Opened Rosy Vaginal Lips Of Mallu Nurse For Defloration

Hi guys, Karl (name changed) here. Virgin defloration became my fantasy ever since I had enjoyed Tanu. You can read my earlier stories on ISS.

This story happened years later when I was working in a different city, living a routine life and missing all the fun. I downloaded Tinder and matched with a few, but they were not so interesting.

Then I found Malavika. Her nickname was ‘Rose’.

We matched on Tinder and spoke about general stuff. Then we moved on to Instagram for a chat.

Rose complimented my well-built physique and said any girl would be lucky to experience it. I said, “Don’t worry even you can!”

Rose told me that she was in the final year of nursing and the premises where she lived is strict about discipline. She was not permitted to meet boys, etc. She told me that she came from rural Kerala and has never had a boyfriend till date.

I asked her, “So, what brings you here?”

The mallu girl said that she wanted to talk to people. I told her straight that I was here only for sex, and nothing serious.

She: I am a virgin. I have never had sex.

I was overjoyed when I heard this and felt lucky!

Me: Would you like me to be the first one?

She: Oh yes, you are so hot. I would love to make love with you.

Me: But why don’t you want to wait and find someone?

Rose told me that she was from an orthodox Kerala family and they will arrange a marriage for her, where she would not be able to fulfill her fantasies.

She then asked me, “Have you ever fucked a virgin??

I said, “Ya, I have good experience of having sex with virgins and helping them to lose the stigma of defloration.”

I told her about Tanu and Shruti and how they loved it.

Me: Would you prefer someone experienced or someone who is a virgin himself?

She: I would any day prefer someone with experience so that we both have good fun! I know that the first sex hurts. So, isn’t it better to do it with someone who is good at it, as that would make the pain worth it?

I said to myself, “Wow! That’s some luck.”

From Instagram, we moved on to WhatsApp and spoke everyday regarding daily stuff.

I started training the virgin mallu girl. I used to tell her to close her room, get naked and imagine me in front of her. I asked her. “What will you do?”

Rose: I would kiss you passionately.

Me: Then what?

Rose: I would like to see your dick, caress it and make it hard.

Me: In front of you, there is a 6 inches hard dick, what will you do?

Rose: I would suck it till the last drop comes out.

Me: Okay, now I am coming to your pussy. I am not opening the panty but will caress it from outside. I am stroking you hard, can you handle it?

Rose: Yes baby! Go harder!

Me: Whatever you say! Okay, now I am ready for the final assault. I will use my dick to penetrate you. (I am penetrating you in 3..2..1..).

Rose: Stop! Will it hurt me?

Me: Ya, a bit, don’t worry.

Rose: But there will be blood also! (She was scared by then).

Me: Don’t worry, it has to happen some day, you only said you want the best!

We used to share nudes and I used to make her cum by asking her to fantasize about my swollen cock in her pussy. We used to have this kind of sex chat whenever she used to be free.

Finally, the virgin Keralite girl was free one day and we planned it well. I took her to the theatre, in a corner seat. Rose was average-looking, and a petite girl.

First, I kissed her for some time. Then I moved to her juicy mallu boobs and then pinched them. Slowly, I moved to her pussy and stroked it with my finger. I massaged it so hard that she started dripping juices and was all wet. Her legs were shivering and she was so out of control that she begged me for sex there itself.

So, we had to leave the movie in between and rushed to a hotel room that I booked quickly.

We entered the room and Rose grabbed me and gave a passionate kiss, which lasted for 10 minutes. I unbuttoned her top and kissed her boobs. I made the virgin south Indian girl lie down and reached her pussy. It was all wet and tight. I slowly parted the lips, and took a photo of her hymen and showed it to her.

It was a pink pussy, and the hymen was ready to be pierced in order to get inside the hole.

Me: Get ready to say goodbye to your hymen!

I licked her virgin pussy with my tongue. Rose was getting mad. She pleaded with me not to make her wait and to put the dick inside now.

I said, “Okay!”

I took out a condom that I had carried along and asked her to put it on my cock. Rose didn’t know how to unfold the condom as this was the first time that she had touched a condom.

Then Rose managed to put in on my cock. I positioned my hard dick and in one stroke aimed it in her pussy. Thanks to the lubrication, it was in.

The virgin girl suddenly cried and started moaning, “ hurts!!”

There was blood all over the sheet and her pussy.

I said, “Don’t worry, it’s just a matter of time.

I kept on stroking the sexy mallu girl in the missionary position for some time. Then I said, “Do you like it?”

Rose moaned and managed to let out a “ye..ah..”

I went on spooning her and played with her boobs at the same time. Then I slowly increased my speed. She was all tired and weak, but had the wildness within her. She wanted to devour my dick, so we went in the 69 position. I let her suck as much she wished to.

I made her get in the doggy style and even went for sexy mallu ass. Her ass was tight and she was a bit uncomfortable at first, but then she enjoyed it.

After some time of hard ass-fucking, I was also exhausted and came.

We lied down together naked and she told me that she would never get such enjoyment post-marriage and it will be boring sex. I winked and told her maybe she can use this as her experience. She thanked me for being gentle and cooperative.

After a while, we ordered drinks and went for round 2. The drinks made her forget her pain and she was ready to enjoy again. She desired to ride on top so I let her. Trust me, there’s nothing better that having a girl on top and you playing with her boobs.

I parted her butt cheeks and started finger fucking her. With my 2 fingers, I was able to make her squirt and there was fluid all over the place. I couldn’t imagine that she was the same virgin that I had met in the morning.

I asked her: Do you regret it?

She: No, I enjoyed it

Me: Did I hurt you a lot?

She: It did hurt in the beginning but after that it was okay. I have become a woman now!

Me: Will you remember this day?

She: Yes, this will be very close to me for my whole life!

After that, we parted and she gave me a kiss. The sexy mallu girl graduated in her nursing and got her posting in a different city. I didn’t meet her after that, though we spoke on mobile once in a while!

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