My Exhibitionist Experience – Part 3 (Nude Beach Walk)

This story describes a life event that happened with me in July 2019. This time, I dared to walk naked on the beach in daylight.

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It was the monsoon on full swing during July 2019, I happened to visit Mumbai for one casual work. I finished my work well before the estimated time. So I decided to make good use of this. This time, I was carrying my own car, so I finalized a beach site for the next nude move.

I chose one deserted beach, around 3 hours drive from Mumbai. Right after work, I took my car to reach the hotel room. I quickly changed my dress and packed my kitty with my fantasy clothes and rushed back to the car. I was excited to start my journey towards the beach.

I will describe my dress now – I put on very loose half pants and a short t-shirt. It was because I was planning to remove them anytime anyplace wherever I get an opportunity to showcase my manly-hood. The half pant was such that, I would have to hold it by one hand from sleeping down to my knee every time. And my t-shirt was so small in length that even if I raised my hand, it would expose my belly almost half.

Further to add spice to my nude walk, I bagged some of the naughty dressing material with me. In India, we get some decorative cloth which we generally use during the festive time for decoration. Such decoration material is usually made of sheer cloth. This sheer cloth is such that anybody can see through it clearly, you can not hide anything behind it.

Additionally, I had one mesh V-shaped underwear without a waistband to hold it around the waist. I had to hold it with one hand, though the other end used to fall to my butt level exposing my half of butt and further give some glimpses of penis pole eagerly trying to say “hello” to strangers.

With this much, I reached the beach around 4 pm. The beach though was deserted but could see a few visitors occasionally as it was rainy season. I parked my car far from my location of the nude walk.

I took out my tool bag and went in search of a quiet place where I can start my nude game. I sat there on beach sand for a while. I saw no one for the next couple of minutes. Then I began with my enjoyment.

I first took out my sheer underwear. Then I removed my loose half pant, which went quickly off my butt. Then I slowly removed the t-shirt. I was still wearing my underwear. So I glanced through the beach before removing my last wrapping.

After confirming safety, I removed my underwear and put on the mesh underwear. Then I walked to the seawater. I sat on the cold water. It gave a sudden excitement when the cold water touched my butt, thighs and finally to my penis which was eager to feel such freedom.

But within no time, it became very difficult to hold my mesh underwear in place. I looked back whether someone was looking at me or not. There was no one. Then to decide to add more adventure to my nude walk, I decided to start walking in the water to the other far end of the beach.

I was about to finish 10 m walk and suddenly, an old fellow with his stick came on the beach and started walking like me. Initially, I thought he will catch me anytime. But to my surprise, he seemed to carry a low vision.

He saw me for a couple of seconds but did not continue. Then I decided to complete my task. Slowly, I removed my mesh underwear too. Now it was only 5.30 pm, I could see everything on the beach. So I had taken a huge risk of exposing myself nude almost in the daylight and that too, at an unknown place before an unknown crowd.

I kept on walking nude, with my palm stroking my swinging penis frequently. After 15 minutes of peaceful walk, I saw a lady (mid-aged, slim body with nightgown on, folded till knee to avoid being wet in the water) approaching me.

To tell you truth, I was walked about 50 m away from my bag and reached a point where I have nothing to hide my peeping genitals and no chance to return in a flash to avoid the embracement before the unknown lady.

Suddenly an idea strike in mind. I also kept walking towards the lady until when she curiously started watching me and my nude walk. I guess she quickly recognized what was going on. But determined me, decided to sit in the water. I laid down in the water, pretending as if I was taking a beach bath.

Now she was really close to me. I could really feel her footsteps. I continued lying in the water until she lifted her knee-length gown further up. I think she was trying to give me some hint about her intention to seduce me as well!

After looking at her steps, I suddenly stood up with my sand-laid penis bulging forward and frequently hitting my thighs. In that heat of nude exhibition, I lost my mesh underwear. She came closer to me and asked, “What are you doing naked in the seawater? Don’t you have any shame?”

I replied, “No dear, I am just relaxing on the beach and suddenly when my underwear went missing, I decided to take shelter, but could not find one. Hence, I kept on walking nude which is really nice feeling for me. I think you also enjoyed a few sexy moments of me walking nude.”

She replied saying, “Yes, of course, I enjoyed it a lot. That’s why I am talking to you now.” “But you should go back and get some clothes to hide your sexy and red hot penis.”

To which I agreed but with one sexy condition. I asked her to hold on to my penis and drag me to the place where I have kept my bag. She accepted my condition immediately. She came closer to me and grabbed my penis in no time! It was the ultimate moment for me which I can not describe in words!!

My penis was dancing in her palm and was really hot. I saw some fluid already dripping from the tip of the penis on her palm. She realized that it was too hot to handle and started pouring some water over it. It was only adding to the excitement and making the penis harder and harder!

She was really dragging me with my penis and I was moaning like anything. Finally, we reached our destination. She asked me to get clothed before anyone sees me. But I was not satisfied with the nude walk, I asked for a couple of minutes before I dress back.

She asked me, “Why do you want a couple of more minutes?”

I started stroking my penis without replying to her. In one minute, I cum strongly and the huge fluid spread all over. She was amazed to see so much white semen out of my hot penis.

I thought it is enough for the day and I started dressing up. Then she accompanied me till my car. After saying goodbye to her, I was feeling horny again and hence decided to undress again so that I can drove back to the hotel room fully naked.

I reached the hotel room fully nude around 1 am. I was still horny even after 3 ejaculations on the highway while coming back. But as it was very risky to carry on my fantasy further, I wore my pant and t-shirt and get back to the room.


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In my next experience (story no-4), I will write about my nude walk on the highway giving full display to truckers passing by and a fantasy game played there.

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