Lucky outside of Detention

“Ma’am, but you said that we will only do in the college in my detentions. If somebody knows that you brought me home with you. Everyone will think…”, said Sid as he stood at the door of Babita’s house. Babita opens the door with her key. She looked behind in the corridor. No one was around.

Babita takes Sid into her house and locks the door. She looks at him and says, “Dear, when you will go to your college camp. Where will I get your dick? So, before you go, let me have you to the fullest.”

Sid agrees to it and turns around to walk inside. From the other room, stepped out Babita’s husband. Sid gets shocked to see that. “You must be Sid, right?” asked the husband.

Sid just nodded his head, still terrified. He was not expecting to fuck his Principal while her husband was home. The husband continued, “Last night, Babita told me about you. She said that you were going to come.”

Babita walks to her husband and kisses him on the lips, saying, “Oh, he will definitely cum.” She looks at Sid and winks. She walks into her bedroom to get freshened up.

Sid had informed his house that he would stay with Babita late at night for future career options. His parents knew how naïve Sid is and they trusted the Principal.

Sid sat quietly on the couch when Babita walked out of her bedroom. She sees Sid and her husband sitting in the hall. She was wearing a long shirt and nothing else. Babita sits beside Sid and caresses his hair. Sid gets startled by her action and shifts a bit away from her.

Babita and her husband both start laughing at Sid. Babita shifted to Sid placed both her legs on Sid’s lap.

She caressed his hair, saying, “Don’t worry, dear. My husband here is a very supportive voyeur. He likes to see his wife enjoy. Watching a lot of porn at his young age made him appreciate a fuck rather than being in the fuck.”

Sid looks at her husband and sees him nodding his head in approval. Babita moves Sid’s head towards her holding his chin. He plants a deep smooch on the lips. Sid was now a bit confident and responded with passion. But still hesitant to do it in front of an audience.

The husband watched the act inserting his hand inside the pants pressing his dick. Babita watches her husband and stops kissing Sid. She makes Sid kiss her neck and looks at her husband.

“What are you doing? Don’t be a cuck straightway. Arrange the food. He must be hungry. After that, enjoy the view,” Babita said with authority while Sid licked her neck.

Husband watched Sid licking her neck, “Just a few more seconds, and then I will.” Babita widened her eyes in anger and the husband, a submissive cuckold, left the hall to cook dinner.

Babita watched him leave and then pulled Sid’s hair back, making him look at her. Sid and Babita looked at each other. She leaned forward and, with her fingers, opened Sid’s mouth. From above, she slowly sent a drool in Sid’s mouth and then kissed him again.

Sid pulled his naughty Principal on his lap and both made out passionately. Babita, who was sitting on her student’s lap, rubbed her pussy, hardening his cock. As they made out, she helped Sid take his t-shirt off. She also helped him unbuckle his pants. Just like two people hungry and desperate for sex.

Husband arranged everything on the table and went to call them. As he stepped into the hall, he saw what he always liked to see. Babita was on her knees between Sid’s legs. Both were naked. Sid, with eyes closed, relaxed on the couch, enjoying the Principal slurping his dick.

The dick was covered with saliva from Babita’s mouth. She really likes sloppy blowjobs. The strings of saliva around her mouth and Sid’s balls made her husband rock hard. The spit and the foam created by the drools accumulated at the root of the dick.

The husband stood with his dick out, jerking his cock. He was so lost watching his wife blow her student that he left out a moan.

Sid was too much into enjoying the Principal’s lip, but Babita heard the moan. She sees her husband enjoying the view. She locks eyes with her husband, and he, too, looks at her.

More lovingly and with a lot of lust, she takes Sid’s cock in her mouth. The husband jerks his cock watching his wife tease him. Maintaining eye contact with her husband, she takes the cock out from her mouth and holds its shaft. Slowly lowering her head, she licks down from Sid’s balls to his ass.

Still, with his eyes closed, Sid lifted his legs in the air and let Babita lick his ass, his butthole. Babita pushes her tongue inside Sid’s butthole, and Sid moans in pleasure, “Yeah, ma’am, I like when a lady licks my butthole.”

Babita jerks his dick and licks his butthole for a while. Then she stops. Sid opens his eyes and looks to his right. He gets up, immediately hiding his dick. Babita slaps Sid’s hand away from his dick and holds it. She takes Sid to the kitchen for dinner, like holding a dog’s leash and making it follow her.

Husband makes way for them and pushes his dick back in his pants, and follows them. On the dining table, Sid and Babita were sitting naked, eating food. The husband sat across them on the other side.

Husband says, “So, Sid is it true that you fuck your school teachers too? The other day Babita showed me your video of Swati begging for your cum on her face.” Sid nods his head.

The husband continues, “The moment you filled up the money to go to the camp. Babita thought of this plan. She told me yesterday that she wants you for a whole night. How can I deny it?” Sid nods his head and looks at Babita.

They finish the dinner and continue the action in the bedroom. In the bedroom, Sid was sitting on the bed, slowly jerking his dick up and down. The husband was not around. Babita was in the washroom, “As you wanted, I have dressed up like that. It is a bit small, and I like it. Here, I come, baby. Be ready.”

Sid was eagerly waiting for Babita to come out. Yeah, guys, she was dressed exactly like every boy wants his sexy Principal to be dressed as. In a ‘MINI SCHOOL UNIFORM.’

Babita was wearing a miniskirt that hardly covered her thighs or pussy area. It was so mini that when she walked, her pussy edges were visible. Instead of buttoning up her shirt. The slutty Principal tied a knot of the edges of the shirt, exposing her belly and a bit of cleavage.

She walked to Sid and looked at him. Sid now was rock hard watching his Principal dressed slutty. Babita held his cock and pushed him back on the bed. She climbs up the bed on her knees. She jerks him for a while, making it hot and hard.

She climbed up his crotch and adjusted the dick on her pussy, and started sitting down. Sid held her thighs as he lay down and enjoyed watching his Principal dressed in a slutty uniform on his crotch.

Babita felt a bit of pain taking the giant dick in her pussy. But she sat down completely. She paused, bouncing. Sid watched his Principal.

Sid: Come on, bounce.

Babita: Wait, fucker. Your dick is too huge. Fuck, it pains when we take a dick in our pussy. You men won’t know how it feels to fill up the holes.

Sid lifted his ass and started fucking her from below. Babita felt the dick hitting her deep. She moaned louder, hitting Sid on his chest. Sid smirks, watching his Principal moaning at his shots. He stops and lets her have a breather.

Babita looks at Sid, “You nerdy idiot. Don’t forget I am your Principal. Motherfucking, son of a bitch. I am not used to taking such long dicks.”

Sid moves his hand over Babita’s boobs and unties her shirt knot. He was trying to distract her from the angry mood. He pinched her nipple, and Babita bit her lips, feeling it. “Yeah, such a pain is fine,” Babita says with a bit of mischief in her tone. She takes off the shirt and throws it away.

As they were engaged in action on the bed, the husband walked in with a glass of juice in his hands. He kept the juice on the table, sat on a chair, pulled his dick out, and watched them. Babita slowly started grinding her pussy on Sid’s crotch. Sid massaged her boobs. She looks at her husband.

Babita: Baby, you know what this idiot did. He is pinching me now. But before you came… I can feel his dick deep, dear. It is in places your dick can never be.

Husband: You forgot to tell me. What did he do before I came? (jerks his dick)

Babita and Sid smooch for a while, ignoring the husband’s question. He desperately looked at them for the answer, but they both kissed like lovers. He moves his view below and sees Babita slowly bouncing her ass on the crotch.

“Tell me, what did he do?” Husband asked with desperation. Sid on the bed rolled over, taking Babita below him. Babita was impressed with Sid’s agility. Sid slowly moves his ass back and forth, pushing his dick deeper inside Babita’s pussy.

She was feeling the pain. The wide dickhead stretched her pussy deeper, which it was unable to in the Principal’s cabin. Babita bit her lips with pleasure feeling the soothing-pain massage inside her. Sid watched Babita enjoying.

He looked at her husband and started fucking her fast. Babita felt the sudden blows inside her. She opened her eyes and started screaming, feeling the rough shots. Sid grabbed her legs and pulled her skirt off. He placed her legs on his chest and started giving hard shots below.

Babita grabbed her boobs with both hands and squeezed them, cursing and enjoying. “This is what he did, dear. Tell him. This motherfucker is fucking your wife. Tell him to stop, baby. Tell him that you have never been deep in me. Fuck, it is hitting deep, honey.”

The husband was jerking his dick faster, watching the student roughly fucking his Principal. Babita moved her head to her husband and saw him jerking. Babita looked at him as Sid kept fucking her.

“You cuck, you like this, don’t you? You like Babita getting fucked, don’t you? Watch me, baby. Watch the wife you married, and you are making me do all this. Tell him, come on, cuckold husband, tell him, tell him where to cum.”

Sid climbed over Babita, leaving her legs. Babita moved her hands on Sid’s back, embarrassing him like a true lover. Sid moved his hand in her hair as he was filled with mad love and lust. The other hand was on her thighs, caressing them as he fucks her deeper.

The husband was about to cum, “Yeah, Sid fuck my wife.” Sid kept fucking her and kissing Babita. “Cum inside her pussy, inside her deep inside. I don’t mind raising your child. Fuck I am cumming.”

Husband moaned and shot all his cum on the floor. He relaxed back on the chair, watching the two on the bed making out and fucking. Sid pumped her harder. He kept pumping her. Babita was now slowly getting used to the big dick in her pussy.

They stopped kissing but kept their mouths closed, feeling each other’s breaths. Babita kept her hands on Sid’s cheeks as Sid held her one thigh up. The other hand was on the wall next to the bed as he was pumping harder. They whispered, talking to each other.

Babita: Ah baby, I love your dick.

Sid: Yeah, the pressure is building. My balls are filled with cum for you, Ma’am.

Babita: Yeah, I can feel that you are pumping me harder.

Sid: Aah, Babita, marry me. I will fuck you every night.

Babita: I will marry you, baby.

Sid: Oh bitch please, I am talking nonsense as I am about to shoot. Don’t take it seriously.

Babita: And what made you think that I will marry a kid, you fucking fuck-toy.

Sid heard it and increased his pace of fucking. The sound echoed in the room. Babita was feeling the dick hitting her g-spot. She pushed Sid away and rubbed her pussy. Sid watched her do that, and with a loud moan, she left out her juices. The squirt was all over the bedsheet.

Babita was taking a breather. Sid did not care about it. He hit the dick on her pussy twice and inserted it whole in one go making Babita feel the sudden insertion. Sid starts banging her again. Not to blame Sid because he was about to cum.

Babita moved her hands on Sid’s ass and tried to push it deeper. She wanted to feel him deep inside her.

Babita: Yeah, come on, don’t be shy, cum for me.

Sid: I am not shy to even piss on you, you filthy fucking MILF. Why don’t you have a kid?

Babita: Because my husband is not interested in sex. Do what he said, kiss me and let the fluids inside me.

Sid kissed Babita. The squirty juices made the sex more smooth. Sid moaned in Babita’s mouth and unloaded his cream inside her pussy. He stopped kissing and lifted his head groaning. Babita felt the juices inside her.

Sid slides to the side and relaxes for a while. Babita, too finally takes a breather. Like the whole time, whenever she tried to take a short rest, Sid pumped her like a bitch. She took the juice her husband brought for her and gave the other glass to Sid. Sid drank it.

Sid: Watermelon juice?

Babita: Yeah, you need energy, baby. I am the Principal. I do my homework. Watermelon improves erection and increases libido. Drink it, baby. We have the whole night.

Sid: I might have called you by name and said some naughty things. I hope you don’t mind.

Babita: Oh dear. Even if you spank me and call me a bitch when we are not fucking will excite me.

Sid drank the juice, and Babita again climbed him for more action.

The next day, the husband woke up. After watching a few sessions of his wife’s sex with her student, he was now sleeping on the couch in the hall. He left the room for them to enjoy alone. He was unaware of his wife was in the bedroom with Sid or not. He sits on the couch and goes through his phone.

He sees a message from his wife: “Honey, Sid and I are going out for a walk. I will drop him home and come back soon. For your morning erection, I have videos sent to you. Enjoy jerking.”

Reading his wife’s message, he instantly pulls his pants down and jerks his cock. He opens the videos that Babita sent her. In the first short video, Babita was lying on her stomach. Sid was fucking her ass from behind.

Babita looked in the camera, saying, “Aah, he is so big, baby. He ripped my asshole. I am going to feel it for days.”

In the second short video, Sid was in a doggy position. Babita was applying cream on his ass crack. She looks in the camera and winks at her husband. She was holding Sid’s dick with the other hand and jerking.

She sniffs Sid’s ass and says, “Baby, I am going to lick this cream.” She says that and licks the cream from Sid’s ass.

In the third video, the camera was placed outside the shower, and the impression of Babita against the glass was seen. Sid was fucking her in the hot shower. The boobs were visible as they were smashed against the glass. Babita’s hands were also on the glass as Sid pumped her from behind.

The cuckold husband watched his MILf wife fucked. He moaned loud and cum. He stopped the videos and decided to see the rest of the videos later. He smiles, saying, “Fuck, this nerd is going to fuck a lot of chicks on the camp.”

This is how Sid got lucky with his Principal. Not in the detention, but at her home. I have a question for you, though. Are you guys interested in knowing the camp fucks that Sid had? Or are you interested in knowing what Sid does with the Principal on his way back to his house?

Tell me, and according to that, the next part will be presented in front of you. Your demand will be the next story. So, do tell me which part you want next in the comments down below. Till next time, be safe and be happy. Bye.

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