Amazing Sex In The Theater

This is Ram from Chennai. I am going to share another story of mine. I am a guy who likes to share experiences and wants to know about others as well. I will be happy if this story gives me some new friends. Those who haven’t read my previous stories can read them here.

The lockdown was taking a toll on me for a while. Then I met a lady who was new to our apartment. She used to get in touch with me for apartment-related issues. Slowly we started to chat through WhatsApp and then through phone calls. We got to know each other slowly.

She was staying with her kid, and her husband was on the ship. What started as daily messages moved to daily calls. We flirted with each other. Though we could sense that we needed more, we were within our limits.

Once the lockdown was relaxed and being bored here, the kid wanted to be with grandparents for a while. She left him there and was alone. Our phone calls carried on. One day, when she told me that she was feeling bored, I asked her whether we could go for a drive.

She agreed and told me that she would join me near a shop away from our apartment. We went on a drive till Mahabalipuram. On the way back, we had dinner. I dropped her before our apartment and returned to my flat. After refreshing, she called and thanked me for the wonderful time.

She told me that she would join again if I go for a drive. In another two days, it was her birthday. I knew that when I was going through her social media timeline. On her birthday, I told her to be free in the evening as we would be going for a drive.

We started our drive, like last time I picked her near a shop. I took her to a nice restaurant as I had planned before. As instructed before, they brought a cake to our table. She was very surprised and was in tears and thanked me for the wonderful moment. We finished our dinner and started back.

On the way back, she rested her head on my shoulder, said that she was so happy for the surprise, and kissed me on the cheek. It was a shock to me, and the boobs pressing on my arm made me erect. She then took my arm and put it over her.

Since my car was automatic, there was no gear changing work. I put my arm around her and hugged her. We then stopped near the beach and stayed hugging for a while. She raised her head, and we looked at each other, and we kissed. First, it was a peck on the lips, and then it was a deep french kiss.

We were sucking each other’s lips, and saliva was exchanged. I pressed her ass and slowly raised my hands to feel her right breast. I was caressing it at first and later started to press the soft globe. She was excited and with the left hand that was hugging me. She lowered to feel my manhood. It was already erect.

She was pressing it over my pants for a while. We had to part as people started arriving. Both of us were silent on the way back. She was looking out and was blushing. I dropped her way before the apartments. She said thanks and left.

After a while, I received a message from her asking if she could call. On the call, she said she was very happy and couldn’t have gotten a better surprise. I told her that I was the lucky one who got the surprise. Slowly we started talking about our fantasies and how she couldn’t manage without the touch of a man.

She asked me if I could maintain a no-strings-attached relationship. I assured her that I wouldn’t disturb her in any way and would be ready whenever she needs me. She said that she manages her urges by reading stories and by watching porn.

She had told me that her fantasy is to get cozy in a theater and asked me whether I had any experience. I told her about my experiences in theatre. She told me that she would also like to try it and asked me to tell her when the theaters open and when the situation will be good.

Our chats and talks continued. We started sharing pics of our private parts, satisfied ourselves with video calls. We used to go on drives whenever her kid wasn’t at home. We continued kissing, hugging, and feeling ourselves over the dress.

We never went past that, and we never visited each other’s house as it would cause doubt among the neighbors. Time passed on, and then the announcement came that the theaters would be open. I informed her about this and told her that we should go on a Friday.

We both were excited that we were going to have alone time. She had planned and left her kid with her parents. She told me that she would arrive directly at the theater. I had already booked seats in the top row. I had parked my bike, collected the tickets, and was waiting for her.

The time was running out, and I was getting tense. There were only a few people in the theater, and they started letting people in. She reached at that time. She was dressed in an ankle-length kameez which had buttons in the front.

Though she was wearing a mask, I could see that she smiled when she saw me. We entered the theater and went to the balcony. We found there were only three more couples seated and nobody on the side of my seats. We took the seats, and we were holding hands.

I removed the mask and told her that she, too, could remove it. She said that she would remove it once the movie starts. The lights were switched off, and some trailers were on. She removed the mask, and I saw her face. She put her hands around my arm and rested on my shoulder.

I hugged her, and after a while, I turned towards her and kissed her. She was a bit tense. I told her to relax, and there is no one around us. We continued kissing. I started to feel her boobs over her kameez. I was alternating between her boobs and slowly tried to insert my hand.

She held my hand, and she unbuttoned a few buttons. It was easy for me to explore. I felt her boobs over her bra and inserted my hand inside the bra, and cupped her boobs. I took out her boobs from the bra and lowered myself to suck them. She pressed my head while I was sucking.

I got up and sat in front of her between the legs and started to eat those boobs alternately. She was making hissing sounds and was pressing my head more and more towards her. Then I released her boobs and lowered my hands to raise her ankle-length kameez. There was a sweet surprise for me.

She told me that since the kameez was ankle length, she didn’t wear any bottom except her panties. I raised the kameez to her hip. She raised her butt for that. After raising the kameez above the hip, I caught her panty, lowered it, and removed it. She got it from me and kept it in her bag.

I took time to see the beauty sitting before me with boobs out of her bra and nude below the waist. I felt her thighs and kissed them. She had her hands on my head and pulled me. She came to the edge of the seat and reclined to rest, and widened her legs.

I got the cue and lowered down to eat her pussy. I started from the bottom and licked till the top. Then using my fingers, I spread her pussy and licked it continuously. She pressed my head more towards her, and sometimes she closed her legs to catch my head.

After a while, I inserted a finger while licking. She was controlling her moaning and pulling my head towards her pussy. The licking and fingering got intense. She arched, and I knew that she was going to get her orgasm. She came heavily, and I licked it.

She relaxed after the orgasm and hugged me. I sat in my seat. She lowered her kameez and covered the boobs. But she didn’t put her boobs inside her bra. She hugged me and kissed and thanked me for the orgasm she had. She then kept her hand on my dick.

I opened my pants and released my dick. She caught it and was shaking it. Then she bent down and took my dick and gave me a blowjob. I was caressing her boobs and her ass when she was blowing me. After a while, I told her that I was going to cum and tried to pull her.

She didn’t budge and took my cum in her mouth and cleaned me. I kissed her and hugged her. She told me that taking the cum in her mouth was one of her fantasies. We knew that the interval might be anytime soon and corrected ourselves.

Within some time, the interval came. We went to get some drinks and came to the seat after visiting the restroom. After we came back, we had drinks and were talking about how good a time we had. I asked her if we could have the full one. She said she was looking forward to it if it’s not a problem.

The lights were switched off, and we just kissed and hugged. We were feeling each other. I started to finger her, and she started to shake my dick. I felt that she was well lubricated and asked whether she wanted to ride me or I should. She said both.

So I asked her to stand up and sit on my lap. She raised her kameez and sat on my lap. I could feel her naked butt on my hard dick. I asked her to bend a little to catch the front seat. When she did that, it was easy for me to insert my dick in her pussy.

Then she got hold of the seat handles for support and started to ride me. It was an amazing experience. I took my hands to the front and caught her boobs while she was riding me. I felt that I might cum soon and asked her to stop and sit on the seat.

Like before, she sat on the edge of the seat, and she reclined herself and widened her legs. I got up and positioned myself in front of her pussy, and inserted my dick. I rested myself on her and fucked her. As I was fucking her, she caught my ass and pulled me to feel my full dick inside her.

I was slowly picking up pace, and I was on the verge of cumming. I told her that, and she told me to cum inside. She said that she had been operated on and there is no risk. She wants to feel the hot cum inside. I came inside her and stayed there for a while and came back to my seat, and rested.

We both were nude, waist down, resting. We kissed for a while, and I asked her to correct her dress. She took the panty from the bag and wore it. She put her boobs inside her bra and buttoned up. When I was about to pull my briefs and pants, she stopped me and caught my dick.

She shook it for a while and bent down to take it in her mouth. It took time for me to get an erection as it was the third time in a short span. She alternated between her hands and mouth. Once I got erected, she started blowing me. She took my hand and placed it on her ass. I was caressing her ass.

After a while, I cummed again in her mouth. We adjusted ourselves and started watching the movie, which was in the climax. We were hugging each other. After the movie was over, we left the theater and had some snacks in a nearby restaurant.

She told me that she would come by auto or cab and asked me to leave. I reached home thinking about the wonderful experience. She messaged me in the night. She said that she visited her parents and stayed there. She thanked me for the wonderful experience of lovemaking in the theater. I told her that the pleasure was all mine.

She also said that she wants to make out on the beach and in the car. We both are looking forward to the right time, and till then, we continue to be friends. I message her generally. But I talk about sex only when she starts the conversations.

That’s the deal between us, and that’s how I like it too. We need to respect their feelings and not force them. They will contact you if they are in the mood. Till then we shouldn’t disturb them

Girls and women around Chennai, Message me if you want to have some safe and discreet fun. Those who like to have a chat can contact me on telegram at ram_chennai. It would help me to write more.

If any girls want to have fun in a theater, feel free to contact me. It doesn’t have to be full sex, it can be just kissing and caressing or just oral, but the choice is yours. Shed your inhibitions, and let’s catch up for fun.

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