My First Time With A High Class Call Girl

Hi everyone! This is my first post here. I have been an ISS reader for years now, and I’d like to share my encounter with a high-class call girl with you guys and girls.

About me, I’m Ashik (fake) from Sylhet, Bangladesh. Average height and build, I won’t say I have a huge tool or anything. But so far, it has satisfied more than enough with every girl I’ve been with.

Coming to the story, it happened in the summer of 2013. My parents went out of town for the day and said will come back late at night. They were planning this for over a week and wanted me to go with them. But I had my own plans.

We had a driver that I was pretty open with. Back then, I was only 20 and had been with only two girls. I asked our driver to hook me up with a call girl, and he gave me a number. So soon as my parents left at 8 am, I called that number. A very beautiful husky-voiced girl answered.

I told her how I got the number and for what reasons. She immediately said, “Ok, I know about it. Give me your address.” So I gave her my address, and she said she’ll be there in an hour.

I hurried up, cleaned my room, had showered, put on some perfumes, and ordered some food and drinks. Then, I heard the doorbell and opened the door. I was speechless! I imagined she’d be sexy hearing her voice, but I was stunned looking at her.

She was wearing a blue saree with little to no makeup, but god, she looked like an angel. Her boobs were huge, and she had an ass to die for. I can see her navel, and it was delicious. I invited her in, offered her drinks. We chatted for some time.

She told me her name was Drishti, and she studies at a reputed university. I was curious and asked her, “Why do you do this? You don’t look like you’re doing it for the money.” She said she loves sex, and the money is just that there are no complications afterward.

We chatted for a few more minutes. I was getting horny and sat closer to her. I asked her before we start, “Is there anything that you don’t want me to do?” She said I could do whatever I want except for BDSM. I wasn’t expecting that!

I slowly started touching her thighs and kissed her. She was a really good kisser. We exchanged saliva for almost 5 minutes. Then she said, “Do you want to do it here?” A kinky thought came to me, and I said, “Let’s go take a bath together as it’s so hot here.”

She gave a naughty smile and said, “Lead the way, but first, I need to use the bathroom.” I said, “Can I watch while you pee?” She said, “Sure, I was surprised!

It was a bit awkward for me in the bathroom. Then she started taking off her saree, blouse, and petticoat. She was now in a matching blue bra and panties. I couldn’t take my eyes off her milk jugs.

They were trying to burst out of the bra. I couldn’t control myself and pounced on her, licking her neck and biting her ear lobes. She let out soft moans when I was biting her, which made me go wild.

I quickly took off my clothes, leaving just the boxer. I pushed her against the wall and started kissing and licking her all wildly. Finally, I reached her navel and was tung fucking her there. She was breathing heavily now. With my free hands, I took off her bra and cupped those smooth round boobs.

They were just perfect in shape with cute pink nipples. I went up and started sucking them. Now she was really enjoying it and held my head and pushed me closer to her chest. This went on for ten minutes.

I then put my hand over her panty, which was wet with her juice. My boxer was also wet with precum. My tool was digging her belly. I put my hand inside her panty and touched her warm, clean-shaven pussy, totally wet. I inserted one finger while sucking her boobs, and she let out a small scream.

My finger was drenched with her juice, and I put it in my to taste it. It was salty but still the best taste I ever had. Next, she started messaging my dick over my boxer. As it was already hard, she took it out and was stroking it. I was losing control, so I let her go, took off her panty, and blew on her pussy.

She wasn’t expecting that. Without any warnings, I went straight to her pussy and started licking it and pressing her boobs with my hands. She was moaning really loud now. As we were in the bathroom, the sound reflected, which made it even more erotic.

Suddenly she stopped me and said, “I can’t hold it anymore. I need to pee!” So I said, “Go ahead, we’re in the bathroom after all,” She gave a naughty smile and said, “You really are a nasty boy.”

I said, “Yeah, and you haven’t seen me full yet.” Saying that, I again started licking her pussy and also her ass crack. She screamed and said, “Oh, that’s the first time someone did that.”

I made her sit on the floor and spread her legs. I started eating her asshole while fingering her pussy. Suddenly she said, “I can’t hold it anymore and started peeing.” I put my mouth in her pee hole and drank some.

But the force was so strong her pee was all over my face. It was salty but didn’t have any smell. I liked it so much. I took some in my mouth and went up to her and kissed her!

She didn’t resist, and we were again in a lip lock while she was peeing. I inserted one finger in her asshole, and she moaned really hard. Then I took out my dick and started rubbing it over her pussy. She was moaning and calling my name, but I kept on teasing her.

So, guys, this was my first time ever with a call girl. There’s still lots of stuff we did that day, each even kinkier. I’ll post it on my second part. I’ll also share how I fucked my friends with benefit Priyanka.

As this is my first-time post here, please forgive me for any mistakes and please give feedback on how to improve my writing. Any girl wanting to have a nice 100% private time, email me at: [email protected]

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