Virgin Anjali From Meerut Agreed To Be Deflowered

Hey guys! Today’s story is about Anjali. I had met her on Tinder. I was using Tinder, as usual, to look for girls to fuck when I matched with Anjali.

I spoke to her for the first time. Anjali was not interested in dating or fucking. I thought that this girl will be a challenge to fuck.

I asked her basic details regarding college and all.

Me: What brings you to Tinder?

Anjali: I don’t know. I am bored.

Me: Don’t you want to date someone?

Anjali: No, no. I don’t want to get into all that.

Me: So, do your friends have sex?

Anjali: WTF! What kind of question is this?

Me: Come on. It’s common in colleges, it’s just a stress reliever.

Anjali: Maybe, some do.

Anjali was a shy and timid person who used to share less information. It was really a tough task to talk to her about sex. We kept on talking for days and months.

One day I asked her: Don’t you feel like hugging someone? Like, giving a kiss and having romance?

Anjali: Ya, sometimes.

Me: In a nice room, with flowers on the bed and candles nearby!

Anjali: Ya, that would be so romantic.

Me: Would you like to do that?

She: Ya!

Me: What if I take that person’s place?

She: Umm.. Let’s see. I am not sure about sex and all if I will like it or not!

I kept on sending her sex stories and testimonials of girls who lost their virginity and their experiences. She hardly used to get aroused.

Anjali got a job and moved to Delhi. All this time, we couldn’t meet even for coffee. I used to call her up and message her as and when possible, but there was no positive response from her! She meanwhile got in a relationship and used to tell about her BF. Eventually, the relationship ended. She was sad on the phone.

Me: I told you, it’s better to enjoy and fuck. You should have your best fucking seal-breaking experience!

Anjali: Really?

Me: Yes you should! Sex will relieve you, and make you mature.

Anjali: Umm.. hmm.

She finally started getting interested. She asked me does it hurt?

Me: Well if you do it with someone inexperienced, it will. With someone like me, it won’t.

I told her the story of Tanu, and how she still remembers her first fuck. I told her she will really feel relieved after breaking the seal at once. As you need to get it done, why not with someone experienced?

Anjali: I have heard it bleeds a lot. I might cry and shout!

Me: No, not much. You don’t worry about that. I will take good care of you. You are very sweet!

Anjali: I haven’t been wet for a long time.

Me: Don’t worry. I will turn your desert into a rainforest!

Anjali asked, “Why you want to have sex with me? Is it because I am a virgin or is it because you like me?”

I lied and said, “I find you sweet enough to have a memory with!”

Anjali was almost ready to be fucked! She quit her job and went to Meerut. Then she asked if I could come to Meerut and meet her! I was all pumped up and ready.

I told my parents that I am going to meet a college friend. I went by train and booked a room that was compatible with couples.

I met her in Defence colony, Meerut. That was the first time we were meeting. She didn’t look that good, but I was just concerned about fucking her pussy.

We had lunch nearby and then went to the hotel. She was a bit scared and hugged me saying, “What if they have cameras?”

I said, “Don’t worry. I will check, and I checked the room thoroughly if there were any.

I kissed her lips and face. I smooched for a long time. I slowly touched her boobs. She said, “Aaaah.” I removed her shirt and bra.

Her boobs were small but adorable. I massaged them and pinched them a lot. Finally, I reached her pussy. She was hesitant to open her legs. But with anger, I pulled down her panties.

Here she was in front of me, lying naked with a tight pussy. Shockingly, it was well shaven! I gave a strong lick and caressed her.

She said,”Kitna sataoge, dalo bhi an andar.”

Finally, the moment had arrived after months. I was going to deflower the pussy I wanted! I took out my rod, got a condom, and at once thrusted.

She scratched my back and moaned, “Aaaan…aaan! Uggh! Uggh!” Blood came out and was all over her pussy. I got some wipes and cleaned them.

She cried a lot and said, “It’s paining me a lot. You said it won’t hurt!

Me: Don’t worry, it’s just for 5 minutes.

I spooned her and fucked her hard. I had to wait for such a long time to deflower her and I did not want to slow down or rest at all. She also became wild.

I took her in the doggy style and spanked her hard. I quickly bent her and drilled her asshole. She didn’t expect that and kept moaning.

She became like a wild cat asking to be fucked in all positions and holes. After I cummed, I finger fucked her till she squirted. I told her only a few girls can squirt, and she felt lucky.

After that, I checked her pussy. It was all red and sore. But I had come from such a long distance and was not satisfied with one round.

We went to have some food and then took a shower. I grabbed her boobs from behind and fucked her in the washroom. Fucking her, while feeling those drops of water in between us, was such a different experience for us both.

Anjali told me that it had been her fantasy to get fucked in the toilet.

I said, “Didn’t I prove that it would be worth it?”

She said, “Ya, your wife would be so lucky!

Anjali had lied to her parents that she is at her friend’s place, while she was getting herself fucked by me. In our third session, we did 69, and she sucked me as deep as she could.

I then spread her butt cheeks and inserted my dick inside. She kept moaning until she came. She slept in my arms, and we woke up the next day.

Anjali said that she would never forget her first sex with me. I thanked her for gifting me her virginity. After that, we chose not to speak much, for we could develop feelings for each other.

Anjali took some time to give up her pussy, but it was worth the wait! She was the third pussy I deflowered.

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