Adventures Of Kara

Ravaria empire is my home. A land filled with kingdoms and different troops. I serve the kingdom of Vreca.

I’m Zara. I am the only witch given responsibilities to serve under the Vreca Welfare for people. I am the youngest to pass out of the Witch Craft Academy. It also means I lack experience in real-time ‘witch will help’ situations.

Given the little responsibilities, I had nothing much to do other than curing people quickly with my health potions in this danger-free town.

I stay in the outskirts of the town, in a little mounted home, surrounded by gardens of different herbs and plants. These are dangerous and useful to create inventions with the knowledge I have.

It was early morning. The sun just shone bright and woke my plants. I woke up naked and stretched myself in front of the mirror. I looked at the mirror. I noticed how the side courses of battling gave me a toned body, a body even women want to crave.

I quickly put on my robe. It was made of a single line of cloth and no design with a powerful color, red. It was a mandatory dress code for new witches.

Anzu, my follower, a young bird and a future dragon to be, was silently watching me from the corner. With a palm clap, it flew and came over to my shoulder, seeping its curved foot nails into my robe.

“You need to learn some manners, young one,” I said while calming its feathers.

We went down and did our usual chores and before stepping outside the invisible gate. I found a scrolling on the dead mud. I took it out. It read an important message which I had to read early in the morning.

I checked it and the perfectly written words say I need to be there at the chamber around noon. I quickly threw the scrolling near my door and whistled at Anzu. With no thought, I made my way to the Vreca Chambers, which was at the heart of the town.

“You’re late, my lady,” came a firm voice upfront.

I was slowly watching my step to enter the enormous chambers. It was Hedrick, one of the many right men of the king (I always wondered where he ranked under them.)

“Apologies, sir,” I replied while panting.

“You made two men wait for so long, Miss Kara. There’s a lot that happens in this town when you don’t obey the rules,” he smirked.

“I play by my rules, Master Hedrick,”

The people gathered around the open stage. I sat in the center between Hedrick and Wilbert, another important person who’s a loyal prick for the king.

“Today, on this brightening day, we shall welcome the recent addition to this Welfare society, Miss Kara.”

‘Wait, so all these days, these people thought I was just a servant? Assholes!’

I waved at them in despair. Suddenly, Hedrick put his left arm at the side of my chair. I stared at him.

“You all witches…. you are under us, right?” He hissed, leaning his mouth near my ear.

“Well, we don’t report to you, which means otherwise,” I answered. My arrogance kicked in.

He smirked, and I suddenly could feel his hands on my thigh. I gasped at this unusual touch.

“Uhm?” I whispered in confusion.

He slowly brushed away the robe I wore and placed his strong hand on my naked thigh. His palms were rough with all the warfare he’s been with. He quietly brings those palms in between my legs.

I catch his wrist and stare at him with discomfort and disapproval.

“Hands on the table, witch,” he commanded, “you don’t want these people to have a clue on what’s happening under this table.”

I didn’t move. My skin got chills with his touch, and his voice made me think about how to behave. Quick applause made me come back to my senses. Wilbert sat down and pointed me to the crowd. It was my time to speak.

His caressing made me swallow words. A sudden pinch made me moan into the trunk placed in front of me, making my words audible to everyone.

“Ah!” I moaned into the trunk.

“Talk, Kara,” Hedrick assisted from the side. I looked at him, gasping with confusion and sensation. When I was about to speak, he slapped my thighs and spread them wide. He quickly inserted his sharp finger into my clit, which hurt.

“I…today ….uhm,” I stammered when his strong finger started to give me an uncontrollable sensation. I wanted to push his hands away, but something stopped me.

He rolled his finger inside my pussy, slowly making me moan inside. My heart didn’t stop beating fast, and I started to sweat. The entire crowd, along with Wilbert, were watching my intimate expressions were coming to different conclusions.

“Th-thank you,” I said, not knowing what to say. I cummed, and the juices were released.

I could feel Hedrick’s finger getting soaked in my pussy with all my cum. He pulled his finger out of my pussy. It gave me relief. He wiped the finger along my thighs and robe and switched the trunk for him to speak.

I felt disgusted, cumming and having an orgasm in an open area with people wasn’t a thing I expected I’ll witness. He finished, and we stood.

“Hail Vreca, Hail Ravaria!” we yelled with heart. The cum dripping down my thighs gave me a sticky feeling. I quickly wanted to wash. The gathering ended, and we got back inside the chambers of the building.

“What the hell was that?” I yelled, running into the sprinkle area to wash.

“Control your pitch, Kara,” Hedrick answered with a firm voice.

“Maybe you need to control your hands, Master Hedrick,” I said, coming out of the sprinkle.

“You enjoyed it, didn’t you?” He smirked disgustingly, “You witches want to act tough, but this is what you want.”

I knew where he was going, and this disrespect towards our clan of witches was never tolerated. “Carìes Fëthrös,” I chanted, rubbing the special herbs I brought in.

A quick wave of black mist circled his neck. In a split second, I hung him in the air, with his hands on his neck, trying to free the air around his neck, which was tightening.

“Dare you to speak about us like that, Master Hedrick. I respect you and the council and dare again if you think to touch me,” I let out, with all anger and frustration.

He was slowly losing his consciousness when I let him go.

“You wanted my fingers in your cunt, and now you are trying to kill me? You honorless woman,” he shouted.

“I…..” stammered again, falling for his logic.

“You’re not getting away with this, and next time, it won’t be my fingers. It’ll be my hungry dick shoving down your throat,” he warned. He walked away elegantly with his gold ornaments clanking and his scarfs flying along with the breeze.

Anzu slowly flew through the window and landed on my shoulder. I looked into its curious eyes.

“I messed it up, Anzu, big time,” Because in a world where there were only a few women given little authority. I misused it.

To be continued.

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