My Wife, Her Friend and His Hot Girlfriend

Hi, the characters in this story are as follows –

Deepesh – Me.

Pratiksha – My wife.

Ravi – My friend.

Rupesh – My wife’s friend.

Aarti – Rupesh’s girlfriend.

Let me tell you guys that this is an imaginary story, but I want this to come true one day.

I and my wife are involved in group sex from a long time. We have tried threesome and foursome many times. Mostly we did MMF and MMMF which my wife loves most but we also did FFM with my wife’s friend which she only arranged for me.

We love each other a lot but we have a very open relationship when it comes to sex. We both understand that everyone can have different sexual needs and luckily, we both match with each other.

Let me come to the story now. One day, my friend Ravi, me, and my wife Pratu were having sex in our home. It was a regular thing for us. After the sex, we were discussing if we can involve someone new in this. Both me and Ravi wanted to fuck this girl whose name was Aarti. She was my wife’s guy friend’s girlfriend.

We knew Aarti was very conservative, and she won’t involve with us easily. So, we made a plan. First, our target was to get my wife’s male friend Rupesh to involve, and then through him, we can convince his gf Aarti.

We were looking for the best time and place to execute our plan. We thought of having a night out at Rupesh’s house as he was staying alone.

So, we all were there by night. Since we wanted to seduce Rupesh, my wife was wearing a sexy top with a deep neck and 3/4th pants. It was very difficult to get Aarti to stay for the night out but after great difficulty, we convinced her to stay back with us.

Now it was time for us to start. Let me describe Aarti and Pratu. They both look similar in terms of their assets which measures 32-26-32, approximately. Both have very firm boobs. I have even pressed Aarti’s boobs once unknowingly.

We had our dinner and planned for some drinks. While having drinks, we were playing UNO. After 2-3 rounds of UNO and 2 pegs, both girls started feeling something. We then thought of making the game a little spicy and kept a condition that whoever loses has to kiss someone from the opposite sex but not the same person more than once.

Initially, Aarti and Rupesh both were not ready but later they agreed.

After the first round, my wife lost. She chose to kiss me. Then Ravi lost and he wanted to kiss Aarti but he chose Pratu to make Aarti comfortable.

In the next round, Rupesh lost and he kissed Aarti as expected but he lost the second round too and he was not having any option other than to kiss my wife. He started kissing very hesitantly but Pratu was taking full advantage of this as she wanted to sleep with her male friend for a long time.

In the next round, Pratu lost and she straight away chose to kiss her friend Rupesh. This time, they both locked lips for a long time, and with this, Aarti was also started getting horny a bit. She was biting her lips. By then, we all were four drinks down. Our plan was working.

Ravi: Aarti, don’t you feel jealous?
Aarti: What to do? This is a game.

Deepesh: Do you also want to kiss?
Aarti: Yes.

By listening to this, I straight away jumped and started kissing her! She was also responding well.

Now my wife was busy with Rupesh and I was kissing Aarti. Ravi also joined us and he started kissing Aarti from the back. He inserted his hand inside her t-shirt from the back and started playing with her stomach. She was shocked initially, but the drinks and the atmosphere made her horny and she started enjoying our act.

Rupesh was also looking at his girlfriend kissed by two guys at a time and enjoying it too. None of us expected her to be so much responding.

Pratiksha: She is now busy with them. Do you want to enjoy with me or not?
Rupesh: I am still in shock.

Pratiksha: Let me get you out of that shock.

My wife removed her t-shirt and started kissing her friend wildly. He was also enjoying this act and he started pressing my wife’s boobs.

Meanwhile, we removed Aarti’s t-shirt and she was standing in shorts and bra in front of us.

Aarti: You all came here with this plan only, nah?
Deepesh: Oh, clever girl. Now you are enjoying this, right?

Ravi: We were desperate to fuck you from a very long time but not sure how to proceed.
Aarti: That means you and Pratiksha were doing this?

Ravi: Yes, she is not only Deepesh’s wife but also the wife of a few other people too.
Aarti: Who all are they?

Deepesh: I think by this time you know two of us. Then there is Aniket and my brother Mayur.

By listening to all this, she was in total shock and we started undressing her. By then, Rupesh and my wife were already naked and she was giving him a blowjob. And with all this, she aarti was also getting more aroused.

I and Ravi were living our dream as we both wanted to fuck her for a long time and now, she was giving us both chance at the same time. We both were very hard and I was pressing her one boob and Ravi was pressing the other. At the same time, our fingers were in her pussy and she was moaning like hell.

Finally, it was time to enter my wife’s friend’s girlfriend. Since she was new to this, we thought of entering her one by one and I started first. With my first push, she started crying as her pussy was very tight. Ravi was kissing her at the same time to keep her moans low.

After 1-2 stokes, Aarti started enjoying this. We both fucked her the whole night and we all slept together on the bed.

The next day morning also we had more sessions. I will share them in detail in my next story.

Thank you for reading.

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