The Magical Swapping! – An Erotic Thriller

I’m Shrey, 22, bisexual bottom. I like to fuck girls and get fucked by men. That’s my orientation. Now, this is the story of the time when a totally unexpected thing happened to me. This story is different from the others that you have read till now. This is an erotic thriller. I hope you enjoy it.

I was with a guy who took me up to an abandoned place to fuck. It was a shattered ruin of a fort that we found while going to his village. He made me lie on the floor, stripped my clothes, and fucked my ass. I sucked him and swallowed his load.

After fucking while I was leaving, I found a locket lying in a corner. It had a black-colored shining crystal that seemed broken at one corner. It fascinated me, so I took it with me.

At night I wore it and went back to sleep. The next morning when I woke up, I had been transformed into a girl! I was shocked to see it. My skin had become smooth, hair had lengthened, body hair had gotten less, my chest had grown out, and my cock had disappeared!

Even my clothes had been turned into girl’s clothes. I didn’t understand what had happened. When I looked down, I realized I had boobs and a pussy. A wide grin came on my face. I immediately removed my shirt and bra. Lowered my shorts.

With one hand, I held my one boob, and the other hand, I put in my panty and touched my pussy. An electric current ran through my body. I slowly began rubbing my pussy, and pressing my boob. It was a phenomenal feeling. This I always wanted to do to a girl, and I was finally doing it.

Gradually I pushed my 2 fingers inside my pussy and began fingering. It felt so good. Then I put 3 and subsequently 4 and then the whole hand. I was literally fisting in out in my pussy. It felt really hot. I went on doing vigorously, pressing my boobs and fisting my pussy.

The tension kept increasing. I finally got relieved with my cumming and an orgasm that shook my body to the core. It was so satisfying. Dirty thoughts began racing in my mind. There was a lot I could do with this girl’s body of mine. So I decided to become a slut.

Firstly I bought a slutty dress for myself, a top that showed deep cleavage and a short skirt. I know what runs in boys’ minds that I could use to my advantage. I wore my slutty dress and went to a movie.

I took an autorickshaw for that. The fair was about Rs.100. But I sluttily requested him to show my full cleavage to him and intentionally rubbing his thighs. I got him to meltdown and got the ride free.

Next, I searched for a boys group that had a perfect mix of horniness and innocence. I found a pair of friends. I went there and talked to them quite sluttily, giving them a full view of my cleavage. I said that I had lost my purse, but I really need to watch the movie.

The deal was made. They paid for me. I sat between them, and they both kept staring at my boobs the whole time. I gave them a handjob during the film. Buying the ticket was worth it for them.

I went back home with an autorickshaw using the same tactics. Being a girl was working too good for me. Next, I went to a bar. I was chilling. A guy in his late 30s bought drinks for me, and we began chatting. Soon it turned to flirting and kissing. He invited me to his hotel room. We went there and started fucking.

I stripped for him completely except the locket. I came close to him. He began sucking my boobs and then came to my pussy. Licked and sucked very hard. Then he brought his cock to my mouth. I sucked him hard and deep and deep throated him.

Next, he turned me over and put his cock at my pussy, and pushed in. It went in wholly, and it was a completely different experience for me. A cock was in my body rather than attached to my body. The pussy fucking feeling was great, and he began fucking me in the doggy style.

An orgasm was building up in my body, and I could feel how different a female orgasm felt. Then he pulled out his cock and lay on the bed, and I came over him and began jumping on his cock. He held my locket and pulled it towards him to pull me towards him.

The locket’s string broke, and it came in his hand. He threw it aside and began sucking my boobs. The locket got separated from my body. I didn’t know what could happen now to its magic. I thought I would turn back to a boy. But nothing happened for about 10 minutes.

So I forgot about it and concentrated on fucking. He began frantically going in and out in my pussy, and the orgasm was on its way.

Then it happened. Suddenly I could feel something growing in my pussy from inside to outwards! He could feel his cock being pushed outwards by a soft thing in my pussy. I could feel my boobs regressing. Gradually that thing filled my pussy, and his cock came out.

Both he and I were shocked. It started to grow outwards shaped like a cock. He looked up. My boobs had been reduced to my chest completely! His jaw hung open, his eyes opened wide. He cried, “What is happening?”

In a few minutes, I turned back to a boy. Now I understood the locket’s magic. It took time to wean off. He was in a complete state of shock.

“You were a girl. You had pussy and boobs, I know it. Now you have turned into a boy, who are you, tell me?” he shouted.

“I’m a witch,” I began. He got even more afraid, “And very bad things will happen to you if you speak of this incident to anyone,” I completed. I wore my clothes as fast as I could, took the locket, and went out.

I returned home. Had the locket’s magic ended? I didn’t know, only one way to find out. I tied a knot on the string where it was broken and slept wearing it.

The next morning I woke up as a girl. So its magic was fine. It let me remain a girl only till it was attached to my body. When it got separated, I would turn back to a boy after some time when its magic would wean off. The locket began to fascinate me even more.

I was again with a guy. Now this one was a wild beast. He fucked me in every position I knew. Sucked and licked my lips, boobs, pussy, and ass. Fucked my every hole, mouth, pussy, ass. Cummed multiple times but again got his cock hard.

Cum was flowing out of my pussy and ass, and I had even swallowed his load. He even made me orgasm multiple times. I finally felt the great female orgasm. Next, he made me lie on my back and came over me and sat on my boobs. He was a fat one, so it got difficult to breath as he was sitting on my chest.

He rubbed his ass over my boobs, brought his cock to my mouth, and asked me to suck it. He was just over my locket, which broke after his whole weight fell directly on it. This time the crystal broke, not the string! I got afraid.

I made him dismount me and looked at the locket. It was broken into multiple pieces. I really got angry with him. Before I turn back to a boy, I took my clothes and the locket pieces and left the room.

I waited the whole time while returning home to turn into the boy but I didn’t. I got really worried. I messaged my mom to not disturb me as I didn’t feel well and was sleeping.

While lying on my bed, I kept wishing the whole time that when I woke up the next morning, the locket’s magic would have weaned off. I would turn back to a boy.

I woke up the next morning, and I still was a girl. I realized what kind of trouble I was in. As a girl, I was no one. Nobody knew me. I had no identity. My male form was absent from this world, and there was no rational explanation for it. So the trouble was double.

So to mend this problem, I had to go back from where it all started!

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