Miami Diaries – 1 (Surprise and Sex)

I hope your flaccid dicks and dry panty will be oozing cum after you read this. So make your hands and fingers ready for my story.

I found many sex story sites before XIS while I was searching for something to quest my thirst. But XIS was the best, and I quickly found myself opening up it quite a few times every day.

I am Sagarika, 23, from Noida. I am a freak when it comes to my physique. It allows my 34-25-36 stats to remain constant. Though brought up in India, my color, especially my hair color, looks like I am of a western origin.

I read more and got used to the site. I slowly started to text authors whose stories made my fingers drenched in my own juices. I did get replies, but most denied having some sort of virtual fun without me proving myself. That totally pissed me off.

But there was light at the end of the tunnel. My luck changed when I found Abhi, an author of a story posted here. He was different from others. He just agreed to have some virtual fun. Maybe because he, too, like me, needed it badly.

Everything was going well. He made me forget all my stress and my ex. We’d sometimes talk the whole night (I should say sext rather than talk perhaps.) One day Abhi introduced me to Ayushi, who, similarly to me, was starved of sex. My lust had no limits, and enjoying the same-sex seemed sexy to me.

Abhi created a group for the three of us. Ayushi and I planned every day to get Abhi to lose his shit in the lust of us. I always thought I am the wildest but, Ayushi made me look like a kid in being wild like I never imagined. Her words were so sensual that, made me get wet.

You can imagine what Abhi would be like. But he was such a damn person, having mastered the art of seductive and teasing language. He would get me and Ayushi to talk about how wet we are. Abhi would say how hard he is thinking of both of us getting pounded by him.

I was in complete dreamland with all the dirty things that went on during the nights. I hadn’t seen Ayushi till now, but we did become lesbians a few times.

One day we mutually decided that let’s go for a vacation in Miami, Florida. I was supposed to come alone, and they both were coming together. So I reached before them and waited for them outside the hotel, The South Beach. We had booked for ourselves. I was waiting outside.

After a few minutes, they arrived, and tragedy struck me. Ayushi was my best friend. I was stunned seeing her and couldn’t utter anything when I saw them both. She came towards me and hugged me.

She said, “Don’t act as if you’ve seen a ghost. I’ll explain why I did what I did. Don’t worry, it’s all good, nothing to worry about.” That calmed my nerves somewhat.

I always saw her in kurtas. But she was wearing a black shirt with blue shorts that made her milky thighs even thicker. She had dark brown, wavy hair. I always adored her looks, though. She was what I tried to be with measurements 36-28-35.

After the first time seeing Abhi, a naughty thought hit me that, ” If he gets going, my pussy hole is going to be as wide as a tunnel.” He came near me and hugged me with his hands over my ass, and lifting me in his arms like I was a child.

“Long travel, I am starving. Can we have something already?” Abhi said. I admired the way he talked. We went back to the hotel, asked Abhi to keep the luggage aside. I asked them to rest after the shower. Abhi went in for a shower while Ayushi was left there in the room.

I asked her what’s all this going. She replied, “Oh babe, why didn’t you tell me about him? If you hadn’t left your phone at my home, I’d have never known this. I saw your sexts and his cock in the images. That made me so horny, and I couldn’t resist going after this monster.”

To be honest, it also made me a bit horny as well. Abhi shouted, “Can someone give me my towel?” Ayushi stood up and started to undress. She told me, “I think I need someone to bathe me as I am too tired. So I am going in, babe.”

Though we talked about our vagina and how wet we were, seeing her naked in person was completely different. She removed her shirt. Her flat shining tummy was visible. Above that were her firm pair of breasts and a perfectly slim waist with a massive curve of her hips following that.

I was gazing at her like never before. She was smiling, looking at me, admiring her. She felt what I thought earlier. Ayushi winked at me as she removed her panty and walked to the bathroom. Her ass was firm and busty. Then, they got into the bathroom, turned on the shower, and started bathing.

A few minutes later, I heard both of their loud moans. The sound ‘thup thup’ was dominating the sound of the water falling from the shower. It felt like a machine was taking 2 bodies back and forth. Such was the magnitude of their lovemaking.

Me standing outside hearing all this was just wondering. How my best friend who wore a kurta and a shy girl just got naked in front of me? And add to that get fucked by an online friend.

I heard something that got me shivers and my pussy starting to wet. Abhi, while fucking Ayushi, says, “Saggy’s quite light. I am going to play with her like never before.”

A few minutes later, they finished fucking each other. Abhi came out with his towel on. I was watching him and his manly chest dripping with water. But the bitch Ayushi just put her hand out of the bathroom gate and slipped his towel. She said, “Saggy’s loved one needs to see her in person.”

I didn’t want to see that. But still, I couldn’t pull off my eyes Abhi’s long dick. His dick was longer than I imagined. It was a big 7.2 inches with a typical mushroom head that was intoxicating. Then my best friend Ayushi found nothing except for a strapless bra and a panty which just covered her hips.

She didn’t have any vaginal hair that made her vagina (pussy) clearly visible through her panty. Abhi just wore his boxers and laid on the bed to sleep. Ayushi just took out a crop top and her shorts and lay on the bed near Abhi. I went to the other room in the same flat and sat on the couch.

After some time, Ayushi came in and said, “What happened, Saggy? Come and sleep no right there with us.”

“No, no, it’s just that, I am not used to it. And being a virgin, this all seemed awkward for me,” I replied. I thought I’d be the one who’s going to have him first. My eyes were slightly getting filled with tears due to all this. She said, “Oh no dear, your eyes are so pretty. Don’t let them tear out.”

Saying this, she came close to me slowly. Her hand, which was on my shoulder, lowered down and reached to my tits. Her hands were roaming all over my neck and boobs. That felt good, so good. Her hands reached my naked tits and gently caressed them, slowly.

Our kiss became more and more intense and passionate. Her tongue explored all my mouth. Now I placed my tiny hands over my for her boobs. I was massaging her boobs and pinching her nipples, and kissing. My tits were getting squeezed by her the same way.

Soon, we helped each other in getting out of each other’s bra. Our boobs were out, looking like they wanted to kiss each other. By the time we’re doing all this, we had already reached the room before.

Abhi had his eyes closed. We pulled him down from the bed. While doing that, I accidentally pulled his boxers down, leaving him in his undies. His hardened cock was there for show. We fell over him and started kissing him aggressively like wild cats.

Ayushi hugged Abhi from behind, poking her tits in his back and opening his shirt buttons. Now he came behind me, groped my boobs tight. His other hand went to my ass, scratching with his nail-less finger and groping.

“She’s plumpy. She’s going to be my rabbit today, and I’ll make her jump today.” Abhi said to Ayushi. I, too, in the heat of the moment, pulled his shorts down. For the first time, I felt his dick over his underwear. It was completely solid and hard.

Ayushi made sure that none of us has a bare thread over our bodies and pulled his underwear down. My boobs pressing against his tummy. His hard shaft rubbing against my navel. His hands resting tightly on my ass and groping it like a sponge ball, in the opposite direction, exposing my asshole.

I hadn’t touched a dick yet in my life. But the lust in me just took my hands to his manhood. I just squeezed the life out of it when I held it for the first time. Ayushi stood before me, kissed, and licked my neck. Her hands reached to my pussy, rubbed it gently.

I shivered while in the middle of the kiss with Abhi. Ayushi started rubbing my pussy harder and faster. I was losing my shit. I was moaning and gasping in Abhi’s mouth while Ayushi slowly sat down, still rubbing my pussy. She inserted her tongue into my asshole.

I continued working on Abhi’s cock and started stroking it while my cunt and mouth were surrendered to these hot people. Abhi’s hand joined my pussy. Both were rubbing my clit. I was going crazy with this duo treating me like a doll, giving me all the pleasures I had starved off.

I broke the kiss and started moaning loudly. Abhi stopped fingering me. He kneeled and started eating my pussy. It felt like a jolt of eels crawling through all your veins, especially in the abdomen.

Ayushi discontinued and went to her bag, fetched a packet of condoms. She threw it to Abhi. He was busy and focused on eating my pussy. He kept licking, fingering, and soon I sprayed my juice all over his face. He stood up and kissed me with my body fluid on his face dripping all over.

Ayushi came close to him. Ayushi licked all my juice from his face, kissed me gently, and kneeled to taste the last of my juice. Giving time for Abhi to wear the condom. I got up and took that condom away from him. I said, “You don’t have to be so quick.”

I pushed him on the bed and grabbed his already hard cock, and started to blow it. I was happy seeing Abhi’s expressions and the moans that made me hornier. Abhi pulled me and threw me on the bed. He rubbed my pussy with his condom-covered dick.

My pussy was so wet. His dick slipped into my pussy like a knife through butter. He couldn’t completely get in because I was a virgin. He started slowly. This happened a few times when I was on the bed, my waist on the edge of the bed.

Abhi held my legs wide apart with his cock in my cunt. While Ayushi lay beside me, kissing and groping my boobs and pinching my nipples. Moments later, Abhi increased his pace, began fucking me faster. Proving his monstrous man force which he used to fuck the hell out of me.

I screamed and moaned like a slut, my hands over my head holding the bedsheet. He never stopped though I never wanted him to stop. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity of getting fucked by a monster like Abhi. Then Ayushi sat on top of my face.

My mouth tasting her beautiful pussy lips which my tongue was licking while my own pussy was getting pounded. I took the chance, licked, and ate her pussy. I kept on eating her as Abhi increased his pace even more. Soon Ayushi was leaking her juices over me.

She stood up off me and kissed Abhi. He just placed his mouth in front of her boobs and started kissing them and biting them as they were some oranges. We switched positions, Abhi began fucking me doggy style. He held my waist, spread my ass, and pushed his cock in one go.

This time he started going in full throttle. In his lust, he didn’t even stop spanking my ass. His cock was giving me all sorts of heavenly pleasure. I was too lost to tell him to stop. My best bitch I should say, Ayushi, spread her legs before me and asked me to eat her out again.

He pulled his cock out and pulled me to the couch where he was sitting, and ordered me to work on it now. I sat on Abhi’s laps, adjusting my pussy so that it gallops his cock. In that position, his cock completely made its way in my cunt.

I started bouncing on his cock while he wrapped his hands around my back, pulling me more close to him. I wondered how long Abhi lasted. His cock felt like a real ax scratching my pussy walls. Then finally, Abhi was about to cum.

Ayushi and I kneeled before him, took his condom out, and stroked his cock while making sure his balls don’t miss out on some slaps. Ayushi pulled his dick in her mouth, blew it for a while. She asked me to join.

As I began sucking his balls, we changed the position. I began sucking his cock, and she sucked his balls. Then I pulled his foreskin back, making his mushroom head exposed, and stroked a few seconds. He, with mighty jerks, spurted out his seeds on my face and Ayushi’s face.

We licked the cum on each other’s face and swallowed it. He held both of our heads and said, “ Oh my darlings, this day has just started. I am going to fuck you both as you’ve never before.”

We kissed his shrinking dick and decided to have a nice sleep before we start fucking the hell out of each other. Ayushi told me, “This fucker doesn’t know what’s about to come,” and we laughed and slept.

I know you would be curious about the missing words from Ayushi’s statement when she tells me the reason for doing all this. I’ll be telling that you in the morning next part.

I hope you liked my story about having a threesome. If you did like even a paragraph of my story, I’d be glad and more so if you could comment or send an email at [email protected].

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