Beginning Of New Year, End Of Ramya’s Virginity In Germany

Hi, my name is Ramya. I finished college in Bangalore and decided to move to Germany to do my Master’s. Like most of the girls in India, I was a virgin too.

I was 22 years old when I set my foot in Germany. It was a complete change of scenery as I was seeing couples making out in public trains where even kissing itself is a big issue in India.

I saw many women on the beach even going topless, and flaunting their assets boldly. This was such a big change to see the outlook of the world.

In college, there were several north Indians, and many were trying to hit on me, but I kept my cool and wanted to keep my seal till my marriage.

It was the new year, and there was going to be a big party in the downtown area. So, all my guy friends wanted to go there as there would be strip clubs, and they wanted to have beer and fun.

They asked me to join them, but I declined, as I was having some headaches. Everyone left, and I was alone in my building. I came down the stairs to the coffee shop to have a cup of coffee.

I sat and asked for a coffee. I then heard a musky voice behind me, “Is this seat taken?” I turned back to see a dark tall man almost 6.5 ft. He was well-built and handsome.

I replied, “No, please you can take the seat.” He came and sat opposite me and started to chit-chat with me. He ordered a beer, and asked me if he can offer me one?

I told him that I don’t drink alcohol. He was surprised to hear this, and then we had a lengthy conversation. He was from America and was here in Germany on a business trip.

As time passed, he asked me if we both can hit the dance floor? Usually, I would have said, no to a guy that too he was a complete stranger, but something in him wanted me to try it out.

Unfortunately, I was in my pyjamas so, I told him that I will need to change, and I would have to go to my room. He asked me if he could join, and I agreed.

Now we climbed the steps, and soon I was in my room with a complete stranger. I had this wild excitement within me. I am a person who does not keep the room very clean, and my room was full of my clothes lying on the bed.

He came and sat on my bed, and he picked up my bra, which was lying there. I was so embarrassed. He asked me whose it was?

I told him that it was mine. He said, “No way, it’s too big.” I insisted and told him that it’s mine. He told me to prove it. I took that bra, went into the bathroom.

I then wore it, and came outside with a shirt on and showed him the straps. He told me that his eyes had fooled him, and he was surprised with my 34-inch bust, which he said was big for my young age.

Just then, I realized that I was in front of a complete stranger, wearing a bra, panties, and a flimsy shirt. He told me that I must wear tighter bras to uplift and show my boobs better.

I can’t believe that I was getting tit tips from a stranger. He asked if I have ever tried going out bra-less. I said, “No.” He asked me to try it.

I told him that I will go into the bathroom and change. He laughed and said that I can do it in front of him. So, by putting my hands inside the shirt, I undid my bra.

I released my bra hooks and pulled it down through my shirt. He came near me and put his lips on my mouth. I couldn’t resist. It was my first kiss ever. I told him that I am a virgin, and he said that he will take care of it.

We kissed for 15 minutes madly. I was losing my senses. His hands were all over me. He took off his t-shirt and I noticed his well-built body. In a second he tore my shirt off, and I was topless in front of a guy who I had met just an hour before.

“Ramya, you got good tits,” he said squeezing one. He told me to kneel down. I knew what’s coming. I have seen that in many porn movies.

I knelt down and he unzipped his pants. That was the first cock that I ever saw in my life. It was the size of my elbow. I know I must start sucking.

I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. I can feel the musky smell and flesh entering my mouth and reaching up to my throat.

I started sucking, keeping it tightly in my mouth. He told me to open my eyes and look at him. As I started looking at him, his cock started growing inside my mouth.

It now reached my throat, and I started to gag, but he caught my hair and made me keep on sucking his engorged cock.

He said that I have a mouth of a whore. I didn’t know whether that was a compliment, but I kept on sucking. Imagine, a fair Indian girl in her panties sucking a black man.

This was not what I was thinking when I came to Germany. It was soon going to be the new year. He told me that this is going to be a year that I wouldn’t forget.

He then stripped down my panties and pushed me on the bed. He knelt down and started licking and biting my clit. It was unbelievably sensuous. I screamed as I had an orgasm.

He said that I was now ready to lose my virginity. I was not sure if I was. He took me to the railing of my balcony. I was completely nude.

I can clearly hear the crowds below shouting, 9…. 8…. 7…. 6 for the new-year count and then as they shouted, “Happy New Year,” there was this massive cock, slowly entering my virgin pussy.

And as the new year started, I screamed with pain and ecstasy, as this 9-inch cock was plowing my virgin pussy on the balcony. He was pounding me.

I was watching the entire world celebrate the beginning of the new year and the ending of my virginity. He fucked me so hard that I was shaking in the cold as multiple orgasms hit me in that open balcony.

He then took me to bed and continued fucking me like a beast. Finally, he made me kneel and came all over my face. I felt like a porn star and even sucked him in the end, as he deposited some of his kids down my throat.

I fell asleep and had the warm embrace of a well-built black guy. I woke up in the morning with a note by my side, which read, “Thanks for the fuck, happy new year.” I never met him again.

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