Tinder Match to Girlfriend (Virginity lost in Oyo)

Hello Guys, myself Nik from Calcutta. I narrated how my Tinder girl and I had fun in the theater in the last story. Sweta was so turned on that she asked to book a room in Oyo.

We left the mall after having our lunch. We had cheese pizza. Sweta had cheese near her lips, and I kissed and ate that. We were super excited about what was going to happen next.

After eating, I went to a medical shop to ask for condoms. I asked her which flavor she wanted. She said chocolate or strawberry. I bought both and a sachet of oil as well.

I booked a cab, and we reached our location. It was a good 3-star hotel. The staff welcomed us. We filled in the details, showed our Id proof and headed towards our room. The staff showed us our room. It was a nice room. The decor was awesome, and the bed was soft.

As soon as the staff left, I locked the room. As I turned around, she jumped on me, and we started kissing vigorously. Our tongues were mingling against each other. We were like two hungry animals with a need for steamy sex. As she was kissing me, I was busy pressing her soft boobs as hard as I could.

She was moaning badly. We knew what would happen next, but getting separate seemed impossible, even for a single moment. Finally, I threw her on the bed and opened my t-shirt. It was the first time she was seeing me like this in real.

She, too, opened her white top, and it was a hell of a view. She was wearing a white bra, and her boobs were oozing from every point due to my pressing. I wasted the least amount of time. I grabbed her neck and opened her bra. Her milky boobs were in front of me.

Yes, I had seen them in pictures. But seeing those melons in real and touching them was some hell of an experience. Her pinkish and brown nipples were inviting me. I grabbed her right boob and pulled her by her boob towards me. She gave me a soft bite on my neck.

I picked her left boob and started sucking. It was amazing. She was soft as cotton, and I was like a wild dog biting her boobs as hard as I could. She started moaning. I was madly sucking her boobs while my hand was crushing the other boob.

After enjoying her boobs for quite a time, I halted. I was too hard. My dick was getting restless inside the jeans. I got rid of my pants, and now I was only in my underwear. Then I went for her pants. She was trying hard to get and was constantly changing her position.

I somehow caught her hand again started kissing. My hands unbuttoned her jeans, and I undressed her. Now she was naked in front of me. I took her in my arms and went to the washroom. We were under the shower kissing each other madly. I gave two-three hickeys on her neck.

Under the shower, she bent down. I started sucking my dick. It gave me immense pleasure. She was a good sucker, but her tooth sometimes used to rub against my skin, which caused a bit of pain, but it was ok. She sucked for around 15 minutes.

Then I could hold it anymore and warned her that I was about to cum.

She increased her speed again. I unloaded for the second time in her mouth. She gulped it all in. We both needed a breather, so we wiped ourselves and went outside. The room was chilled cold now. We were naked. I went inside the blanket. She followed.

We had a bit of a chat. I was caressing her body while we talked. Her body was so soft compared to my tough skin. I was enjoying every bit. I was hard again in a few moments, and I stopped the talk and went down on her. Her pussy was pinkish-brown with almost no hair.

I loved the smell coming out of it and wasted no time inserting my middle finger inside her. She moaned softly and closed her eyes. I started fingering her. She was tight, but I made room for a second finger as well. Her moans became louder, and it was turning me on.

I increased my speed and started eating her pussy. But she had had enough of my mouth, and she held by my hair. Our eyes met. No words were spoken, but I understood what she wanted. I stood up and went to bring the condoms I had bought.

She, too, adjusted her position. I wore the condom. It was my first time, so I had a hard time putting it on. But somehow, I managed to. She was gazing all this while. As I went towards her, I could see the nervousness on her face.

She told me that she was a virgin. As seen in videos, we feared that blood might come. So I asked her to come on the floor for the first few minutes. She did what I said. I placed two pillows below her waist, which made the position better. Her pussy was in front of me, and I was rock hard.

Still, it was getting difficult for me to insert. Her pussy was very tight, and my dick’s width was also quite large. We tried for a few minutes. But my dick was just going in partially.

I tried to push deeper by to and from movement, as I have observed in xx videos. But I wasn’t able to do that. I brought the oil and massaged her pussy with the oil. Now it was well lubricated.

I spat on her pussy which amused her as well as turned her on. I placed my head of dick on her pussy and gave a hard push. It went halfway in, and I could feel her tightness and the feel of the obstruction. Our eyes met.

They were doing the talking. We didn’t utter a word. And with all my might, I gave the second push. It felt like I crushed something on the way. She moaned very loudly. I could see tears rolling out of her eyes. I stopped my movement for a while and started kissing her.

She wasn’t responding. I could see a little amount of blood down in the pussy area. I removed the pillows and placed her ass on the floor. It was cold. She was ok now. So I asked her whether I start again. She nodded, and I started my movement up and down slowly.

She was dripping wet by then. It was slightly easier for me. I started to make my movements faster. Both hands were beneath her head, and I was fucking her in the missionary position. She started enjoying the process now as her pain lessened. She started using morning words which turned me on even more.

I was humping her with utmost passion, and she was enjoying it too. I was smooching her neck while my hands were grinding her boobs. I was having the best time. I picked her up with our genitals fitted upon each other, placed her on the bed, and started again.

The movement in bed was better, and I was touching her inner walls. She was moaning and started to get tired. I changed our positioning. I pulled my dick out and saw the size of her hole. It was drilled. I made her come on dogi position and started to fuck from behind. I loved the process.

After 20-25 minutes of vigorous fucking, I picked her up and took her against the wall and started fucking in top gear. She was nearing her climax as she whispered in my ears. I increased my speed, and within a minute, she squirted. She lost her balance and fell on my arms, but I was not done yet.

I slowly pulled out my hard dick and placed her on the bed. She turned on the back. She was trying to regain her energy when I thought of my first-day fantasy of fucking her ass. Sweta was thin, and her figure was awesome, but her ass was thick.

Anyone who would have seen must have thought of fucking that ass. My intentions were no different. I poured the leftover oil on her ass and rubbed it. She had regained her full senses now and was quick to understand my intentions.

She was a bit hesitant about it, and so was I. But my mind had made a choice. I told her if she would not like I would stop. She agreed and slept with her knees open. I could see her sexy ass. I removed my condom and was hardest at that point of time.

I went inside her ass with my dick. She felt the sharp pain and started to move vigorously I held her and controlled her and calmed her. With my dick semi inside, I gave two to three hard pushes.

My dick went half in. She was feeling the pain, and my dick was also getting crushed. For a moment, I thought I should stop. But I kept going. After 2-3 minutes, everything was normal, and she started enjoying it. I was in top gear now. After 10 minutes of intense fucking of her ass, I came inside her. I was tired and slept by her side.

She came and slept on my arms, and we were unmoved for a few minutes. I was just rolling my hands on her hair, and she was sleeping on my bicep. I cuddled her tightly and went to sleep. After good 2-3 hours, we headed towards our homes. She wasn’t able to walk properly. So I held her arms and booked a cab.

That’s all about the story. We have been in relation for over a year now. And I have had numerous incidents with her. But the first ones are always special. Do share your views and whether you guys would like to read some more.

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